Carroll: We really felt like we could knock the crud out of Broncos


The Seahawks spent all season being a physical football team and they weren’t about to run away from what got them to the Super Bowl when it came time to face the Broncos.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll appeared with “Brock and Danny” on 710 ESPN Seattle on Tuesday and said that the Seahawks emphasized the need to “outhit” the Broncos during the two weeks leading up to the game. A big hit by safety Kam Chancellor on Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas on the first Denver completion of the game showed the message hit home.

“We really made the decision early to stay with what we know really well and demonstrate to our guys that we believe in them and trust them,” Carroll said. “Let’s play the way we want to play. The more we looked at it, the more excited we got about it. We really felt like we could knock the crud out of these guys.”

Their feeling proved to be correct and Carroll offered further praise for the job his team did preparing for the game.

“There were no surprises in this game,” Carroll said. “It was just who is going to make the next hit, the next statement.”

It’s been said that luck is the residue of design. For the Seahawks, so was a victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

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  1. I’m a Titans fan who likes the Seahawks and all, but seriously … I don’t recall a head coach popping off like this over and over after a Super Bowl win. He doesn’t sound like a veteran player, much less a head coach. What gives … ?

  2. The moment Wes Welker felt he needed to show the Broncos film on how to play physical the game was lost.

  3. Ok… now he’s getting silly and sounding arrogant… just shut up Pete.

    One day soon, you’re team will get the crud knocked out of it too…

  4. Ah that post superbowl ain’t got no news until the draft and no more news until OTAs. PFT like many other places are going to report every single thing that is going to be reiterated in various interviews for the next week.

    Football is over. You don’t have to go home but you know the rest. Git!

  5. Sept. 4, 2014 will be a rematch of the Super Bowl in Seattle. The Kick-Off game will be Denver’s chance to redeem themselves or Seattle’s chance to show they intend to repeat as champion. Looking forward to the game and expect it to be much closer the next go around. Don’t see it being any different in outcome, but it will be a better showing by Denver……….how can it be worse?

    Go Hawks!

  6. Very much an “art imitates life” discussion. At some point the hawks need to just be quiet because it looks like gloating… But then again, folks won’t stop asking, so I doubt they’ll sit there in silence.

    Let us all agree that it is time to move on from the Super Bowl.

    Every time I hear the phrase “World Champion” I cringe a little bit, and feel sorry for the souls in Bangladesh who never got the chance to compete for the title.

  7. Anyone who saw the NFC Championship Game could see it coming – that was an absolute war between the two hardest hitting and best teams in the NFL, 49ers and Seahawks. After that kind of battle, going up against Denver was a cakewalk.

  8. Honestly, playing the niners, cards, saints, rams at the end of the season probably was the best thing for Seattle. Including the Hawks those are some of the most physical teams in league. Nothing against Denver, but they just aren’t in the same league phycically as those teams.

  9. If they had never figured out the Broncos, they would never been in position to knock the crud out of them.

    There is no doubt, they cracked the code, that allowed them to be in place to intimidate the Broncos.

    Every team will now try to mimic the Hawks in a copycat NFL. Good luck with that.

  10. They already won the real Super Bowl against the 49ers. Beating the crud out of Denver was just icing on the cake.

  11. He’s right. All this talk leading up to the game about the Broncos’ ballyhooed offense and Peyton’s genius, but like Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”.

  12. Comments like that are what teams will remember next season when playing Seattle. Its hard sometimes not to talk tough after you’ve won it all, but if you’re goal is winning again next year, you really have to watch what you say. They already have the bullseye…no need to make it bigger.

  13. Give Carroll credit. He had his team totally mentally prepared. The team that comes to the game mentally prepared is going to win every time.

  14. God bless. We get it! You killed the Broncos, I swear, we all saw it on live TV. This is getting beyond old.

  15. I think it’s fine to be proud of a game well won, but at some point it turns to gloating and Carroll’s approaching that point. Of course, too, when a man gloats, he often sets himself up for a failure when he thinks he’s going to have another victory. So say the karmic laws of the universe…

  16. If someone ever knocks the crud out of Carroll, Mt. Rainier will cease to be the highest pile in Washington.

  17. The Seahawks dominated, but lets not forget they were far from perfect all season and much of the postseason. Praise your team for the job they did, however don’t let that ego get too big… each team has their day… and year… unless your the Vikings.

