Bryant McKinnie would like another season in Miami

Getty Images

Tackle Bryant McKinnie’s 2013 season was something of a whirlwind.

He was traded by the Ravens to the Dolphins, but not before his birthday party played host to an incident involving a stripper named Sweet Pea and a champagne bottle to the side of wide receiver Jacoby Jones’ head. Once McKinnie got to the Dolphins, he was bothered by a knee injury and saw their struggling offensive line lose both guard Richie Incognito and tackle Jonathan Martin in the wake of Martin’s harassment allegations against his teammate.

McKinnie said he felt more comfortable playing alongside Incognito on the left side of the line because of how little time he had to learn the Dolphins’ scheme, but added he felt better closer to the end of the season. McKinnie is set to become a free agent, but he’d like to return for a full season in Miami in 2014.

“Hopefully I return back with the Dolphins,” McKinnie said, via the team’s website. “You know you have four out of the five [offensive lineman] whose contracts are up. I’ve been in the healing process and everything and I’m feeling better, working out and stuff like that. We have a new general manager so that’s good, and we’ll just see how things go. I plan on playing for a couple more years and it would be great to just finish my career there where I already have a home.”

McKinnie turns 35 early next season and there’s definitely room to upgrade, although it might be hard to do while also addressing the other needs on the offensive line. That would put McKinnie in play for another year in Miami and allow him to possibly end his caereer in the same town he called home in college.