Golden Tate willing to take hometown discount with Seahawks

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Receiver Golden Tate is one of just a few key contributors of the Seattle Seahawks set to become an unrestricted free agent following the team’s victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Tate posted the best numbers of his career in nearly all categories in helping Seattle win their first championship. Tate caught 64 passes for 898 yards and five touchdowns for the Seahawks. He also had 51 punt returns for 585 yards on the season.

In an interview with Ian Furness and Jason Puckett of Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle on Tuesday, Tate said he’s very open to taking a hometown discount (22-minute mark) to remain with the Seahawks in the coming seasons.

“I probably shouldn’t even say this right now but I’m going to say it anyway just because I love Seattle, honestly, I would rather take a little less to be happy and win ball games than to take way more and go to a crappy city where the fans don’t give a crap about the team. You win a game once a month of something like that. I would much rather stay in the situation that I have now for a little less than to go and try to break the bank somewhere else,” Tate said.

In order for Seattle to keep all of the talent they’ve stockpiled on their roster, players will have to be amenable to taking less money to remain with the team. With extensions likely in the coming seasons for Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson, it will be a challenge for Carroll and Schneider to structure contracts to keep the roster intact.

His agent probably won’t be thrilled that Tate stated his desire to take less money so clearly, but Tate obviously feels comfortable in his role with the Seahawks. However, Tate still wants to be compensated adequately for the production he has posted for Seattle the last few seasons.

“At the same time, I don’t want to be disrespected by any means,” Tate said. “I want to be able to take care of myself and my family for the rest of my life at the same time. We’ll see. That’s what I have my agent for. I plan to have some conversations with Pete (Carroll) and the G.M. (John Schneider) and hopefully we can work something out.”

In the end, players want to win. Seattle’s proven they can win at the highest level with their first Super Bowl win. They will have a strong chance to repeat with the roster returning next season and Tate wants to remain a part of it.

89 responses to “Golden Tate willing to take hometown discount with Seahawks

  1. That nice but really he’s perfect for what they do. I don’t believe he’s a 80 n 1200 yard guy on any team. Baldwin I like, Tate not so much

  2. smart move, very smart move! money’s not everything. keep that unit in tact and I hope the 49ers do the same so we can keep this rivalry deep with 2 strong rosters!

  3. Cmon Tate, lets be realistic… no one is going to pay you crazy amounts of money to have you play for them. Your simply not that great. Pretty average. You’re overrating yourself. He should feel privileged to get league minimum.

  4. The Seahawks really have the bargaining power when it comes to their receivers. Wilson thrives on spreading the ball around and doesn’t put up his superb numbers by concentrating on one exceptional target. At the same time, I could see them taking care of him to send a message to the rest of the team.

  5. How much did he think he was getting played Avg looked Avg will get paid less then Avg lol

    4 yr 20 mill

  6. Just get Top Pot donuts to give him a lucrative endorsement and a lifetime supply of Maple Bars and he’ll be satisfied with a moderate, respectable extension. Dude did a terrific job stepping up after Sidney Rice tore his ACL.

  7. Have to “break” it to you Mr.Tate, those receiving numbers aren’t ” break the bank” numbers. Just sayin.

  8. Regardless of the championship this week, Seattle seems to be a very nice situation for any player. I like the spirit of the team and the relationship they have with their fans.

  9. The good old Super Bowl hangover.

    Just wait until he has three offer sheets on the table, and he realizes that he has $4 million more in guaranteed money by signing with Houston or Jacksonville.

    Those extra bucks speak volumes in a sport like football where your career can end with a non-contact drill in training camp.

  10. I could be wrong, but I do believe that Golden’s attitudes about money and staying with the Hawks, may be shared by several other players. Let’s not forget, we have very few first or second rounders, and that nearly everyone credits Pete’s coaching for the success that’s come their way. The relative isolation of playing and living in the Northwest, may also be contributing to a sense of interdependency that may well be permeating the attitudes of the players. They’ve experienced some powerful “highs” during the last two seasons. Would many of them be willing to risk losing all of that, simply to have more bucks stuck in the mattress?

    We shall see.

  11. Oh yada, yada, yada…..every Super Bowl winning team thinks they’re gonna repeat. We hear it every year, then the season starts, oops……what the hell happen. The Seahawks had a good year, but Tate sounds a bit immature, this is a business, and that’s how owners see it. They only care about what you can do for them NOW. Take the money son, your career could end on your next play. But that was sweet……though. Owners and agent’s like, DUDE…..STHU!! Lol.

  12. Golden is the most likely one to be sent out. The other Wrs are good enough and not costly for the club to keep, and The Hawks can replace Tate in the draft. Obviously they will have Percy as #1, and Rice will be out as well.

