Martin-Incognito texts are just a piece of the puzzle


As we await the expected release of the Ted Wells report and scrutinize text messages that don’t seem to show a pattern of harassment by Dolphins guard Richie Incognito of Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin, it’s important to keep one thing in mind:  The texts sent between the two men are only part of the story.

Per a league source, not all of the texts exchanged between the two men were leaked to The Big Lead.  Also, text messages involving others weren’t released.

Moreover, evidence of the relationship between the two men comes from plenty of sources other than text messages.  Phone calls, face-to-face verbal exchanges, and other interactions help paint the full picture.  For example, it wasn’t a text message but a voice message with racist, hostile content from Incognito to Martin that presumably prompted the Dolphins to suspend Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team.

Still, it would be hard to show harassment based only on the text messages leaked on Monday.

For more, here’s a sliver of Tuesday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, featuring a discussion about the situation involving a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar.

22 responses to “Martin-Incognito texts are just a piece of the puzzle

  1. I really hate this “race to release my side of the story first.”

    It seems like in every case one side is always in a hurry to “leak” information that makes them look good. They know that the public just eats it up.

  2. Most of us have known this was BS from this big clown all along. No matter, wait for the PC Police to demand locker room diversity and sensativity training includine a longlist of bad words no longer allowed.

  3. Translation: all this evidence doesn’t for the narrative that Martin=victim and Incognito=bully, so don’t rush to judgment even though that is exactly why the media did

  4. We should all remember though that you can’t just read into other peoples’ texts what you think they mean and expect that to be valid. There could be a story behind each and every text, and people don’t necessarily even text the truth to one another, so there is no way to start solving the case based on what one thinks the texts mean. Bullying is not cool, but so is judging others without truly knowing what has happened and in the mind of others. Texts don’t necessarily accurately represent that stuff.

  5. Let me see ALL of the text messages and hear about ALL the conversations. Let’s see cancelled checks for trips and ALL the evidence.

    I, too, doubt that Incognito would release damaging material – let’s see Martin’s replies.

    Hard to imagine a guy in a big money, high profile occupation like that would just walk.

    Also hard to imagine a guy would release self-incriminating texts.

    Put it ALL out there so I can decide for myself.

  6. Based on the texts alone, both of those guys appear to be pea-brained scuzzballs, and I doubt the release of more information is going to substantially change that picture. I know I wouldn’t want either of them on my team.

  7. This comes from personal experience. A person can be nice over texting but not so nice in person. It’s easy to be one way when you’re not interacting face-to-face.

  8. Come on now. There were over 1000 text messages, that’s more than 2 a day between the second he was drafted and until the second he walked out on the team. Do you send a jocular message and get one back every single day from anyone you aren’t very close friends with? And the source says there are actually many more than that?

    Please, we’ve seen the evidence and everything tangible, from every single player in that locker room’s support for Incognito and not Martin after Martin did his best with your help to paint Richie as a racist, to the daily text messages, to the highly selective dissemination of information by Martin’s lawyer. He gave us one answering machine message. One.
    This is black and white. This was a media created event from day one. In fact if Martin hadn’t known he’d have such a willing partner in the liberal media, he’d likely have resolved this in house.

  9. Those texts ruin his case, and it shows him to be dishonest about the situation and shows that he threw a friend under the bus.

    There’s a lot going on with Martin– but it sure ain’t about harassment.

  10. They only released part of the voice mail initially. Later on the last bit came out showing it wasn’t something hateful racist rant. The “call me back (man, dude, bro)” was purposely left out and the laughter and tone aren’t on a transcription.

  11. I don’t know if this exonerates Incognito. Richie reaching out to Martin could be because Richie feared he was the reason Martin left the team and wanted to make sure Martin didn’t throw him under the bus. And Martin responding and bantering with Richie could be attributed to how “victims” react to their “bullies”. Not that I agree with how Martin handled the situation, but if he is sticking to the Richie bullied me angle, these text messages could actually help Martin’s case. It could also hurt him in the long run if the level of Richie’s antics exposes him as too soft to handle tough situations.

    Or maybe he is just one of those gay dudes who was going to come out but then changed their mind.

  12. This is a friendship gone bad. It’s not a classic case of workplace harassment.

    I have no doubt that some interaction between the two was distressing for Martin. But the same can be said for any 2 people who are forced to work together and are suddenly not getting along. That could be spouses working together, roommates working together, lovers working together or simply friends working together. That’s why they have a golden rule called, don’t s**t where you eat.

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