Broncos at a loss to explain what went wrong


The Broncos were terrible in all phases of the game at Super Bowl XLVIII, and even with some time to reflect on it, no one on the team seems to be able to pinpoint why they played so badly.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post spoke with Broncos players, coaches and executives, and none of them had a very good answer for what went wrong.

We played so bad,” said Broncos receiver Eric Decker. “It doesn’t even feel like we played. I thought we were prepared, we were ready.”

Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase knows it’s his job to watch the film, but he’s not feeling good about taking another look at that game.

“The hardest part is we’re going to have to go back and watch that game again on film,” Gase said. “We’re not looking forward to that. I wish I could have found that play that would have taken us out of that spiral.”

Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said Seattle came out determined to win, and Denver didn’t.

“We’ve got to give credit to Seattle, you could tell they wanted it way more than us,” said Rodgers-Cromartie. “They were not going to take a loss. They definitely came out and punched us around.”

The Broncos have a long offseason ahead in which they can think about why they couldn’t match the Seahawks’ intensity in the Super Bowl.

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  1. The problem is the broncos are a finesse football team who were incredibly out physicals in every aspect of the game. Peyton usually folds to that type of pyhysicality.

  2. Let me do it for the Broncos….You couldnt pass block, you could not run the ball effectively and your defense was on the field way too long to try and save your ineffective offense….

  3. “You could tell they wanted it way more than us” said Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! It’s the biggest game of your career, the reason why you train hard and play through injuries and this is the excuse you give for getting embarrassed in front of a global audience???????

  4. If Manning wanted a ring that was his time.
    The AFC West now is going to be different for Manning..
    Broncos will not even make into the playoffs this changes I heard that are coming. Chargers will still be the chargers, a team that Broncos do have trouble with and you have KC which are and were awful last year…


  5. “We’ve got to give credit to Seattle, you could tell they wanted it way more than us,” said Rodgers-Cromartie. “They were not going to take a loss. They definitely came out and punched us around.”

    Well said. Bottom line is John Fox is a second-rate coach who isn’t equipted to take his team all the way.

  6. I don’t mean to sound harsh, because I’m sure those guys worked hard, but what I saw was a team that was mentally prepared vs a team that wasn’t mentally prepared. Nothing but respect for Seattle’s D, but the Broncos coaches just didn’t get them ready for the stress.

    We used to see this a lot of this years ago. A team gets to the SB, makes some mistakes early, and then they begin to panic. After that things can snowball out of control. I’ve always felt that your number one goal for the superbowl is survive the first quarter without a mental breakdown. If you do that, it’s a game. If not, you can book your tee time already.

    It wasn’t just Manning either, I wish people would cut that stuff out. The whole team was poorly coached and unprepared mentally.

  7. I have a hard time believing either team wanted it more than the other. It’s a SB. I got the impression though that Denver may have underestimated Seattle and the Seahawks players were ready to die for that trophy if that’s what it took. They laid it all on the line and came away victorious.

  8. Here’s the thing, Donks.You got punched in the mouth from pillar to post! No mystery, Hawks were better.

  9. Seattle played loose.
    Denver played like they knew this was manning’s last chance and like the whole world was on their shoulders.
    The game was over in 12 seconds.

  10. Really!! Mega Head is the QB, captain choke. It was only a matter of time. 3 SB’s, 3TD 6 INT 1 Fumble.

  11. They thought they were going up against the weak AFC defenses they have faced all year while padding their stats. Thought they could trot out on the field and the D would cower in fear of the greatest offense ever, lead by the greatest regular season QB ever. They ran into a ferocious, take no prisoners D that wouldn’t be denied and they wilted like the delicate flowers they were.

  12. Seattle were just the better team. Denver needed to expect not to move the ball and have a more conservative game plan to avoid turn overs and keep the game close until late in the game. Maybe they could have been close enough for manning to do something. The turn overs sealed it. If you include the ko return td, then that’s more then half the points off turn overs or special teams plays. 23 points. Way too many.

  13. It’s simple. When you’re blowing out teams all season you’re never challenged to dig deep for four quarters. When you finally faced a team that came out with the fire and intensity to go knock down drag out for 60 minutes you folded like a cheap table within minutes of feeling the punishment you would have to endure for the entire game. I can name over half the teams in the NFC that wouldn’t crumble like that including all 3 of Seattle’s divisional rivals.

  14. Said it last week leading up to SB; the greatest (reg Season) Offense in history could only muster 2 TD’s and 3 FG’s against a severely undermanned NE Defense, while being at home in nice weather..

    They were doomed once they won the AFC Championship. Patriots would have done better than 8 pts and 4 TO’s.

  15. Heres what went wrong..Seattle kicked your azz, get over it, it happens. They wanted this game so much more than you did. On the bright side you could make it back next year without too many challenges.

  16. Sherman says they figured out Manning’s pre snap audibles and hand gestures.

    If there’s any truth to that then that’s on Peyton and Fox. They should have known that something wasn’t right and changed things up.

  17. Now we know why Brady didn’t want to watch. He knew it was going to be the beat down that it was. I don’t blame him. Zzzzzzzzzz

  18. Manning is the de facto coach and when he looked vulnerable, the psyche of the players crumbled. John Fox….well we all know he assumed the role of Barry Switzer……fist pumps and the “ah man” facial expressions……..but little in the strategy department. He did coach up the short kick off strategy….nice job Foxy

  19. The issue was that the denver O-line forgot how to block. Seattle’s D-line was pushing them back really well…

  20. Geez, what went wrong, let’s see? First your defensive coach is named Jack Del Rio. Jack Del Rio the defensive mastermind. His defenses work like a turnstile walk on through. Your head coach is John Fox now 0 and 2 in Super Bowls.

    Nevertheless, you can’t put all the blame on coaching since Peyton Manning aka Pizza Boy was doing his best impression of Geno Smith during the biggest game of the year. Checking out a pass play with seven and eight in the box yeah to run for negative yards, yep smart. Pizza boy will always be about his individual records and the king of the regular season but come postseason he’s just stay mediocre quarterback.

  21. The problem is the broncos are a finesse football team who were incredibly out physicals in every aspect of the game. Peyton usually folds to that type of pyhysicality.
    _ _ _ _

    You had me, then you lost me. Why single out Peyton with that comment? Brady, Marino, Elway, Montana also failed on high stages when they got pushed around. Very few pocket-type QBs can function well in that type of environment. The only current “pocket” QBs I can think of currently that can operate well in those situations are Big Ben and Luck – and both those guys have mobility on their side.

  22. This is what happens when you play an easy schedule then in the playoffs you beat a mediocre chargers team then a Patriots team with half of its starters on injured reserve then you finally play a team with a “real” defense.

  23. LOL.. The street fighter will always beat up the figure skater. Someone tell Denver this isn’t a contact sport – it’s a collision sport. Big time collision sport. Ouch..

  24. Seattle is a better team at almost every position (QB and WR being the exceptions) but they aren’t THAT much better than the Broncos.

    9 times out of 10, this is probably a one score game.

