Elway: “We’re going to keep building like Peyton’s going to be here”

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At a season-ending press conference on Tuesday, Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway said that the club was operating as if quarterback Peyton Manning would continue to play while preparing for the future.

Elway’s remarks came in response to a question about the challenge of building a roster with the 37-year-old Manning closer to the end than the beginning of his pro career.

“Well, we’re going to keep building like Peyton’s going to be here, and when Peyton decides to hang ’em up, we have expectations hopefully to make that transition,” Elway said. “It’s going to be tough, but we’re going to hopefully be ready for that transition, too.”

During Super Bowl week, Manning indicated he continued to “enjoy playing football,” including the “preparation” for games.

Said Manning one week before the Super Bowl: “I think as soon as I stop enjoying it, if I can’t produce, if I can’t help the team, that’s when I’ll stop playing. If that’s next year, maybe it is. But I certainly want to continue to keep playing.”

After the Super Bowl loss to Seattle, Manning was asked about his future.

“I addressed those (questions) all week long. It doesn’t change anything on those ends as far as I want to do,” Manning told reporters, according to a transcript from the NFL.

Elway was asked whether the Seahawks had something of a roster-construction edge with quarterback Russell Wilson making only a small fraction of what Manning makes. Elway pointed out that the Seahawks had drafted well, too, and that it was on the Broncos to “figure out ways to get the right players” even with Manning having a sizable salary-cap figure.

“I’ll tell you right now — it’s worth it for us to have Peyton Manning,” Elway said.

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  1. Peyton is one of the greats, no question. I rather think that when his body tells him its time, he’ll go out gracefully and not become the drama queen that Favre, turned into during his last few years. At least that’s my hope.

  2. They are kinda stuck, but they have no choice because Manning is still one of the top QBs.

    They should put it all on building around Manning, though– look how well it worked out for the Colts when Manning left. The Colts built for Manning then without him they were lost enough to get the number one pick and got their QB for the next 15 years.

    Hopefully the Donkeys don’t get THAT lucky.

  3. Wilson certainly didn’t hurt the team, but he also certainly was not the reason they succeeded this season. Game managers do tend to be much more affordable than players that can carry a team on their back the entire season. If you put him in Denver, he would not have made the Super Bowl. Simple as that.

  4. The shehawks are gonna be skinned in the playoffs when they meet the mike zimmer led Viking dynasty that awaits.AP will have atleast 3 rings before he retires and will set the single game rushing record again against the pathetic hawks.you heard it here first#Skol#shehawkswillbeourproperty.

  5. The NFL does not want to have gambling become legal because it would have to be regulated and investigated! This is why the NFL spend millions a year to fight against betting because of morality issues; yet, hundreds of people get DUIs each year(even killing someone in the case of Dallas’ Josh Brent) and yet the biggest NFL sponsors are BEER companies.

    This same controversy is going on in Europe right now with regards to Soccer. Fixing scandals are being uncovered because now rigged games are being investigated.

    The NFL does not wan’t their fixes, I mean games, investigated and regulated by an agency to ensure the safety to betting that LEGAL gambling would require.

  6. 2 quick points. First, Tebow made more money than both these QBs in this particular game. Tebow could have been the QB for Seattle and they still would have dominated. This could be the makings of the TebowCurse.

  7. Cut Manning and your losses now, Denver, and start building a new, young team.

    You might want to show Fox the door, too.

    After that ass kicking in New Jersey, it’s obvious the current team leadership and coaching staff isn’t up to a real challenge like the 49ers or the Seahawks.

    Talk about soft. Mercy, I still can’t get over that brutal beat down of a team that was supposedly a legitimate powerhouse.

  8. This might be the problem.

    Either 1) Peyton’s contract is a problem when trying to fill in around him or 2) Elway’s done a crappy job.

    Peyton cannot win SBs by himself. Not many teams could do it but stopping Denver was relatively straight forward; get Manning to have a bad day and Denver has a bad day.

    They need a better running game, a much better defense and better special teams.