  18. if you watch the game there are several throws underneath that the Seahawks could have batted down.

    Instead they let the Broncos receivers catch them short of the sticks so they could lay on a big hit in an effort to either force a turnover or simply send a message that this wouldn’t be their day.

    I’d say it worked. Message sent.

    For all the Seahawks haters, at least thank them for showing the entire country that you CAN in fact be a dominating, physical defense that applies big hits in this new era of pass-first football. And in the end that style is still going to win in the end over a team that can’t compete physically.

  19. yahh right on Pete!

    from minute one Peyton Longface looked like a dumb cluck!

    set the Super Bowl record for completions while at it. how ridiculous is that he threw for something like 56 yards in the first half and had one TD pass that meant zilch the game was over

    Before the game all the national media pundits were talking like after Peyton Longface wins this game his legacy will be cemented. Then after the game because he lost and looked lame to boot they all say it has nothing to do with his legacy. what hogwash! you cant have it both ways boys!

    Good for you Seahawks nice job? and Peyton Longface you go down as the biggest Gagger in history!

  20. I think it was Mark Schlereth who said “This is a game that’s about violence. Usually, the more violent team is the one who wins.”

    When you see a guy like DRC letting Doug Baldwin push him 25 yards upfield instead of breaking off and even trying to lay a hand on Harvin, that pretty much tells you all you need to know.

    Pete is merely stating the grotesquely obvious. Will opponents use this as “ammunition”? If they need to, it’s probably already too late….and I don’t think the Rams, Cards, and Niners can hit any harder than they do already, anyway.

  21. Pete Carroll is starting to remind me of why I don’t like him. What NFL coach uses that kind of language (other than Buddy and Rex Ryan)?

    You won the Super Bowl in dominating fashion. Have enough class to enjoy the win without rubbing your opponent’s nose in it.

    Try not to do a repeat of the ’85 Bears. They were so dominating that year, that everyone thought they’d be on top for the next decade, and they never won another Super Bowl.

  22. Seriously…enough with knocking the Seahawks for not winning with enough ‘class.’ They gave all due respect to Peyton and the Broncos. I’m sorry they’re not taking out a full page ad in the USA Today saying ‘good game.’ There’s simply no pleasing some of you. NOTHING Sherman, Carroll or anyone else has said has been in poor taste or most importantly…inaccurate. They’re speaking the truth. They had a gameplan and they executed it to near perfection.

    The won the super bowl two short days ago fellas…they get their moment to basque. I certainly don’t think that’s too much to ask whatsoever.

  23. So is Pete not allowed to talk about the game or answer any questions? I dont see how this is gloating. The above article as about something he said on his weekly radio segment on a Seattle radio station.

  24. You guys like comedy? Watch the first play when the snap goes over mannings head, but watch Eric Decker, he tries to “block” Kam Chancellor and gets tossed like a rag doll, pretty sure he then peed a little, and caught what, one ball after that? Seriously, watch it, its hilarious.

  25. Hey Pete! I know this is new for you and the Seahawks, but try and act like you’ve been here before.

  26. OK, he had the better team last weekend, but isn’t this the guy who ran out of town before he got run out of USC for cheating? You’d think he might have learned some humility.

  27. I love how Pete Carroll just reeks of class wherever he goes.
    The USC debacle, his comments after the Fail Mary game and of course, now, the Super Bowl.

    This is not sour grapes Seattle fans. I have no dog in this fight.
    You should be proud. It was a great Championship, well deserved. Your first, enjoy it.

    I just really dislike your coach and absolutely everything he represents.
    (Expecting the usual “thumbs down” to rain o’er me!)