    That was just one of those games that got away from the Broncos quick and early. It’s really unfortunate (for everyone) that it happened to them in the Super Bowl.

  25. Is it possible that they were, to a degree, distracted by the ad nauseum media focus on Manning? Championships are won between the ears. The Broncos were definitely not there.

  26. Very macho game as we all know. There is no shame in losing – someone has to lose. The hard part to this for Denver to take is they were beaten up. You can see it in the interviews they’re doing. They can’t even look at the camera. 100%, no doubt azz kicking. Not only score – physical kicking of the backside.

  27. Anyone who remembers Super Bowl XLI knows what kind of SB Peyton wanted to play… a great defense lines up on the other side of the field and plays dead for 60 minutes while the coaches ooh and ahh over how great Manning looks.

    The Hawks were there to play a game, not attend another coronation. That’s what happened.

  28. It’s no mystery. Seattle is that much better than than Denver. Peyton and his inflated, cotton candy stats were easy to take down.

    People who don’t know football were waiting for the Manning coronation, suddenly realized Seattle had a different script. People should not be shocked. Seattle has a better franchise, top to bottom and that’s what it’s all about.

    The biggest disparity is seen in QB salary, where the best QB on the field makes 3% of what the loser makes. Russell Wilson is the greatest bargain of all times. It’s called ROI (return on investment) Denver is built for cotton candy that doesn’t hold up under pressure.

  29. Given the Broncos’ outlook for the 2014 salary cap, they are going to gut their team after loading up for this title run. They’ll be competitive next season, but their small window of going for a championship is pretty much closed.

    And people on here mocked the Ravens last year for what they had to do to rebuild their team after winning Super Bowl 47. The Broncos will make the Ravens look like a minor retooling.

  30. All you guys bashing the Broncos coaches clearly were never coaches yourselves. Were you with the team for that two week span? No, so how can you unequivocally say, “The coaches didn’t have them prepared?” Fox has coached in a SB before, and the Panthers played extremely well, and should have won really. The coaches can only do so much. They aren’t the ones strapping up and getting on the field. The Broncos weren’t prepared because they hadn’t played a team like Seattle; crazy physical, and no bs defense.

  31. It all starts with Manning. From the articles that have come out it seems he is to uptight in general with preparation, planning, etc. Payton is to much of a micromanager and he added complexity into the game plan instead of simplicity. Not a great idea in the Superbowl atmosphere prepping for a team like Seatle. Should have been obvious to Fox and Manning.

    When the big games hit you can see it in Payton’s
    face how uptight he is, unlike most regular season games where he is generally much more relaxed. Montana was known to be relaxed & calm for the big games as is Eli just name a couple of contrasting QB’s.

    Payton Manning from the first play of the game set the tone. Manning’s three turn overs put his defense at a disadvantage (ball control/time of possession). But Denvers’s special teams and Defense also failed on their own. Denver will never get back to the AFC Championship Game without a massive injection of talent mostly on defense.

  32. When the Patriots lose lots of people on here post that it was “karma”, so maybe it was Bronco’s Karma for stealing Welker and having him take out Talib.

  33. Here is what happened. The whole “team” is built around manning. once he got down the whole team crumbled.

    When lynch was having trouble for sea, they turned to wilson or the D… but Den ONLY has manning (in part due to his $20 million cap number).

    So when the team mates saw him struggle… they all gave up.

  34. He doesn’t know what went wrong? That’s easy. Seattle scored more points than Denver before time expired. Duh.

  35. It’s really not that big of a mystery. Both teams have good players and good coaches who prepared their teams as much as possible. That’s why they were in the championship game!

    Then one team took the field with an attitude that they would not be denied the title. Game over.

  36. Part of John Fox comment might be true. Carolina vs. Patriots in SB was one play and a couple yards from the end zone when time ran out. Here Peyton is the real offense coordinator of the Broncos.

    First play for Denver on defense I could see they were not ready to match Seattle’s intensity in the game and commented to my wife the same. “They got March them hitting”. Also their zone defense was really giving WAY TO MUCH spacing to receivers and were letting them off the line of scrimmage with no resistance to run the routes. Oh well. It’s in the books. Peyton “may” get one more shot. We’ll see. They’ll have to put a team around him of some guys that can stay health and nasty hitters.

  37. I have seen Peyton Manning get twitchy in big games over many years. The very first snap of the game was messed up causing a safety and he was immediately in a hyper state of desperation, asking “Why is this happening to me? Here we go again…” He is one of the greatest players of all time but if we are honest, this has happened too many times to just be bad luck.
    Stay tuned because it might just happen again next year.

  38. What happened is you faced an all time great defense and a vastly underrated offense and quarterback. Seattle’s defense is every bit the measure of the ’85 Bears & the 2000 Ravens.

    But you’re not alone. Now that Harvin is healthy, you’re going to see a lot more scores like this from Seattle next year.

  39. Peyton’s Broncos are 2-7 against division-winning QB’s and 26-1 against everyone else. Peyton Manning hasn’t defeated a team 13-3 or better since beating the Bears w/ Rex Grossman. His two triumphs over Brady in the playoffs came when Brady had a severe lack of talent at WR/TE. Can we all agree that Peyton has just capitalized on easy situations (including the favorable home conditions of a dome and mile high altitude) and he gets his butt kicked when he faces a real challenge?

  40. The Broncos were unable to execute their game plan due to a combination of ineffective play, bad coaching and, most importantly, Seattle’s talent.

    The Broncos wanted to stop the run and make Russell Wilson beat them. Well, they stopped the run alright but they apparently forgot that you actually had to actually do something to stop Russell Wilson from being able to make plays.

    Offensively, I think the Broncos realized that they were not going to be able to throw the ball deep against Seattle’s Cover 3 but that they would be able to move the ball with a combination of short crossing routes with the occasional run mixed in. Once again, I believe that they were correct in their assessment as to how best to attack the Seahawks D, but like with the Broncos D the execution of that game plan proved much more difficult to perform. What they obviously failed to appreciate was the amount of pressure Seattle’s front four would be able to generate against Manning, which would prevent him from getting into any kind of rhythm.

    Finally, Fox was embarrassingly out-coached by Pete Carroll. That was obvious to everybody.

    The bottom line, as I heard Bill Polian say on the radio yesterday, is that the Broncos were unable to match the Seahawks talent level, which in turn prevented them from successfully executing their game plan.

  41. Broncos are soft and they played in a soft AFC conference. If you are really a fan of football, physicality wins championships. Finesse play doesnt

  42. Seattle is definitely the better team. But they are not 43-8 better. The Broncos choked. This is coming from a PM supporter. But really there is no other way to put it.

    Seattle came out ready & the Broncos just didn’t. Denver could play Jacksonville & still lose if they play the way they did in that Super Bowl. They were shell shocked from the opening bell. That game felt like it was over when it was 8-0.