    NOT all the money towards Manning and his WRs.

  9. Manning’s backups never get reps with the ones and rarely see game action. That makes it really hard for a smooth transition. Look at the drop off the Colts had. (assuming there was no intentional “suck for Luck”)

  10. Not sure what the debate is…Of course you keep building around Peyton. His arm is actually progressing since the injury, yea its not 2004 Manning but who knows but with a weaker arm he’s good for 55 td’s…It’s only gonna get stronger with every year..

    What happened to the Colts? Their owner talks about winning rings, but how many times has he gotten there without Peyton? Win or lose, last time I checked you got to atleast get there, and last time I checked Broncos best team in the AFC, with the same quarterback you didn’t want so Colts fans with their owner can stick it. You guys may never make it back again, its a guess to think Luck can ever take you there.

  11. The Broncos have sniffed their last SB with Peyton. AFC defenses will catch up, having seen the Seattle model. With players like Melvin Ingram with the Chargers, Peyton will be under a lot of pressure to survive the AFCW.

    It’s so hard to say goodbye, but I’m afraid it’s over. Elway is retarding the growth of his franchise by keeping Peyton around. Besides, why keep Peyton, when Lorenzen is available, for a pizza franchise.

  12. Some on here still don’t get it.

    The idea that you have to have some $20M QB to have a chance is BS.

    Look at all the hotshot, expensive QBs who have won 1 or no SBs.

    Wilson did exactly what he needed to do in this game – a 123 QB rating for crying out loud.

    Don’t think he can beat you? Ask Carolina, the 2nd best defense in the NFL.

    Management and fans have to get over this love affair for the 50 pass attempt games. It’ll only lead to heartbreak.

  13. Denver could take a lesson from the Seahawks and draft kids in the latter rounds that have tremendous upside but they also have a chip on their shoulder. It seems to me that the Seahawks have been extremely fortunate to have gone through several drafts with a bunch of GMs around the league that don’t know what they are looking at.

    Talent is a MUST in drafting a young player, but will power and desire to achieve are vital too. You have to live and breathe football to be great. And Russell Wilson may be closer to a “game manager” right now, but he’s working on putting together a GREAT career.

  14. Uh Oh…. this must mean getting ready to hide bonuses and violate the salary cap again to try and win like they did twice before. Taping other teams practices must be the next logical step.

  15. I guess Denver will have fun next season…. until the post season. They need a quarterback to take that final step.

  16. Manning has no arm strength and can not throw deep on a consistent basis. When and if teams figure out how to shut down his short and intermediate game….He is done.

  17. When addressing the Broncos roster and salary cap situation you still need to take in acount they played the Superbowl (if not the season) without key players. Ryan Clady missed the year, so did Dan Koppen. Von Miller was lost at near the end of the regular season. That alone, your best offensive and defensive lineman, hurts.

    Manning overcame their loss brilliantly until last sunday.

    Im not saying they dont need to improve their team, but lets remember this is still a championship caliber roster going foward. If Im Elway Im all in with Peyton and hopefully we win a championship before its over.

  18. Peyton has reached his ceiling max, great stat regular season QB, but won’t win another sb ring, his offenses are predicated on precise finess and accuracy, and all teams gotta do is be physical with his receivers, they will get alligator arms then

  19. Love hearing fans speak about injuries/guys not there, as Denver beat a couple teams decimated by injuries, especially NE.

    What people have not mentioned….is Denver D may have been the poorest coached Super Bowl defense ever!!

    Unprepared, clueless, inept…Del Rio needs to be exposed here as all the above.