  28. As a Patriots fan I was a cheering on Seattle on Sunday. But now I remember why I hate Pete Carroll, its not just the mediocre seasons he gave the Patriots as coach in the late 1990’s or the rah-rah here we go rants, or him acting like a child. It’s that he never shuts up. Yes you killed the Broncos but have some class don’t rub it in every chance you get to speak to the media. I realize that for weeks all you heard about was how great Manning and the Broncos were but its real easy after the fact to say “you knew you would knock the crud out of them” Talk about your players and their accomplishment without crapping on the other team. Helluva a team and they deserved this win, but act like champions and not preschoolers. Save the gloating for private team meetings. Congrats to the Seahawks and “the 12th man”.

  29. The reason the Broncos lost is because Manning didn’t announce his imminent retirement before the game was played a’la’ Bus.

    If so, the NFL would have made sure it was not fairly reffed so Manning could go out a winner.

    Seahawks should be 2-0 in SB.

  30. You Seahawks haters are something else. You whiners act like Seattle is seeking out the media to speak, instead of the media seeking out Seattle -and- harping on certain points until they get the response or spin a response into what they want it to say. Same thing happens to every SB winner every year.

    Get over it & chill out – jez…

  31. Oh, so now it’s “classy” to pretend like you didn’t know how much better you were and what you were going to do to the other team? I find the honesty refreshing.

    The Seahawks, and anybody who really knew football were not surprised by what happened. Why should they pretend to be?

  32. This quote is from a local radio station. He isn’t speaking to the PC national media. He is playing to the 12th man base. He is right though. The Seahawks knocked the snot bubbles out of “The Greatest Offense in the History of the NFL” and then they stole Peyton Manning’s lunch money.

  33. They talked leading up to the game and they backed it up. I think they deserve to talk more if they want to. For all the fans of other teams who don’t like it, your team will get it’s shot at them at some point…and they will probably do it to your team as well. I’ve been a lifelong Cowboys fan but I’m on the Seahawks bandwagon. They play the game how it’s supposed to be played. They intimidate, play fast, play ALL 60 minutes and they don’t feel like they need to bow down to the media or the fans. They will be the league’s villains for awhile now and they will absolutely love it. And I will enjoy watching them because if they do lose, the other team will definitely have to earn it.

  34. Not sure how this is classless when all he said is his team felt like they could dominate from watching the film. Maybe the confidence he’s showing is the reason they stomped the Broncos in the Bowl? Maybe? No? Yes? think before you start whining. GO HAWKS!

  35. The NFL does not want to have gambling become legal because it would have to be regulated and investigated! This is why the NFL spend millions a year to fight against betting because of morality issues; yet, hundreds of people get DUIs each year(even killing someone in the case of Dallas’ Josh Brent) and yet the biggest NFL sponsors are BEER companies.

    This same controversy is going on in Europe right now with regards to Soccer. Fixing scandals are being uncovered because now rigged games are being investigated.

    The NFL does not wan’t their fixes, I mean games, investigated and regulated by an agency to ensure the safety to betting that LEGAL gambling would require.

  36. Did you hear that the Seahawks plane stopped in Minnesota on their way back to Seattle? They wanted to show the Lombardi to the Vikings so that the Purple could actually see one in our lifetime.

  37. Pete Carroll is to the Seahawks as Trent Dilfer was to the Ravens. In both scenarios, it wouldn’t have matter who coached or QB-ed those teams.

  38. Funny, readers complained if the hawks said anything before a game…
    Now we are hearing complaints about comments after the game.

    Actually, I’d rather that the comments were after the game. That is a boast rather than a brag. Too many claims from braggarts that can’t make their brag into their boast.

  39. Denver didn’t play a physical team all year long. KC doesn’t count.

    The first hit by Chancellor on Thomas on the first Denver completion of the game set the tone. Chancellor knocked Thomas back a good 3 yards.

    What Pete said is true. He wanted his players to knock the snot out of Denver early and often. Set the tone. Let Denver know who they were playing, and that they weren’t backing off until the final whistle

    He’s not saying anything wrong. Besides, all he and the team heard for two weeks was how they were going to get blown out.

  40. What’s amazing is if you watch that SB and then the Papa John’s commercial where Manning throws limp pizza dough all over the neighborhood, you can’t tell the two apart.