  43. I thought it had a little to do with what I was saying before the game about the lack of quality talent in the DEN Back-7 due to injuries and other reasons that they were missing a lot of significant players and Seattle ran a good mix of plays that taxed those units. It was there for the taking and they simply and easily exploited it. And Manning’s passing attack has no rushing component, and they did get a couple of picks by pressuring him and anticipating the turnovers also as I forewarned. If they played this game over and over again then SEA would win the majority of these games because DEN just isn’t able to match up being short so many players and having limited viability to their schemes. Although Peyton still wants to subtly campaign that the Broncos were the best team and just had a bad night. Some people have a hard time admitting defeat. They don’t want to explain it.

  44. When I read the PFT article last week about the Broncos practicing with the crowd-volume speakers turned way down “because Super Bowls don’t get that loud”, it struck me that the Broncos were not a team that was preparing for any eventuality.

  45. The safety set the tone for the game.

    I wonder how different the game might have been (from a mental standpoint, at least) for the Broncos, had they not botched their very first play.

  46. As a Ravens’ fan, I can’t imagine how disappointing it must be to get all the way to the SB and lose — especially like that. Steelers got blown out by Dallas and GB. I guess some teams are either just overrated or their arrogance gets the best of them.

  47. Hold on, here we go again. You cannot blame the QB only for this game. Everyone looked like they had fallen off of a turnip truck and dumped in NJ. Even the coaches, so stop trying to put all of this on Manning. If you read what the center said “he could not hear the count from Manning”. Thus the early snap. Lighten up all you haters, you got what you wanted, Manning and the Broncos failed. Now can’t you be just a little grown up and let it go?? Can’t you wait a bit before you great Swami’s start predicting what will happen next year?

  48. As long as you have a conference -vs- conference Super Bowl you run the risk of these type games. Best team in AFC does not necessarily mean you are one of 2 best teams in NFL. Broncos were probably not as good as 3-4 NFC teams.

  49. To much hype on their great offense and Manning’s legacy. They looked old, confused and just not ready to play, started on the very first play from scrimmage and continued the whole game.

  50. They were out coached.. plain and simple.

    Seattle’s coaching staff raised the intensity level to the max and it paid off in all three aspects of the game. Denver just couldn’t match it.

    Deciding to PUNT from the Seattle 39 down 29-0 essentially was waving the surrender flag. Granted, it was a 4th and 11 with 10:54 left in the third quarter.. but tell me that didn’t drain any last chance out of the team. I would love to hear some of the Denver players thoughts on that moment “off the record” of course. It had to have been a huge hit.

  51. No secret why they loss:

    They played a real defense for once. Plain and simple.

    When you make Peyton move, he’s the worse QB in the league. And they made him move and fear for his life.

    Then the Seahawks punished WR’s when they came across the middle to make them quite too.

    Real football is about pushing your will on another man and making him quite. And that’s what the Seahawks did.

  52. Seahawks got pressure on manning with 4 d linemen. kam making receivers pay for catching balls in the middle. Whole defense imposed their will on the broncos offense.

  53. Even the coaches, so stop trying to put all of this on Manning

    Manning seems to get all the credit for winning – so it’s only fair he gets all the “credit” for losing.

    That’s life as an NFL QB.

  54. I will tell you what went wrong; you got blown up in the trenches on both sides of the ball! What was worse is watching you guys act as if nobody cared in a game many of you will never get back to. #nopassion

  55. Seems simple. The best team in the NFL beat the best team in the AFC. It appears the NFC West is the division to watch but with the way the NFL changes so quickly, who knows?

  56. What went wrong? Well, you overpaid a QB that plays very well in regular season but completely ignored the defensive side of the ball. A young QB on huge stage looked like a HOF QB against that defense. You sold your soul and got the great QB but he’s old, poor under pressure, and you have no defense.

    You shouldn’t be at a loss, you made your bed.

  57. Granted, Denver’s offense was good this year, but they probably played the easiest schedule any team has played over the last few years. They were also gifted an extra home game due to the idiot Baltimore Orioles and the fact Goodell didn’t have the nads to challenge MLB. This pansy schedule left Denver ill-prepared for a physical, attacking defense. I’ll take a great defensive football team over a great offensive football team in big game any day of the week.

  58. the broncos were dancing around and smiling during warm ups. trying to stay loose is one thing but it’s all business in the Super Bowl and that’s how the seahawks approached it.

  59. Could it be something as simple as Denver partied more during the two weeks before the game? Could it be Denver believed their own press?

  60. When you are facing a fast very physical defense like Seattle’s, you can see those things on film but you simply can’t really know how to deal with it until you are on the field against it. The problem is that there seemed to be no plan or adjustment once they experienecd it in real time. This same thing happened to the Fox coached Panthers when they played a fast physical Seattle defense in the NFCC, but that Panthers team was decimated with injuries on offense at RB and had one decent WR. They still managed 14 points, one TD of which was in garbage time while the Den offense had one garbage time TD. I’m still stunned that the sheer talent that Den had on O didn’t lead to their having a better showing points wise.

  61. “Unfortunately, a few of us guys sitting up here have gold jackets, and we hold people to a criteria unlike others”

    “This is not good. What we saw tonight is not good. I can’t even tell you one thing that I saw that I can take home and say ‘man, that was alright.’ This was horrible. And it started from the first snap….”

    “This is the problem. We praise Peyton — we should — for calling everything, taking his team to depths, broke every record known to man — then we give him all the credit. So now when they lose, it’s not his fault. Whose fault is it? It’s a team, right? But is it the team’s fault when you win? No, Peyton’s calling everything at the line.”

    —- Deion Sanders

  62. Peyton Manning: So this contract is good for a year, right?
    Old Scratch: Yep, standard dark powers contract, good through January 31, 2014.
    Peyton Manning: Hot dog! Wait, what’s the catch?
    Old Scratch: No catch.
    Peyton Manning: I’ll take it.

  63. Well you do like Trent Baalke does the greatest GM in the game. You build team from the inside out. Also you need a QB that’s a hem proof, a team that’s weather proof. Once we make our squad referee proof we’ll win it all.

  64. The biggest problem is Manning wasn’t playing Rex Grossman’s Bears. And they were not prepared, which is typically a trademark of Manning according to everyone. Looks like the entitled Broncos got what they deserved.

  65. This is yet another defining moment in the tenure of Elway. How does he handle this team going forward? He knows that in order to win a championship he is going to have to compete with the likes of SF, Seattle and the other NFC powerhouses. As a Broncos fan all I can do is hope that he is committed to really getting better at every position including head coach. Not all that impressed with John Fox or Del Rio. If we can’t get more physical on defense and beef up our o-line we’ll become the Buffalo Bills of this generation.

  66. Bronco’s played a lot of soft teams, an easy schedule and caught some breaks against the few good teams they actually beat…Plain and simple..when it came down to playing a great team, they were exposed for being average.

    Manning looked old and ready to be sent out to pasture…and he should do just that

  67. As a Manning fan in mourning, I forced myself to listen to sports talk radio to help deal with Sunday’s loss. I also knew that the Manning critics would be out in full force. I wasn’t disappointed.

    Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is one of those Manning critics who attribute Manning’s postseason failures to the fact that Manning has shown that he is simply not a winner, unlike Joe Montana or Tom Brady. A caller asked Mad Dog if he thought Joe Montana or Tom Brady would have beaten the Seahawks and he said “no, Seattle’s defense was just too good.” When the caller then asked him why Montana and Brady’s presumed failure wouldn’t affect whether he viewed them as winners, Mad Dog said “the great ones find a way to overcome that kind of adversity and manage to score points.You get the feeling that Brady or Montana would have at least been able to do something to get their team on the scoreboard. Manning proved yesterday once again that he isn’t a winner because once he faces a little adversity, he folds.”

    Manning critics like Russo are impossible to argue, in part because some of their arguments ignore any evidence that contradicts the key component, that Manning always folds under adversity. Manning didn’t fold after throwing a pick 6 that gave the Pats a 21-3 lead in the 2007 AFC Championship game. Instead, the Pats couldn’t stop him and the offense. The same thing happened in the 2010 AFC Championship game against the Jets, when the Colts offense rolled up close to 400 yards of offense in the second-half after being stymied by Rex Ryan’s D in the first half.

    If Manning’s critics want to dismiss Manning as one of the GOAT because he is 1-2 in SBs and 11-12 overall, I can’t say they are wrong.

    What I do have a problem with are those critics, like Russo, who claim that Manning can’t be considered one of the GOAT because he just isn’t a winner. That is such a lazy argument to make, especially if you are going to ignore any evidence that dispute the basis for your conclusion.

  68. ketch20too says:
    Feb 4, 2014 8:12 AM
    Except D. Thomas…that man is a wilt in him
    Except that he continually ran the wrong way after he caught the ball and had a critical fumble. He wilted just as bad as the rest of them…

  69. “I wonder how different the game might have been (from a mental standpoint, at least) for the Broncos, had they not botched their very first play”


    In the NFC Championship game, the Hawks botched their first play and it cost them three points, not two. They won anyway, and against the Niners, which imho are a far better team and a FAR more physical team than the Broncos.

    I really like Manning, but it’s time he figured out what he overlooked: Welcome to the NFC West.

    We don’t play finesse football, and we certainly don’t play with the loudspeakers turned down. Nope.

  70. So let me see…

    we Know the world series has been fixed in the past.
    also NBA basketball…hmmm refs.
    yes there are known documented facts of college students who also played that game of point skimming.
    Boxing… 🙂 yea
    so a super bowl…sure! it’s in the script it’s sports entertainment!

    RAW Smackdown WWE lol

  71. ok you back seat drivers. Yes Denver lost in every phase of the game. but this BS you people are saying is nuts. Watch next year Denver will not only win more games then last year But Peyton will put up more TD, put More Yards . This is what He will do next years.
    (1) 62 TD
    (2) 6250 YARDS

  72. They ran into a buzz saw that didn’t get any respect from most analysts, pundits, announcers, commentators, etc. in this country.

    Seattle’s D was, and has been, much, much better than they were credited for. Now they know how good they are.

    Same with Seattle’s offense. Seattle’s offense put up 27 points on the vaunted Denver D that was talked about for two weeks.

    If Seattle didn’t score a TD on D, special teams, and didn’t get the two points from the safety, Seattle still would have won 27-8.

  73. Denver was out muscled, out coached, and not mentally ready for the game. Something tells me that this team is on the collapse. A bad Superbowl hangover looms.

  74. The Hawks showed up and played like a united team-The Donks showed up and expected their leader to show the way. Only problem is that leaders sometimes have bad days and can’t carry the load all by themselves.

  75. Simple: First top 10 defense they played all year long. The one they finally did see just so happened to be the best one.

  76. Broncos were doomed with wide receivers who couldn’t get themselves open and a quarterback, though very accurate, doesn’t have the arm strength to throw them open. I can remember only one time Manning tried to throw deep and he missed badly.

  77. Manning cannot win an EMOTIONAL game. He cannot win a BIG game period.

    The system he employs is too complicated to work in a highly stressful game. The only reason he beat Chicago was because they sucked.

    When you have a relentless D pressing so fast, the mental changes don’t catch up to the physical presence in your face.

    I’m not manning hater. But he can’t win when you press him.

  78. Pat Bowlen bet $120 million dollars that Peyton Manning could take the Broncos to the SB and win. Not only has he lost that bet, but soon Denver will need to draft a QB.

  79. It was not mental preparation at all. The Hawks are bigger, stronger and faster. There are four teams in the NFC West that could beat the Broncos. The Broncos are soft and one dimensional. The Hawks exposed them badly. Next season the Broncos play the entire NFC West. Then we will see this again.

  80. kwgator says: Feb 4, 2014 9:38 AM

    Bottom line is Tim Tebow wasn’t there to save the Broncos again

    Problem with that argument is Tebow doesn’t start playing any good until the 4th quarter. Game was well over by then….

  81. How about this for a reason:

    The Broncos got whipped in the pre-season by Seattle (ones vs ones in the 1st half) and they got whipped in the SB. The Broncos in the AFC didn’t play teams as good as the Seahawks, 9ers, or even Carolina. They would have lost to all those teams due to the physicality of those Ds.

    Huge fan of Manning, but they weren’t ready for the kind of football that the Hawks brought with them on Sunday.

  82. People act like the Broncos are a bad team. The Broncos are a great team that got matched up against a team that plays right against their strengths.

    Seahawks were the best team all year round. There really isn’t much to dispute this fact, they were the best defense all year long, and carried it into the playoffs.

    Nothing but respect for Seattle

    Being able to build a roster while paying a QB 600k has a lot to do with it. There’s a reason the Ravens weren’t in the playoffs this year, and it has a lot to do with paying 100+ million for 1 player.

  83. I’m so tired of hearing that Tom Brady is this amazing “winner”, and Peyton is a choker.

    Keep it real, Brady didn’t win those SB – his defense and kicker did. How many SB’s has Tom won since he has become the “great man”? Answer – ZERO!! Even when they set all these records and ran up the score against inferior teams in 2007they got owned by a Wild-card Giants team.

    Brady gets the good end of an Oline that holds worse than anything I have ever seen. And they NEVER get called on it. He gets an extra second every pass play and tell me that doesn’t help is immobile arse. That extra second sure helped when they beat NO and his LT had a choke hold on the rushing DE on the winning throw. God only knows what the ref is looking at. How about the Indy game when the Olineman blatantly tripped the Indy DT. Right in front of the ref. No call. I could site hundreds of these examples.

    Both these QB’s are the media and League darlings. They get all the accolades and none of the blame. Peyton sucks in crunch time and Brady is routinely owned in AFC Championship games. He looked awful against Baltimore both years and against Denver this year. He’s lucky their division has sucked for over a decade..

  84. John Fox, pure and simple. He’s not a good coach, his team was unprepared, and he had no answer for ANYTHING! No real offensive game plan, O-Line was unable to block and he didn’t make adjustments. And the defense stunk. Seattle played well, but not that well. They should have scored maybe 24, Broncos should have won, they’re in reality a better team. A real coach could have pulled them out of it.

  85. The Broncos need to catapult Jack Del Rio out of town. They would be better off with Vanessa Del Rio coaching their D!