  13. Well he’s in luck because every team except the Jags are beloved in their own town. That’s 31 options!

  14. Good on him. Hopefully, it will work out for him and the rest. Numbers may not work after next season, but this coming season should be good to go……….Make a second run and see what happens.

    Go Hawks!

  15. Regardless of your opinion of the Seahawks or not; you have to respect and admire this player’s attitude. No one would could or would begrudge him for doing the absolute best he could in the open market – he owes nothing more to the team or the city. However, on the other hand, he will definitely be taken care of beyond most anything the rest of us can imagine and placing a priority on quality of life is truly something to highly regard.

  16. This is what I am talking about. Our players are about the TEAM and about WINNING. They are willing to take pay cuts to stay with each other. hear that MEVIS?

  17. So the Cardnials Patrick Peterson is threatening a hold out while Golden Tate is offering my Seattle Seahawks a home town discount. Expect to see more hawks fall in line with Tate and make considerable efforts to remain with your world champions.

  18. 2010 11 21 38 227
    2011 16 35 58 382
    2012 15 45 68 688
    2013 16 64 98 898

    well those stats aren’t all that impressive…you been hanging on by draft position and fingernails…if Harvin had been healthy all year you probably would be cut.

    So I wouldn’t crowing about hometown discounts and being dissed respected

  19. Smart to announce. Rice is toast. Miller and Bryant facing pay cuts. Ask Giacomni if he’ll take 1 year 2 million.
    These changes we can handle. The 2013 draft class has yet to play, and we’ll have another great draft.

    Pete ain’t done
    Wilson is having the best start ever
    Trust Schneider
    A repeat is definitely possible

  20. Golden Tate is really awesome when he gets the ball in his hands. He was 2nd in punt returns only to KC’s McCluster.

    Tate was our most targeted receiver and I think he is an excellent number 2 right now. If he was more consistent I could see him playing at Steve Smith’s level. I don’t say that lightly because I know what kind of a beast Steve was from 2003-2011.

  21. I’m not sure how much Tate is expecting to receive, but I would like to see the Hawks keep Baldwin and possibly look elsewhere for a taller receiver (draft??). Tate is good, but just too similar to Harvin for me. Hometown discounts are pipe dreams…. but a man can dream.

  22. Golden is one of the reasons that the 12 man is so strong. I commend him on this great year that he’s had and honestly hope that he will remain a Seahawk.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  23. I have a feeling about this team. I bet he’s not the only Seahawk to do this. This is something people outside of Seattle don’t realize. This team wants to win more than any other team in the nfl. I garantee earl Thomas, Russell Wilson, Sherman and maybe michael Bennett all do the same thing. I think they have a chance to be historic. I also think the niners are the opposite. Outsiders might think they’re the MeHawks but that’s only towards outsiders. This team is close.

  24. Id love to see Golden return, but I doubt it will be possible. There are so many players coming up in need of a new contract, I just don’t see Seattle paying anything close to what I think Tate believes he is worth.

  25. Smart man that Tate is. Stay with a team that will continue to build off the latest Super Bowl win or go to a team like the…..Browns?

    He should paid accordingly for the 64 passes, 898 yards and five touchdowns for the Seahawks.

  26. Wouldn’t even want a mediocre receiver on my team. Half the number 4 wide outs in the NFL are better than this guy. He’s gone. Unless he’s getting a million a year

  27. Something tells me a “hometown discount” is gonna end up being “disrespectful” to him and his family.

  28. Yeah – and Russell Wilson may be content to remain the lowest paid starting quarterback in the NFL. “Hometown discounts’ may help, but this team has one maybe two more competitive years in them before reality strikes and they go back to being a 6-10 team with a deceitful pompous head coach. Enjoy it now Seattle fans.

  29. Rice is gone and with the emergence of Kearse, even Tate becomes expendable. Lockette’s size and speed also hurts Tate’s chances. When you consider that Harvin will play every down, losing Tate and Rice mean little. I expect Miller to get cut as well. They have Willson and McCoy coming back off injury. Throw in Green Bay’s Finley and you’ve upgraded tremendously.

  30. “I would rather take a little less to be happy and win ball games than to take way more and go to a crappy city where the fans don’t give a crap about the team.”

    Nice calling all the other cities crappy that have a hard time winning, and calling out their fans also. Well guess what Golden, go eat a friggin Seattle doughnut then.

  31. I can’t stand this guy & I actually kinda like the Seahawks. He celebrates every measly little 5-6 yard catch & is constantly embarrassing himself. I can deal with Sherman’s mouth because he’s a damn good player. Tate is mearly an average to maybe slightly above average WR yet acts like he’s Jerry freaking Rice. I wouldn’t resign him.

  32. Yeah that’s his emotions talking right……..just wait until he sees what everyone else is getting paid and he’ll change his tune in a heartbeat. He won’t be with the Seahawks next season.