  41. Geez…enough already. We get it…you dominated in the Superbowl…

    I rooted for the Seahawks even though I’m a Patriots fan but the Seahawks are getting really annoying with the brashness after the fact…

  42. Lol, 90% of the posts in this thread must be coming from jealous Squealer & 40-whiner fans.

    Even the Denver fans have more class than most of you and are giving credit where due. They know their team is good and simply melted down all at the same time like any team can so they’re not making excuses by misdirecting blame elsewhere. Y’all just want to rain on someones parade because your team wasn’t there & your jealous!

    Looking forward to our game w/ you next season Bronco’s, we have history! It’ll be a good one, I’m sure. GO SEAHAWK’S!

  43. Damn..y’all still complainin about that SuperBowl loss? That Seahawks team was terrible ..don’t even know how they made it that year..SHOULDA ..WOULDA..COULDA..DIDNT! Enjoy ya one ring..On the other hand I do love that defense and the front office and im beyond happy they beat the Broncos and EMBARRASSED Manning

  44. Apparently every reader is blind that has viewed this article because I am the 1st person to point out that the above is not Demaryius Thomas, but JULIUS Thomas. You may proceed….

  45. The Seahawks were crackin’ the code and knockin’ some crud. The Bronco’s are fresh out of crud. Their crud be gone.

  46. It’s a local radio interview, he’s not being classless or arrogant as some of you are crying about. He’s just stating how they were feeling once they started playing their style of game, they weren’t gonna change the game plan. Relax…

  47. The only thing that separates the Seahawks from other teams is the heavy HGH usage. Don’t you think there is a link between their hard-hitting identity and their league-leading drug test failures?

  48. Pete Carroll has always been Classless and it’s always been reflected in his players. That’s why Harbaugh had Stanford go for two when they were killing USC.

    49ers kick ass…with class. Except with the Seahawks. We’re about to tool up this offseason and Pete The Poodle out the NFL like Harbaugh ran him out the Pac 10. Lane Kiffin will be coaching the Seahawks in about 3-4 years.

  49. At the time, I didn’t realize what a mistake the Vikings made getting rid of TJack — he must be as good as Aaron Rodgers since they both have 1 superbowl ring.

  50. I hate Pete Carroll and Sherman. But the things they have said since Sunday don’t seem out of line. Of course if you just read the headline it comes off as him being pompous and gloating, but the true context is he was asked and told the reporter that their game plan was to be true to themselves and set a physical tone. Sherman while obviously was disrespectful towards the Broncos was 100% right in acknowledging the 49ers as a better team. He HATES the Niners and Harbaugh, so while he shouldn’t have said it, he showed some rare appreciation of a bitter rival. People need to stop beimg so soft. As much as it pains me, I actually gained a respect for Carroll and Sherman in the moments that followed it. Even the fanbase has handled it a lot better than I anticipated

  51. I think the Broncos knew the Hawks could knock the crud out of them too. They were afraid before the game even started. Then when the best QB ever , of all time, the much heralded golden boy media darling started throwing wounded ducks it was over. The rest of the team knew if he couldn’t get their offence going it was going to be along night.

  52. Right about now I would rather listen to Belichick talk about Welker, Jerry Jones talk about himself or Sarah Palin quote the Constitution. Any would be better and more informative than listening to Carroll. I’ll even take Sherman trashing Crabtree. Please Pete, go home!

  53. It’s a bad look to make after-the-fact guarantees of sorts. Pre-game guarantees come off poorly in a lot of cases, but to mouth off after the results are assured has a lame feel to it.

    Didn’t Carroll recently counsel Sherman on how to handle success with more dignity and humility?

  54. Didn’t change anything that we’ve done all year long, except we beat the “Crud” otta them! As Cossell always said and “I tell it like it is” and Pete just did!

  55. If you don’t like hearing him speak, then complain about the press… He’s just answering the questions… Tell the press to stop asking…
    Or if you don’t want to hear seattle players maybe they should interview Lynch — just sayin…. GO HAWKS!

  56. His comments don’t seem classless… He said that BEFORE the game he felt like they could “knock the crud” out of this team… Translation: outhit and outphysical the Broncos… Then they did just that… He’s not saying, oh look what we did… But we thought we could be more physical than them… Listen to the interview. Not just one comment from it.