  86. Know what? I could care less about the Super Bowl. I am a huge Peyton (yes, that is how you spell it) fan and became a huge Broncos fan. I live in Indy and I love to see him play. Did I love the Super Bowl, no but I have enjoyed the hell out of watching him play this season. Seems like there are a lot of coaches on this site because you all know what went wrong and who to blame it on. Go ahead and blame it on him, and oh yeah all of you who want Tim Tebow back, I understand he is available.

  87. No Super Bowl wins since they were caught taping other teams practices and fined for violating the salary cap the 2 years they did win.

  88. They ran into a NFC team. To compete with the NFC you must match the physical play of the 49’ers and Hawks.

  89. In my own humble opinion, Not only did the Broncos underestimate the Seahawks, They started believing the stories the press were writing. They believed the hype. They were listening to the prognosticators (many of which have had to eat crow) who proclaimed that Peyton Manning and the Broncos were destined to win, because he is just sooo good. What was forgotten in all the hype, is that whenever the Broncos were mentioned, it was “Peyton, Peyton, Peyton”. However, when the Seahawks were mentioned, it was all about “The defensive unit. Legion of Boom, etc”. By my count, that’s one guy against a full team of 53 players (more than just the eleven starters- the Seahawks were able to rotate fresh players in and out almost every play). Richard Sherman, love him or hate him, did all he could to take the distraction of the media on his shoulders, Keeping Russell Wilson relaxed and reasonably out of the spotlight. Who do you think had the advantage?

  90. I don’t think any of us Monday morning qbs are true football gurus…just one thing about this proves the nfl has to change the playoff structure to allow for the two BEST teams to compete in the big game. This year the two best teams would have been the hawks and the 49rs. Figure a way to get them both in the bowl and we would have seen a great game. At least competitive! LOL.

  91. Denver wasn’t 18-0, but this loss takes a little heat of the 2007 Patriots as far as the greatest offense ever getting shut down on the biggest stage. At least Brady took his team down the field and scored the go ahead TD with 2 minutes left. Peyton got flat out obliterated for 60 straight minutes…43-8…2 picks, a pick 6, a safety, and a fumble…just brutal. That was by far the most significant loss of Peyton’s career as far as how he will be remembered. Even another ring can’t erase the embarrassment of what Seattle did the other night.

  92. He’s lucky their division has sucked for over a decade..

    Ultimate hater excuse-
    24-8 VS The AFC North, The division most people would say is the toughest in the AFC.

    9-3 Vs Baltimore
    7-3 VS Pittsburgh
    4-1 vs Cincinnati
    4-1 vs Cleveland

  93. Seahawks fans know what happened, and why.

    It’s not because Denver didn’t prepare, and didn’t come ready to play; it’s because the Seahawks have been building to this game for the past three years, and it finally all came together at the right time for them, and the wrong time for Denver.

    Despite what his numerous detractors might say, Pete Carroll has a unique system for training and preparing his team. He has taken a disparate group of individuals that have specific skills and attitudes that he requires for his philosophy, and embraces their unique characteristics and let’s them be themselves, as long as they give 100%, all the time. As long as they always compete.

    What Denver experienced and 111.5 million people saw this last Sunday is the fruits of all his labor.

    The Seahawks go all out in practice, every play, every time. They practice at game speed, so they know how their teammates will react, what they can do, how fast they will react. That translates to exceptional play on game days.

    This wasn’t about Manning being a superior QB, depute all the chatter leading up to the game. It’s a team sport, and Seattle was a superior TEAM, in virtually every aspect of the game.

    It really is that simple.

  94. John Elway at the beginning of the season thought he had a great team,, But then these things happened…

    Von Miller……….Cheated and stole money
    Ryan Clady……….Season over
    Derek Wolfe………Seizures
    Elvis Dumerville………Gone to F.A

    These are just excuses, but usually the healthiest teams win out. When you get beat 43-8, it’s not ONE guy’s fault. Alot of players failed sunday.

    What really surprises me is that Peyton bypassed the 49ers and Seattle as likely destinations for him to play. He chose Denver which was probably in the lower half of the pack in terms of talent in the NFL. If he would have chosen any of those two NFC teams 26 point’s a game with those defenses would have probably given him another ring.

  95. Sorry but Peyton is done! Folks said irsay was a fool to had released him, but Peyton has achieved all he’s going too, and at a high price range too, enjoy yr little time in the limelight broncos fans, it won’t last long

  96. I think Peyton’s lack of arm strength was a factor. Seattle leaves openings in that 15-20 yard range when they are in cover 3, and they also can be beat over the top. But Peyton’s arm strength doesn’t play to those spots on the field.

    Also the ball really bounced Seattle’s way at times. Every ball that was deflected went into a defender’s hands. Every fumble was recovered by the other team. The deflected balls hit the ground and they don’t put the ball on the ground and the game would have only been decided by like 14 points instead of 30 some.

  97. fail in all phases vs win in all phases looks pretty ugly.
    The Seahawks looked like they were running Broncos like plays very effectively.

  98. Well, telling John Fox that he is a lock for an extension prior to the SB was dumb! He has always had blunders….last year’s “take a knee” with time on the clock against the Ravens in the playoffs was dumb. Especially when you have arguably the best QB in the nation! On Sunday it was apparent he didn’t prepare his team, he didn’t make adjustments, he made a ton of bad calls himself (challenge flag, not taking the points, draw on 3rd down). He was awful!

  99. They went in over confident. In the pre-game interview by Manning the interviewer was working off the premise that Denver would win and I noticed, for the first time, that Manning thought the same thing. His body language was the win for a sure thing. I’ve never seen Manning act this way before in a big game. Second, they changed their offense for some odd reason. The record breaking offense was built on Manning not getting hit, so they would go 3 steps and throw the slant, inside or out, or the outlet. But in the Super Bowl it was 5 to 7 steps and look for an open receiver. The key to beating Manning is to get in his face and he will throw an interception. That’s what the Seahawks did. Why did Denver change the offense?

  100. How’s that Peyton Manning ivestment working out for you John Elway and Denver fans? How can a team like the donkeys be herald as the greatest offense of all time and a couple days later be the laughingstock of the NFL?

  101. Root of all problems – O-Line. Couldn’t run, couldn’t pass downfield. Checkdown stuff, screens, draws aren’t going to get it done against that secondary, and even those were nearly impossible to get of under pressure. Offense couldn’t stay on the field, so the defense got gassed early. At that point, game over.

  102. I hope people don’t take this the wrong way, but if any of the other teams in the NFC West were in the AFC, that is who Seahawks would have played in Superbowl. Its just a different brand of football.

  103. What Denver does well is protect the pocket and allow Manning to throw the ball. Against the Seahawks front four they could not do it. Seattle had hands on Manning on every play. Without an effective passing game to control the clock and build a lead, their defense was exposed for the weak group they are.

    Next year Denver gets to play all four NFC West teams and will probably lose them all. It will be Manning’s last year. I hope he does not get hurt.

  104. It wasn’t the Broncos worst Super Bowl ever; after all, they lost to the 49ers 55-10 in 1990. They also lost 42-10 to the Redskins in 1988, 39-20 to the Giants in 1987, and 27-10 to the Cowboys in 1987.