  20. Congrats to Seattle! They really deserved it. They put together the ultimate team win. If Wilson can become a rhythm true nfl quarterback then this could be a dynasty. That being said… Manning, the coaches, and 80% of the players just wet the bed completely. If Elway, fox and manning think that they can just come back next year with the same plan as this year then Bolen should fire all of them. Lots of changes need to be made. Manning needs to let go of this spread, timing offense and work in a true power running game. Fox needs to change his approach or get gone. Elway needs to re-up the young players like harris and trevathan. Say bye to Champ, knowshon, and Decker. Bring in some physical players like Whitner and Brandon Spikes maybee MJD. Peyton really sucked this weekend but I think he proved this year that he is tough enough to get it done. No one from the AFC would have been able to beat that Seahawks team. The team needs to get tougher if they want to compete with the whole league

  21. stealthjunk says:
    Feb 4, 2014 4:58 PM
    Wilson certainly didn’t hurt the team, but he also certainly was not the reason they succeeded this season. Game managers do tend to be much more affordable than players that can carry a team on their back the entire season. If you put him in Denver, he would not have made the Super Bowl. Simple as that.

    ^Lol, I like how now a days if your name isn’t Brady, Brees or Manning you are then labeled a “game manager”

  22. Truth is that it’s not just luck or great drafting or Russell’s salary it really is the fact that because of Petes personality and competition Montra seattle is getting studs like Avril and Bennett to sign mediocre “show me” contracts for pennies on the dollar!!! And seattle was also voted BY THE PLAYERS as the number ONE destination if they could chose!!! Bad news broncos your team has just got beat 83-18 in the last two games played vs the hawks!!! Russell is 25 vs Peyton’s 38!!! Mr Elway I’d start REBUILDING NOW!!! Hawks got a DYNASTY on their hands!!!!

    At least 3 MORE!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  23. Peyton should retire. The Broncos have the entire NFC West on their schedule next year. It is better to go out a loser than an invalid.

  24. The Curse of the Mile High Messiah made me laugh. Denver has had two crushing playoff seats since they sent Tebow packing. Loved Tebow’s SB commercial and his willingness to spoof his career. The guy is hard not to like.

  25. stopthehate15bowdown says:
    Feb 4, 2014 7:38 PM
    Congrats to Seattle! They really deserved it. They put together the ultimate team win. If Wilson can become a rhythm true nfl quarterback then this could be a dynasty.

    If you think Wilson is just a game manager right now you have not watched enough of his play or are just making a uneducated comment. The Hawks in the last 7 games when his numbers were supposedly “down” were playing San Fran twice, Arizona, St. Louis and a tough Saints Defense twice. Wilson is a true NFL Quarterback he just does a fantastic job of taking care of the ball and is smart enough to know what kind of defense he is playing with and has a small enough ego that he never tries to play outside the game plan. When needed like in the playoffs against the Falcons last year he threw for almost 400 and 3 TDs and brought the team all the way back from 21 down, or in the first Saints game this year when they decided they were gonna shutdown Lynch by stacking the box, he went off for 300+ and 3 TDs because that is what they needed him to do. He can play any type of ball, he just does what is necessary to win.

  26. This was his third Super Bowl and Pete Carols first but Fox was clearly out-coached in this game as well as in the preseason match up. Yet Denver’s problems can’t all be pinned on the HC. Towards the end of the game, the announcers were applauding Seattles owner, GM and HC for changing the culture at the Seattle Seahawks organization. Looking back over the preseason, Denver’s culture seemed to be flawed from the top down: losing Dumerville to a fax malfunction should never have happened, seeing not one but two personnel execs arrested for alcohol/vehicle offenses was embarrassing, and not managing Von miller as a player and person hurt him as well as the team. Yet none of those issues can be pinned on John Fix. Instead, GM John Elway must shoulder the blame for those preseason miscues but it doesn’t end there. The focus of the GM seems to be myopic in that is based upon building an impressive offense but an average team. Prior to the Super Bowl, I could see that Seattle was a well balanced team with solid players on offense, defense and special teams. By comparison, Denver’s defense appeared to be a patchwork collection of free agents on the downside of their career; while Champ Bailiey is a fan fave, he is well beyond his prime and a liability on the field. The punter and kicker excluded, the special teams were anything but as Holiday started strong but became unreliable after multiple fumbles prior to mid season; while it may have been Fox who chose to replace Holiday with Decker and Welker on the field, it was Elway who chose to keep him on the roster instead of finding a suitable replacement. Fox may be inept in making adjustments on the field but Elway is equally inept at making roster adjustments before and during the season. While the Seattle GM was mentioned as a possible candidate for GM of the year, Elway was not and won’t be until he fields quality players on defense and special teams as well as offense. To pursue a championship by means of an aging HOF QB while ignoring the defense and special teams is a recipe for disaster, as we saw this past Sunday. Ironically, Elway has assembled a team in the same manner that former HC Dan Reeves did when Elway was the Denver QB surrounded by mediocre talent. As we saw, on three painful ocassions, the Broncos were good enough to reach the Super Bowl but not talented enough to return with a Lombardi trophy. Like Manning, Elway was a great QB who has all of my respect as a player. Whether it is selecting a HC or building an NFL championship roster, Elway has yet to prove he is a talented GM.