  57. The guy wins a Superbowl and all of the sudden he has a case of perpetual diarrhea of the mouth, he is now Vince Lombardi…how classless.

    The good thing, next year, each and every team will be gunning for Seattle cause of Sherman and Carrol”s BIG MOUTHS. Good luck !

  58. OK PETEY we get it you knew you were going to kick the Broncos asses and you did it , great job . Now how about showing a LITTLE class and being a gracious winner , I never heard Chuck Noll or Bill Walsh go on and on and on about winning . OK WE GET IT SEAHAWKS ARE THE MOST DOMINANT TO EVER PUT ON CLEATS and the rest of the NFL should do like Nigel Powers told the henchman to just lay down your guns and play dead . I can’t wait to see the Sea Hags eat some humble pie, sheesh .

  59. Just got done listening to a local sports show in Denver where the host claimed the Broncos could beat the Hawks 7 out of 10 times….now that’s arrogance!

  60. Seattle, like the rest of the country read all year that Denver and P. Manning were the pride of the NFL. The talking heads kicked it up a level in the two weeks preceding the SB saying P. Manning wasn’t AMONG the best of all-time, he WAS the best of all time. Sadly, stupid sports America all nod their heads in agreement. This being said when his statistics clearly show he is no better than avg. in postseason w/ 1 SB win (to Aikman’s 3, Bradshaw’s 4, Montana’s 4, etc. So Carroll’s reaction, Sherman’s reaction. and MY reaction are as much if not more to do with the biased favoritism the sports media is spewing these days in an effort to get clicks with controversial, and in this instance, totally stupid claims. Hate? No, payback for printed and spoken idiocy. ESPN makes their living on the gullible chumps who are sports fans. RG3’s first year was “the greatest debut in the NFL of all-time” so screamed the media in attempting to create the new darling QB. Didn’t work out to well. So the king makers are 0-2. Who’s next?

  61. I guess all the classy comments made by Pete after the game went right out the door after this one.

    Grow a set people! The Seahawks did literally beat the crud out of the Broncos.

  62. This was just a comment in a local Seattle talk-show, not meant to be a national comment. However, this is football, so people need to place this in perspective – since the point is to knock the crud out of the other team while scoring points.

  63. Calm down, this is totally taken out of context. This was from his “Pete Carroll Show” he does every Monday morning in Seattle, he sits down and gets interviewed by Brock Huard and Danny O’Neil who have a popular sports radio show. They’re homers and are asking homer questions. Pete was not trashing the Broncos at all, go listen to it and hear for yourself.

  64. Seriously?
    We have people complaining about class and grace?
    Do you even know what football is?
    He’s just calling it like it was. No need to be politically correct in a sport where men get paid to run into and throw each other to the ground.

    Anyone that’s offended by athletes being crass needs to give up football and watch figure skating or something. Grow up.

  65. i said all year, denver would go to the superbowl because of a weak AFC. I also said seattle would knock them down several pegs. and boy i was wrong. they knocked the broncos off the damn map.

  66. Really, you guys are whining because Pete Carroll said we felt like we could knock the crud out of them???? Really???? This is FOOTBALL! Get over yourselves. Have you ever looked up hypocrite? Calling someone classless with the comments you are making??? Like any of you could judge class. Give it a rest.

  67. No matter what happens during a game, class and dignity on the playing field and after a gane is a very important ingredient of sportsmanship. Giving praise to the defeated demonstrates class, as Richard Sherman acknowledged. Even Sherman showed class after the Super Bowl despite his gratuitous meltdown after the Niner game.

    I take my hat off to the Seahawk players. They were clearly the better team and deserved to win. But Pete Carroll is a classless, juvenile creep who teaches cheating (manhandling every receiver beyond 5 yards from the line of scrimmage because they won’t be called for it more than 1/3 of the time). No matter how successful his team is or will be in the future, he’ll still be a classless, juvenile creep. And there is no shortage of classless, Neanderthal fans in Starbuckville, as reflected in every blog I read about the Hawks or the games they’ve played. Not all of them, but far too many of them. Shows you what being losers for so long can do to cretins when they finally have success to cheer about.

  68. How is it possible that someone associated with the Seahawks can be more obnoxious than Sherman? Pete Carroll is a classless jerk.