    They are now 2-5 in Super Bowls, and all 5 losses were blowouts.

  105. Tyson Vs, Spinks.
    Spinks knows hes going to get hit harder than he has been hit in his whole life. Mentally beat and quit before the fight even started.
    Same thing here. Manning was scared and so were the receivers of going over the middle. Game over before it started.

  106. Coach Fox said it best in his short post-game interview outside Denver’s locker room: “We ran into a buzz-saw”! The best (and most candid) assessment I’ve heard so far, but still no hint as to why the Broncos were so poorly prepared and so obviously unready to be playing in THAT game. A mystery for Denver players and fans to chew on through the long winter days!

    If Elway is as smart as he’s given credit for he’ll begin a thorough examination of his organization from the top down to the bottom, every detail – all the way to the antiseptics used by maintenance.

    Seattle was brutally efficient and played a GREAT game – I don’t think any team in the NFL could have beaten them that day, but this was also a shut down of epic proportions by Denver, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of many heads rolling in the off season.

  107. Speed Kills…….That’s the difference here, not desire. The pressure on Manning was from the speed and skills of the front four. The limited running yards and yards after catch were due to team speed in closing and skill in tackling. The TD return and TD interception was due to speed/skill of each of them. The first play was due to Denver and not part of the mix, but just a bonus……….

    The fix for Denver is (two fold) obvious. (1)Leave more blockers at the line to protect Peyton and give him more than 2.1 second to try and make a pass farther down field. (2)Emphasis to all to protect the ball from fumbles as you know that Seattle tries to strip the ball.

  108. From my angle, it wasn’t the players…it was the game plan.

    Knowing that the Seahawks are primarily an old-school ground team, they focused on containing Lynch, and knew Turbin wouldn’t be a threat. This leads to the notion that they are “forcing” the offense to go to the air, in which case get to the almost-rookie QB early and often and get him to make some bad throws or decisions. They game-planned correctly with Lynch, they screwed the pooched with Wilson.

    On offense, they watched what the 49ers did: just need to avoid Sherman, and keep it a close game (at worse). But the thing they didn’t consider is that the 49ers’ offense can fight in the trenches just as well as the Seahawks D…something that a “quick release” passing offense like Denver really has no answer for. And they seemed to forget about Cliff Avril.

  109. The Broncos may beat the Seahawks 7 out of 10 times, but on this particular day, the Seahawks were ready to play and the Broncos weren’t. It really came down to just that. I really think the Broncos may have come in a little overconfident and thought they were going to skate to a win. Boy were they wrong!

  110. They are now 2-5 in Super Bowls, and all 5 losses were blowouts.

    The years of the 2 wins, they were fined and lost draft picks for violating the salary cap and competing with an illegal roster. they should be 0-7.

  111. ABSOLUTELY no mystery what went wrong for the Broncos, even if they do not want to admit it.

    The core reason for this huge lop-sided blowout was how the Broncos offensive line was totally dominated by the Seattle defensive line. Manning had no time to read and throw. Manning had not room to step and throw. Manning had no time to read the defenses before throwing. Manning then resorted to desperate throws and hopeful attempts to luck-out on bad passes just as Denver got away with against the Patriots.

    If Manning HAD time to read and psss as he showed in their one scoring drive, then it would at least been a competitive game, but with the failures of the Bronco offensive line, Manning because another crummy QB like all of those other QBs whose teams have lousy offensive lines and cannot protect their QBs. Manning sure looked as bad as those QBs who struggled all season long playing behind bad, bad offensive lines.

    This striking similarity of how Manning looked like the worse NFL QBs this past season should help the average fan understand how important and essential a good offensive line is in order to have a good offense.

  112. I dont know what is worse, the Broncos performance, or the idiotic comments some posted above. Using terms like “soft” “finesse” or laying the whole thing on Manning just shows complete ignorance of the game. Ladies, stop slapping each other on the back on here and listening to ESPN for your football knowledge. Really, please. No one playing at the NFL level is soft. Their is no such thing as a “finesse” football team. The Cowboys offense was called this in the 70s, but I clearly recall many games where they beat the hell out of some defenses, as evidence by the bloody mouths. Seattle came well prepared, mentally ready for anything, and confident they would win. Add to that an excellent game plan, matchups talent-wise that was clearly in their favor and being the team that was not “expected” to win, takes a lot of pressure off of you. If you ever played, you know this. Taking nothing away from Seattle, they hammered them, in all phases, and Denver was clearly outcoached at nearly every turn. Do you think if Tony Dungy was coaching that Seattle team, we would have seen that? Better think again.

  113. WE R THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!! Just leaving the Big Apple!!! And MAN DOES IT FEEL GOOD!!! Peyton and the broncos are a FIRST CLASS ORGANIZATION!!! Nothing but respect to one of the greatest to ever play!!!! And to all the TROLLS that have been talking all year….. Did you have fun watching the most DOMINATING DEFENSE EVER?????? Go hawks!!!!!

    SEE U NEXT YEAR!!! Gonna book my tickets to ARIZONA NOW!!

  114. Listened to an interview with Michael Bennett. He stated that Richard Sherman figured out his hand signals in preparation for the game. He was not willing to share the secret, as they play each other next year

  115. It was almost EXACTLY the same beat down they got by Seattle in the preseason game.

    I can’t stress that enough, the preseason loss to Seattle was just like this, they destroyed the Broncos in every facet of the game. Seattle was the only team I really feared and didn’t want the Broncos to face in the Super Bowl. Its almost eerie how similar the games where. If you can watch film on the preseason loss you’ll see the similarities and wonder what the hell the Broncos did, if anything, to improve.

    I watched that preseason game knowing it was a potential Super Bowl preview and I think the Seattle players knew it too because they played that game at full speed with 100% intensity while the Broncos played at like 75% speed and intensity. I saw little to no difference in the preseason loss and the Super Bowl loss.

    If you watch the preseason game and the Super Bowl it was clear that the Broncos were completely unprepared, and made no real changes from the preseason loss to the Super Bowl.

    The first team Seattle Offense and Defense dominated the Broncos first team Offense and Defense so it wasn’t some fluky preseason game that meant nothing even though that is what our delusional Broncos players thought.
    After the preseason loss Broncos players were on twitter like “LOL I don’t know, it was just one of those games!” as if the beat down they just got was just a bad game when it wasn’t, they got out played in every facet of the game.

    Similarities in the Preseason loss and Super Bowl loss:

    Broncos offense putting together drives only to turnover the ball by interception or fumble.

    Preseason: Julius Thomas catches a 20 yard pass in Seattle territory, fumbles, Seattle recovers.
    Super Bowl: Demaryius Thomas catches a 20+ yard pass in Seattle territory and fumbles, Seattle recovers.

    Preseason: Ronnie Hillman fumbles at the goal line, Seattle returns fumble for a touchdown.
    Super Bowl: Manning throws a trademark pick-6.