  27. Why doesn’t Peyton tell Elway he’ll play for $5 Million this season so they can go get some FA’s on defense?

  28. You know, I am never rude person, but I am getting tired of the Peyton Manning bashing. Get over it, I am disappointed, the season was great. Quit trying to retire Manning, the problem I see with Manning and the entire season is that no one can accept he came back and was successful, no one! Other teams, other fans get over it. I am glad Peyton Manning is in Denver, the Denver fans need to realize we had a great season! Get off Manning’s back, he is great! We are all so lucky to have Manning quit complaining! Manning has changed everything in Denver, I love having him in Denver, our team did well again all disappointed but we will be fine! Peyton Manning if you see this please do not retire, if you are healthy please play! Do not listen to the critics, you are a class act! Everyone, quit thinking that just because it was Peyton Manning you assumed he could win by himself he cannot it was a team loss. They tried and loss, now we will improve! Everyone will heal and get on with the Broncos. Manning is a class act! Manning will come back and be stronger. The media lay off Manning he is the greatest! He should play, he is great! Go Broncos!

  29. The Seahawk’s defensive plan to stop the high powered passing game of Denver was simple. Disrupt the timing of the Bronco’s precise passing game. Jamming receivers at the los, applying pressure up the middle and great secondary coverage gives Manning “happy feet.”
    There wasn’t a secret blueprint on how to stop Manning and the Broncos. Most teams are aware of what it takes but didn’t have the proper or quality personal to accomplish their objective. Denver was the benefactor of having a weak schedule this pass season where Manning picked on the weakest part of opposing defenses which inflated his stats. Teams within that division will be addressing those issues this off-season.
    As history has shown for what ever high powered offense a team chooses to run, within a few years opposing teams will learn or acquire players to counteract said offense. I think the window has closed for Manning and the Denver Broncos to make it back to the SB .

  30. The Bronco’s put it all on Manning and he didn’t come through, again.

    They now have the same mess Indy had, where Manning eats up most of the cap and there’s nothing left for the defense.

    The difference is that Indy won a Super Bowl.

  31. You will never win another SB Elway. When you dumped TT, you rejected not the individual, you rejected the message. You should realize that, after two years of embarrassing playoff failures, including the most humiliating loss in football history. You reap what you sow.

  32. joetoronto

    You stated nothing. Manning has only been with Denver two years after being out of football for one and a half years.

    How many years did manning play with Indy? Apples to Oranges skippy.

  33. millikensteeler says:
    Feb 5, 2014 10:10 AM

    You stated nothing. Manning has only been with Denver two years after being out of football for one and a half years.

    How many years did manning play with Indy? Apples to Oranges skippy.
    Ya, well Manning was a lot younger than and much better too, loser.

  34. So sick of hearing about Seattle, the defensive line is lights out. Thats it the rest of team benefits from that, look at the facts, struggle against any team with decent pass rush too, there is no model, blahblahblah. Defensive line!!!! Broncos o line was outplayed and the d line needs to upgrade also, the fact is they had a few injuries, but the bronco defense needs to play better too. The offense would not have to whip it all the time if they werent playing from behind.

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