Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald agree to restructured contract

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Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best players in the history of the Cardinals franchise, but his $18 million salary cap number for 2014 is so high that there was talk of Arizona getting rid of him.

Now that talk can be put to rest.

Fitzgerald revealed on Twitter today that he and the Cardinals have worked out a restructured deal that provides the team with some salary cap relief. Fitzgerald wrote that he returned to Arizona today after spending last week in New York for the Super Bowl, and his first order of business was signing the new contract.


It’s unclear whether Fitzgerald has taken a pay cut or whether he has just agreed to change the structure of his contract to lessen this year’s cap hit. Either way, it indicates that Fitzgerald and the Cardinals wanted to be proactive about getting something done that would keep Fitzgerald in the fold and leave the Cardinals enough cap space to improve a team that was strong last year, but not quite strong enough to make the playoffs in the most competitive division in the NFL.

48 responses to “Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald agree to restructured contract

  1. What a standup guy and team player. I wish more players who’ve made serious dough would help their teams become more competitive by letting up salary so they actually have balanced teams.

  2. As a Cards fan, I am glad this distraction is done.

    Of course, now that he is more attractive trade bait, we can get on with all the rumors that he will be going somewhere else!

    Such is life.

  3. Sherman owns him anyway. Hope he sticks in the NFC West where the Hawks can push him around twice a year.

  4. One of the greatest on the field and off the field players of all time. Drew Brees, take note.

  5. Too bad he is wasting his talent with that awful franchise. You’d think that by now he’d be wanting to go to a team that can get him a SB ring.

  6. Too bad he couldn’t come to Minnesota, year after year he could go against putrid green bay defenses. Basically the laughing stock of the nfl.

  7. What a true standup guy and great team player, the best wide receiver since Jerry Rice.

    Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, this is how you are remembered as winners.

  8. Grats to Fitz and to the Cards. He’s alaways been an extremely classy player and his retention keeps the NFC West strongly competitive. Too bad he wasn’t traded to my 49ers, instead. #NFCBEST

  9. With the emergence of Floyd….. Call me crazy but I kinda think it makes him less likely to be there. If they were truly only motivated by the cap good on them. The bigger picture take is they can get a lot for a player who is about to start the race with Father time, but who can still be a stud. Given AZ’s standing ground I wouldn’t trade him, At least not this year but they need a future plan at QB also. So you gotta at least look at the offers

  10. If Larry Fitzgerald was on the vikings,that would add another 2 rings to our vikings dynasty that will start next season…don’t know why you would stay with that dissappointing no name franchise than a chance to be with the Viking dynasty.oh well.SKOL

  11. One more step in making the NFC-W an even more competitive and dominant division than we already are!


  12. Whoa whoa,Larry is a great guy first and foremost but you guys should wait before you start singing his praises for a cap restructure. Like it says in the article, all it could mean is that it’s a lower hit for this year but higher for the remaining years

  13. Lets not overdo the hosana’s here gang. Most likely they converted his salary the next couple seasons to guaranteed money, thereby spreading the cap hit over the life of the contract. All it does really is guarantee Larry that money (that he most likely would have received anyway).
    Brady does it every year. Helps the team and gives the player more guaranteed cash on the backside of the contract.

  14. Can people stop making it sound like Larry gave up money… he restructured it. He didn’t give it up. Geez, first year watching the NFL?

  15. Commissioner is going to allow in L.A. in 2015. Shocking the public, it’s going to be an expansion team! They will be placed in the nfc west. For geographic reasons, Seattle will now be in the nfc north. Sadly, the Minnesota team has been bumped out of the nfl for being non competitive. Good news is the Vikings have already been picked up by the WNBA

  16. People bringing up trade hype about Fitz need to realize that Steve Keim isn’t going to just hand him over to someone. If you want a player of that caliber its gonna cost something. A lot of something I hope.

  17. Teams put themselves in these positions. It wasn’t the players that wanted a salary cap, but the owners. Can’t keep a player? Blame the person whose name is on the owner’s door.