    Preseason: Kick off return for a TD
    Super Bowl: Kick off return for a TD

    The thing about that preseason kick off return wasn’t just the fact that it was a touchdown, I remember watching that play and seeing the same poor fundamental tackling the Broncos have been doing since 2006. Players throwing shoulders just trying to knock a player down or out of bounds instead of wrapping their arms around they guy and bringing him to the ground.
    Jermaine Kearse returned that kick off for a TD in the preseason and broke pathetic attempt at tackles, just like the reception he caught for a TD in the Super Bowl where he broke like 5 pathetic tackles.
    Doug Baldwin on Seattle also scored a TD in the Super Bowl where he could have been stopped if not for the poor fundamental tackling by the Broncos defense.
    Broncos defense are pretenders and have been since 2006.

    Seattle’s offense had no problem moving the ball against Denver’s defense in the Preseason or in the Superbowl

    Preseason: Seattle’s first team offense scored on all but 1 drive
    Superbowl: Seattle’s first team offense scored on all but 2 drives (not including the drive before Halftime)

    Preseason: Broncos first team offense only scored 1 touchdown against Seattle’s first team defense.
    Superbowl: Broncos only scored 1 touchdown.

    Point is the Broncos got dominated in every facet of the game in both the preseason and the Superbowl and the Broncos made no adjustments inbetween that time and had no answers for Seattle.
    Broncos played with poor fundamentals on defense while Seattle played excellent defense with great fundamentals.

    Manning and the Broncos Offense got shutdown by Seattle’s elite pass defense, but this is nothing new everyone who watches football knows a good defense can frustrate Peyton Manning and shut him down, his postseason performance and win-loss record speaks for itself.
    Manning’s lack of arm strength took away the deep threat, shortening the field.
    Sherman being a shut down corner could take a receiver out of a game like the way Aqib Talib took Demaryius Thomas out most of the first game Denver played at New England earlier this year when they loss.
    Seattle’s defense was just way more physical than anything the Broncos faced all year, their defense is tough, especially Kam Chancellor.

    It’s like Champ Bailey said, Seattle played with more intensity than the Broncos and Denver could never match Seattle’s intensity, it was the same thing in the preseason.

    The Broncos just don’t matchup well with Seattle.
    If the Broncos played Seattle 10 times, Seattle would win 8 out of 10 times. Denver needed to play almost flawless to have a chance at beating Seattle.

  116. I sure hope Sherman didnt use any film to help him study and figure our those signals…. If you know what im saying.

  117. You could see it coming a mile away. Losing Von Miller and Ryan Clady was never discussed at all (best defensive player, best O-lineman). The receivers couldn’t get open against the physicality. When it was 8-0 it felt like 50-0.

    But if Seattle’s defense is being coronated as one of the best ever, and maybe the best defense ever in a Super Bowl against the highest-scoring offense EVER, then one could easily say that Seattle was just that much better. It’s not astrophysics.

  118. It’s pretty simple. The Bronco’s built their wins and records against a bunch of tomato cans the whole season and never faced a team remotely as good as Seattle. They weren’t battle tested and it showed when the big boys came to play. Denver would be lucky to be the 4th or 5th best team in the NFC. Seattle, San Fran, NO, Carolina – maybe even Arizona and a healthy Green Bay would be ahead of them. It’s not their fault. They didn’t make the schedule but puffing out ones chest against cans like the Raiders x2, Jacksonville, Houston, Tennesee, Washington, The Giants, Dallas and a wounded New England doesn’t do much to make me think they could be a strong team like Seattle.

  119. Two reasons they lost…

    One, the Seahawks were better in all phases of the game. They put together their most complete game of the season bar none.

    Two, the NFC is better across the board than the AFC, especially within each Western division. So while the Broncos came in having beaten a couple of finesse teams that were less than stellar, the Seahawks came in having shutdown one of the top offenses in the Saints and survived the punishing smash-mouth football played in the NFC West.

    I would go so far as to saying the 49ers would have whooped Denver also, and the Cardinals would’ve made it a close game and possibly winning it themselves. Heck even the Panthers would have laid the smack on Denver. Simply put, the Broncas had not seen a defense anywhere close to the top 4 in the NFC. (Seattle, San Fran, Carolina and Arizona.)

  120. I said before the game that the Hawks would win surprisingly easily, by double digits, and everyone said I was crazy.

    Certainly I didn’t think it would be 35 points.

    I thought 31-21.

  121. Two things: GAME PLAN The rumor is Foxie turned down the “Fan Noise” speakers at practice cuz he thought the world famous 12th man wouldn’t be an issue… ya know, 1/2 the fans will be Bronco fans right? Well, that didnt’ work so well on that first play did it when it was so noisy Peyton pissed down his leg and Manny freaked. The rest of history. But WHY did he get into that situation in the first place? Do you run back kickoffs against the #1 Defense? NO, coach you don’t. Take a knee. Let Peyton start on the 20 and spread the field… Lousy Game prep by the coaches and Peyton should have called a time out and called them on it. I’m a life-long Broncos fan and this game SUCKED big time. Better beef your O line; get some defense that can tackle and cover (get rid of Carter) and you gots SIX MONTHS to think about it. But, in perspective Elway still holds the worst ass kickin when Joe Montana beat him 55 to 10 in 1990 so maybe he can console Peyton so it doesn’t happen again.

  122. Many say Seattle defense, and it was partly, but it was far more than that. I think they believed that crap about Seattle receivers being barely adequate. They were better than everyone outside Seattle thought and proved it. Got open, caught the ball and broke tackles.

    Then add speed and toughness on special teams (starters on special teams) and you have a slaughter. Overall, speed everywhere.

  123. Fox gets way to much credit as a coach and when he was put to coach when Peyton could have used his help he showed hes true colores thats why Pantheres cut his but anybody can win with Peyton because of his abillity to play even when Del Rio was in as temp they still look good but when Peyton needed them the most to coach and to adjust game plans them coaches had no clue no idea like if Peyton was suppose to do it all. when Peyton leaves Denver is in for a real supprise with Fox being at the helm.

  124. Not sure what went wrong…don’t care!

    All I care about is the Raiders are still the KINGS of the AFC West with 3 SB Rings…

    Most Super Bowl Rings through 2014

    AFC West:
    Raiders: 3 rings
    Donkeys: 2 rings
    Little Red Scouts: 1 ring
    Chokers: AKA “The Lords of No Rings”: 0 rings


  125. Uhhhhh no. the broncos did not play badly. i cannot stand it when athletes say, “we didn’t play well, so we lost.” it’s like an excuse, saying it was almost like a fluke loss. “if we had played better we would have won” doesn’t cut it here. not at all.

    no. the reason the broncos lost was because the seahawks MADE the broncos play badly. the hawks turned the broncos to mush. they exposed the broncos as FRAUDS. it had nothing to do with bad play. bad play is dropping passes, or missing assignments, or having lots of penalties. none of that happened on their offense. the broncos got destroyed because seattle is the better team. period.

    Denver played as good as they possibly could have. It was no match for the seahawks. Seattle is the better team in every phase of the game.

    the 2013 denver broncos coasted through a terrible conference and got exposed as an overrated, SLOW football team. They are SLOW!