  33. Pretty obvious the Seahawks’ offer for Tate will indeed be disrespectful in his mind. There are too many stars, especially on the defensive side, who demand a LOT more money than him. Like it or not, that is the truth.

  34. Impressive. He didnt seem like the type of guy willing to take one on the chin for the team.

  35. Tate is probably just one among many who feel exactly the same way. They really have to think about the fact that they could end up being coached by some jerk like Harbaugh, living in some hellhole like Green Bay, or playing in front of fans who have no idea how much fan support really matters. Not only that, but Seattle is the early pick to win the Super Bowl again next year. No brainer. I’d stay put no matter the financial implications.

  36. All the talk about “hometown discount” is hilarious.

    As fans, we all want to see it.

    BUT, when rubber meets the road, they go for the money.

    The only time they stay home for the “hometown discount” is when nobody else gives them a favorable offered it is then marketed by the team, the agent, the player that he “wanted” to stay home.

    The hawks have a cap figure of $13 mil on harvin alone for 2014. With Sherman and Thomas coming up in one year, then Wilson and Lynch the year after that, do you really think they want to overpay another receiver? Sydney Rice as well……

    The players have to take the cash, their playing career is short, and 78% of NFL players are broke or bankrupt 2 YEARS AFTER LEAVING THE LEAGUE!!!!

    That is a fact.

  37. Let’s totally ignore the words “Little Less”… hmmm…. what player who just won a super bowl wouldn’t want to take “a little less” to remain with a winning team where you were drafted and have most of your NFL buddies playing with.

    Bottom line, Seattle has to prioritize a lot of young talent on their team and sign them to market deals. Can’t sign them all No matter the willingness of all the fluff pieces of “hometown discounts”.

  38. Every player in the NFL knows their career could end on a single play.

    If he takes a discounted contract over guaranteed money and a shot at being a #1 receiver he will definitely be the exception in the NFL.

  39. He’s willing to take a “little less” money to stay in Seattle. Let’s see what offers he gets from other teams to see what a “little less” truly means.

  40. Spending $100k on a bottle of booze, he’d be better advised to get as much $ as he can on all his contracts.

    He’s the new poster boy for why people don’t feel sympathy for NFL players who later run into financial difficulties.

  41. As a Seahawks fan I hope they keep Tate. I think he has some intangible value that doesn’t show up in the stat line. The guy is phenomenal at gaining yards after the catch (although he does have the occasional run back behind the first down line moments). The guy seriously protects his QB on deep throws… Tate goes and attacks the football and does a fantastic job of either coming down with the ball or making sure the DB doesn’t. The guy is easily a top 10 punt returner if not top 5. The guy is a decent number 2 WR, though his total receiving numbers here could be easily replaced. It is the other intangibles I don’t want to lose.

    He would put up poor stats on a bad team and be a 1000 yard receiver for the Pats, Saints or Broncos.

    With all that said, he won’t be breaking the bank and we’ll see if he wants to sign a mid tier contract because that is the best he can get in Seattle.

  42. All the homerism aside, he isn’t anything more than a slot threat – and not a great one.

    He understands he isn’t a #1 receiver anywhere. He would be lucky to get any offers. Dude is a #2 at best.

    Better off staying in a system that you know and you can get time in.

    Does anyone really think a team gameplans for Tate? lol

  43. Somehow I see a disconnect between discount and wanting to be set for life. I guess it will depend on his market value. Which will also depend on guys like Decker and Boldin and if they are on the market. Obviously Boldin wouldn’t get a lot of years but he is easily a plugin while a player develops. Ideally Niners re-sign him, draft Benjamin and then let Crabtree walk. Saving themselves a lot of coin. Whether it happens or not I think Seattle is the best fit for Tate.

  44. Tate is a good player & all but w/ the emergence of Baldwin & Kearse who are cheaper do they REALLY need him? That’s for Seattle to decide BUT they’re already paying a ton for Harvin & realistically they’re not going to be able to pay everyone.

  45. “I want to be able to take care of myself and my family for the rest of my life at the same time.

    You should be able to do that already.

  46. He fails to mention what he thinks his regular price before the discount should be.

    Coming from a super bowl winning team will give a player leverage. Anyone smart will use that to the fullest extent. I can’t wait to see Richard Sherman’s upcoming cap wrecker of a contract.

  47. We love Tate and want him to stay, however we have to be able to keep the majority of the team in tact. That said he needs to be paid what he is worth and he is worth about a #3 receiver at the moment. I would give him a 2 year extension at those prices then go from there.

  48. You can tell Seachicken fans are new to this game.
    Free agency era will not let you keep everybody.
    They think injuries won’t happen,players won’t leave for bigger money,etc.
    They are caught up in the pot smoke and their ONE Superbowl win.

  49. #1 Receiver in Seattle, #3-#4 receiver almost every where else. I’d be willing to take the “home team discount” too.

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