  18. Yeah, what a stand up guy, he did such a great thing for his team by taking his years pay up front in a bonus instead of having to work for it, what a team player who sacrificed so much.

    I’m sure we’d all be twisted in knots if our boss offered us our pay up front and guaranteed we wont be fired for it.

  19. Brady and Fitzgerald. What a dream, add in one of the TEs (Amaro or the kid from Washington) to pair with Gronk and Amendola in the slot. Thompkins and Dobson on the other side.

    Look out Seattle.

  20. He is a better person than a football player – a really good guy who is smart enough to know how privileged he is and care about others. Too bad he plays for an OK team in a division where they are destined to finished 3rd (at best) for the next few years. Carson Palmer has the mobility of a one-legged snail. Wilson and Kaepernick make him look like a poor backup at best.

  21. It seems like yesterday the NFC West was the biggest joke in the entire league.. how quickly things change. Looking forward to watching all four of those teams next season.

  22. Fool. Does he think the Bidwells would agree to increase their taxes for the good of the country? Nope, and I’m sure they’re drinking a toast to him letting them off the hook.

  23. LF didn’t take a pay cut, just gave him guaranteed money at the end of the contract, Its robbing Peter to pay Paul, it will eventually catch up and you will be in salary cap hell. LF is now 30 and his best years are behind him, too bad he doesn’t have a QB who is worth a damn

  24. “LF didn’t take a pay cut, just gave him guaranteed money at the end of the contract, Its robbing Peter to pay Paul, it will eventually catch up and you will be in salary cap hell. LF is now 30 and his best years are behind him, too bad he doesn’t have a QB who is worth a damn”

    Exactly. Players don’t restructure out of the goodness of their hearts….they benefit big time because

    a) They get more guaranteed money which is better than salary


    b) it makes them nearly uncuttable and they get to see all the money from the future years of their contract. It’s hard to cut such players because the cap penalty for cutting players you owe future bonus money to cancels out the cap savings.

  25. The Hawks and Niners are going to continue to dominate the NFC West just like the Falcons continued to dominate the NFC South this year! Oh, wait….

  26. I see the three stooges are out tonight. Filthy, Tokyo, and Imbetterthan. Of course, they’re all the same person. It’s funny the stooges mocking Viking fans about their weight when he comes from the Sausage, Cheese, and Beer capital of the U.S., Wisconsin. What a tool.

  27. Am I the only one here who is already sick of hearing Seattle fans go on about how great they are?
    OK you won the SB. Yeah you have a really good defense. Thats all well and good.
    Though you might tell Sherman that all this smak he is talking about how bad everyone else is will come back and bite him in the a%%. So he may wish to tone it down.
    With the pairity in the NFL these days….there are no guarentees.

  28. I dont know why restructuring your contract is making heroes out of these guys. They dont lose one penny. In fact, they receive more upfront in bonus money. I am also tired of people feeling bad for Fitz. He chose to take the money and I dont begrudge him for that. However, it comes with a price of not having an “elite” QB and the inability to go after top free agents. Thus making it hard for your team to be competitive. He made his bed and is lying in it. Maybe he is ok with going 8 more years on a cash strapped team without being competitive. He has great work ethic, everyone who’s met him said he is a great guy and maybe he is playing for something different…

  29. What did the Klingon say in “The Search for Spock”?

  30. Hey Larry don’t you know $18M cap numbers are only for “elite” players like Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford…. *rolls eyes*

    What a stupid League when you won’t pay the team’s best player, and one of the best in the league money anywhere close to any clown who throws the ball.

    How did the GOAT and $100M man do this past weekend? Maybe, pay all the players a fair wage and stop trying to force the QB’s down everyone’s throat as the most/only important players.

    Seattle showed the whole league you can win with a “talented” but not elite QB, and a kick-ass team around him. Last time I checked, there are 22 starters on a TEAM. Why have the QB’s take up almost 20% of the cap?!

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