  126. Denver’s problem is, they faced a very good team. Denver and Manning are geared for a scoring offense, but when you face a Defense that is fast and hard hitting like the Hawks are, you are going no where. Chancellor’s hit at the beginning of the game, shook the receiver and they all knew going across the middle was going to hurt. LOB are fast, strong and smart players. I knew all along it would be Seattle vs. Denver in the SB, and I also stated a hawk blowout as well. it is all in the defense, and Denver does not have a good one at all. Brady won 3, why, he had 3 top 5 defenses. Manning is very good, way better than his brother, but he faced a team his line could not stop, and the receivers could not get away from, enough said. What do you think is going on in Denver’s mind now, they face the NFC West next year and go to Seattle’s stadium, they will feel the noise for sure and it is not the SB where they said it was noisy! hahahha ain’t heard nothing yet!

  127. Seattle was better but the broncos didn’t seem to know it before the game.
    If they had run the ball not turned in over made Seattle try to sustain long drives. Then in a one or two possession game veteran manning with really good WR could make a play.
    Once they came out throwing they exposed manning to the pass rush and tipped passes and strip sacks all bets were off.
    But honestly their was no way the Broncos would be ready having beat up on softies whereas the Seahawks had survived brutal dog fights with legit Super Bowl contenders.

  128. Gary, have you seen the clip of Crabtree on a crossing route in the NFC divisional game? He started to extend for a pass, saw The Deathbacker coming at him, developed the worst case of alligator arms I ever saw. He wanted NO part of Kam.

    Deion Sanders called it a “business decision”.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern emerge….

  129. For one thing, the Broncos bought into the “BeastMode” hype. Marshawn was the story all week long, which kept the receivers out of the spotlight. Game proved the tale, it was all air attack, while the Denver D, hunted for Marshawn.

    Same with Sherm. Manning and the O’s, stayed away from Sherman, and ran smack into Chancellor, and Smith, and Maxwell.

    Funny thing is, Pete told the media (and Denver), how the Hawks intended to win, and then did it, just like he promised.

    Evidently, the Denver braintrust simply didn’t believe the truth, and swallowed the hype. I sense me some Paul Allen, in there.

  130. The simple explanation is the Hawks took the entire NFL to school, and showed them all how football SHOULD be played.
    Pete did the same thing when he was coach at USC. This tactic will put all the prima-donnas on notice, that they are gonna have to earn their paychecks.
    Pete and the Hawks just kicked the game up a bunch of notches. NFL will never be the same again.!!!!!

  131. On paper, this was not even close. But because of “destiny” the broncos had to win. This with a decimated defense that played way above it’s abilities in the AFC playoffs, but were no match for Seattle’s offense, especially with Harvin back. Last year Seattle lost to Atlanta in the playoffs because their best pass rusher (Clemmens) was injured and they could not make a stop when they took the lead. This year they acquired Avril, Bennett and McDaniel, each of which are as good or better than Clemmens, thinking that if one or two of them got hurt, they would still be OK. As it turns out ALL of them were healthy for the SB and there was no way any offensive line could hold them back, much less Denver’s, whose defects were hidden most of the season by Manning’s quick release. This combined with great pass coverage made it hopeless. But Denver should have done better with a healthy defense. I think they had a few injuries on the O line as well.

  132. I agree. Crab knew what was going to happen. After Kam slammed the Denver receiver, you could see on their faces that it made them nervous, they did not know what to do.

  133. Stop thumpin your chests Seattle fans, and Manning haters. That seattle d line is awesome. The rest of the team average and benefits from the pressure created, thats it! If it werent true why did you struggle against some really bad teams? Houston, Rams, Bucs, Cards, Panthers, man this list is long, and you got beat by Colts, Niners all teams below average offense. explain that, and then call yourself great, not until.

  134. Where are the beechers, Wilson has been crediting and talking a lot about faith. you need to villify him like you did Tebow, or wait, you can’t say anything, he is not white like tebow so you are scared. I saw lots of Hawk fans cryin and talking crap about a mans faith, well wilson is just as talkative, he does videos and books about his faith, whats up chumps, get him too.

  135. After reading all of these different comments, I gather that everyone has an opinion (and there is nothing wrong with that ) but just how do any of us other commenters (fans) really know for sure just who is right or just who is wrong ? IMHO, that answer could be debated from now to the end of time and still never be the right answer. I remember what one Charger coach back in the 70’s told me once, “on any given Sunday any NFL team can win the game “. Just like every NFL team has their good games and they also have their games, and their are no exceptions, where it may be a AFC team or an NFC team . I do agree what some posters were saying about Peyton Manning, when it comes to the sports writers, sports journalist and some fans “Peyton is the greatest QB to ever play the game of football where it is HS, College or the NFL. Then you hear about all of these different stats that Peyton has either got or has done “which is even true is some circumstances ” but just remember this when is the first time or the last time that stats a lone ever won a football game ? For an example, any Q B, can throw for 500-600 yards in a game, he can also lead his team from one red zone to the other red zone and by the end of the game have masses of yardage stats and even make himself a true hero. But what good is all of that if (1) you do not put up “any points or enough points” on the score board to win (2) you do not win games ? If for example, that if you were named MVP of the game,(stats a lone) just what did you really do to win that MVP award, and still lose the football game ? I made this prediction on different web sites as far back as FEB,and March of 2013. When Elway went out and started bringing in all of these different F A’s and offering them all of those big, big bucko’s and then had to turn around and ask some of the Denver players to either take pay cuts or to restructure their contracts just so that he would have enough money to pay the rookies that Denver may draft in the up coming draft. IMHO, that told me that Elway, was trying to buy a SB TEAM. at that time I predicted that no team (check it out) has every ,every won the S B when that team goes out and tries buying a S B team with all of these big name FA’s . Philly was the last team to try it a few years back (remember ) and it did not work for them either. Also think about this, just how many big name F A’s did Seattle go out and get and paid them big bucko’s during the 2013 season comparied to Denver ? As for my self, I am not a big Peyton fan like some fans are, but at the same time I am not a big hater of Peyton either, to me Peyton is just another QB nothing more or nothing less. I drew my conclusions , when Peyton Manning played for Tennessee, and while there, he did not lead Tennessee to any National Championships or SEC Championships (but Tee Martin did ). I just do not believe or even agree that Peyton deserves all of that big praise that different sports writers and others place on Peyton. The reason that I say that is because it is very simple, every game that any team or teams win it is a team win and because the team played as a team. Not because just one player did it all and that is why a team won the game. That is not the way that any sports teams win games (with just one player).

  136. Here is what went wrong for the broncos. They had to play Seattle. Seattle is a much better team than the broncos. Did that help you?

  137. I’ll explain. Broncos were under a false sense of security as they didn’t play many tough Defenses throughout the season. Meanwhile, Seahawks were fresh off meeting some of the toughest D’s in the NFL such as the 49ers, Cardinals, Saints. People were under a false illusion that Seattle had no offense. The reality is that they had just faced back to back to back tough defenses towards the end of the season.

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