Jared Veldheer wants to pick up pace of contract talks

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Free agency doesn’t get underway for another month, but Raiders left tackle Jared Veldheer is troubled by the slow pace of talks with the Raiders about a new contract.

Veldheer can become a free agent next month and has said that he wants to remain in Oakland. The team has sent the same message, but Veldheer said on 95.7 The Game that “a little bit of urgency from the other side would be nice” when it comes to actual discussions about a deal that would keep Veldheer in a Raiders uniform.

“It’s tough when that kind of stuff happens, because it goes against everything that’s been said about being a cornerstone of the team that [they’re] going to build around,” Veldheer said, via CSNBayArea.com. “It doesn’t back up those words with the right action. Right now it’s kind of, not at a stand still, but there’s not a lot happening. I think that we need to move things on a little quicker. There isn’t enough urgency, to put it in a football term.”

Whatever the pace right now, it’s hard to believe that the Raiders will let Veldheer get away. There’s plenty of cap space to keep Veldheer, even if the Raiders have to wind up using the franchise tag to assure he remains in Oakland while the clock keeps running on their chance to reach a long-term extension.

23 responses to “Jared Veldheer wants to pick up pace of contract talks

  1. Pay the man!! Sign Alex Mack from Cleveland and slide Wiz to LG where he started his career with us and maybe we’ll have a solid line!!

  2. I’d like to see what he’s asking for before assigning blame. With the massive cap space the team has it wouldn’t surprise me if his agent gets greedy.

  3. He should run as fast as he can from the train wreck, but the franchise tag will be his undoing.

    So in the end, a guy that isn’t top 10 at his position will be paid like he’s top 5.

    The faider way prevails once again.

  4. Raiders may be waiting to see what unfolds in free agency before signing him, assigning a tag…

    There may be better available on the market…

  5. Veldheer is probably the most talented player on the least talented roster. Let’s not lose perspective and overpay. Stick to the plan Reggie & Co.

  6. i would love for us to resign Velhdeer, at the right price. If he thinks he should be one of the highest paid blockers in the league, I do not agree. So if he and his agent is at 10 per, and I think it should be around 6, maybe bump it to 7, but that is about it.

  7. Being that Veldheer has stated wanting to stay in Oakland, I think it’s obvious that the first thing anyone needs to do is test this poor man for concussion related brain dysfunction.

    Oakland? Lol.

  8. As much as I want Veldheer back if he’s asking for a lot of money I wouldn’t blame Reggie to test the market.

  9. Veldheer is good. Not great. I’d hate to see this team repeat the same mistakes that landed them where they are now.

    Make a reasonable offer. If rebuffed, move on from him and use the saved cash to strengthen other areas of the team until circumstance allows for a prudent decision to be made at the LT position.

    Watson is an option. Maybe not a great one, but an option nonetheless. Quite frankly, at the time he stepped up, Veldheer wasn’t a great option at the time either.

  10. slick50ks says: Feb 4, 2014 10:08 AM

    He should run as fast as he can from the train wreck, but the franchise tag will be his undoing.

    So in the end, a guy that isn’t top 10 at his position will be paid like he’s top 5.
    He’s no Eric Fisher, for sure.

  11. Raiders need to sign Vehldeer, somewhere in the $8,000,000 range for 5 years. We will still have the most cap space, 55 million after.

    Sign Mack for around the same number.

    Draft OT, Robinson, of Auburn.
    Play Vehldeer and Robinson side by side. Would be as dominate as Shell and Upshaw.

    Vehldeer Robinson Mack Wisneiwski Watson
    Raiders OLine will run at will.

  12. get him signed! ……get Mack as a FA and draft Mathews or Robinson and the Raiders have just improved significantly. It would solidify the OL for years to come which would improve the QB play and defense by way of a consistent running game.

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