  69. Sounds like a lot of people are upset that the Hawks kicked Peyton’s booty. No need to be so moody, you’re just a cutie-patootie making a diarrhea-doody! I’ve got a photo, a secret nudie; but it’s not for your eyes. Only for Rudy. Rudy… Rudy… Ruuudy!

  70. Wow there are still some butthurt Bronies cantering around here.

    Hawk parade tomorrow, 1/2 a mill going to be there! Then all this will fade away and we can start obsessing over the combine and draft, like always.

    That totally rocked – can’t wait till next season !

  71. Do you people really think Pete Carroll is being disrespectful? Consider yourself softer than pound cake.

    Being physical on defense is the one the biggest philosophies PC preaches, listen to him talk about the physicality Lynch brings to the team. He counts on him breaking defenses in the 2nd half. If pounding the crud out of a team hurts your feelings, what are you doing watching football??

  72. First of all, as a Broncos fan I say congratulations to all the Seahawks and their fans. I could definitely do without the “victory lap” approach! Now I know why Sherman spoke out the way he did to Crabtree, if he didn’t his coach would’ve

  73. Will you haters give it a rest already… He was on a local radio show making these comments – which, by the way, were spot on on what Seattle did to Denver. They knocked the crud out of them. It’s the truth. It’s not classless or gloating. It’s what happened. Don’t like it, stop it from happening.

  74. Classless Pete is so full of himself. He could win twenty Super Bowls and people still would not respect him.

  75. The Hawks and Pete Carrol took the entire NFL to school, and showed them how football SHOULD be played. They also served notice to all the primma-donna players, and wanna-bee teams, that they were gonna have to earn their paychecks.
    They also kicked the game of Football up a bunch of notches. No more wuss-ball!!!

  76. So Carroll and the rest of the team shouldn’t say a word about the game, their preparations, etc. since they won? you haters are a joke. EVERY coach gives analysis and comments on what their plan was after the Super Bowl. What did you expect him to say after that blow out?

    Lots of respect for Peyton & the year the Broncos had, btw. They just ran into the best defense in the league & had a bad game on top of it. and yes, the hard hits had a part in that.

  77. Wait a minute, I’m confused here. According to Richard Sherman, it was the Seahawks D’s “brilliant football minds” that overcame Denver. As in, mental over physical. So which is it?

    I wish somebody would get their story straight.

  78. Both teams should be tested immediately for PED’s. It’s pretty clear to me that the Seahawks players have been on them since the start of the playoffs. Even Marshawn Lynch looks like 1998 Mark McGwire.

  79. dualprime says: Feb 4, 2014 4:04 PM

    Well, Pete sure knocked the crud out of USC…and then left! Please stop interviewing this guy. Please!
    You do know that your team got steamrolled, right? Your boy didn’t come through, as usual. You’re the best example of…. can dish it out daily, but can’t ever take it.

  80. Broncos and their fans are just a bit tender after that beating. Like the day after a car accident and your all sore and cant move every little thing hurts.
    It not that the hawks and there fans are speaking the truth, yall are just a little tender right now. Best to go back to bed and lick your wounds. Dont turn on the TV or laptop because reminders of that beating are everywhere.

  81. This was a good old-fashioned butt-whipping. The only other defenses I’ve ever seen as good as Seattle’s were the Ravens’ 2000 D and the Bears in 1985.

    The essence of a good D is to knock the other guys down – time after time after time and HARDER every time until they flinch. It didn’t seem to take long before Denver flinched.

    Why won’t Carroll shut up – people keep asking him questions, he likes to brag, and he’ll probably get fined if he refuses to talk to them.

    43-8 sounds a little like they rubbed it in.
    Wrong – they were that much better.

    FYI – I am a Patriots’ fan.

  82. You haters who say the Seahawks are gloating are pretty sensi-poo. Here’s how it works: when you are CHAMPIONS, the media wants to talk to you. They ask questions. You answer them honestly. How can answering a question honestly be gloating? Q: What’s your game plan? A: To knock the crud out of their offense and beat them into submission.

    That’s not gloating. In fact, it’s pretty much EVERY defense’s game plan.

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