Broncos sign seven practice squad players to offseason roster

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In their first transactions since the end of the 2013 season, the Broncos signed seven practice squad players to the offseason roster on Tuesday.

The players signed were defensive back John Boyett (Oregon), offensive tackle Paul Cornick (North Dakota State), defensive end Hall Davis (Louisiana-Lafayette), offensive guard Ben Garland (Air Force), wide receiver Nathan Palmer (Northern Illinois), wide receiver Greg Wilson (Fordham) and defensive end John Youboty (Temple).

Cornick and Garland have had the longest tenures with the club, with each first signing with Denver in 2012.

The Broncos signed five other players to futures contracts on December 31, including ex-Browns wide receiver Jordan Norwood and safety Eric Hagg.

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  1. IMHO, I was just wondering if all of these signing and player moves are going to make another S B contender for the 2015 S B? It did not work this time in the 2014 S B. and just look what it ended up costing the Broncos in the end money wise . All of these player moves, also tells me that a lot of the players that the Broncos went out and bought for the soul purpose of winning the 2014 S B, will not be on the team for the (AUGUST) pre season try outs. I do not know about other football fans around the league, but my self I am going to keep an eye on Denver in the off season just to see if they make another run on the F A’s this off season like they did last year or if Elway, learned his lesson yet ? Has anyone seen ELWAY, since the S B ? If so, does ELWAY still have his swagger, that was reported he was showing off just before the S B started ? It is just like I said on another web site , where some Bronco fans were calling Elway a real genius for going out and getting all of these different F A’s just to win the 2014 S B. I am just wondering if these same Bronco fans still think that ELWAY is still that ” great genius” that they were talking about before the game ? All I can say is, may be better luck next year. Because just like every other N F L team, they are going to need it. Oh, by the way, I just read on another web site where it said that Peyton Manning is going to need to change to something else besides “Omaha” for this coming season.

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