NaVorro Bowman says it’s time for surgery

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49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman tore the ACL and MCL in his left knee while trying to keep the Seahawks out of the end zone in the second half of the NFC Championship Game, injuries that will leave him with a lot of rehab before he’s ready to get back on the field for the 2014 season.

One big step of that rehab appears to be happening on Tuesday. Bowman shared a picture of himself in hospital garb on Instagram with the caption “Time for surgery,” which fits with the two-to-three week timeline that was needed for his MCL to heal enough for him to have surgery to repair the ACL tear.

Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reports that Bowman’s surgery is being performed by Dr. James Andrews (you didn’t really expect Dr. Nick Riviera, did you?) in Pensacola, Florida.

Based on recoveries we’ve seen in recent years, there would seem to be a chance that Bowman will be ready for the start of the regular season. Every recovery is different, though, and Bowman will have to avoid any setbacks between now and September to feel totally positive about that chance.

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  1. What a horrific injury. As a Niner Faithful that symbolised the entire game. Even getting broke didn’t take away our heart to play to end of the whistle.

    But in the end we lost, and for the 2nd time in 3 years the team that beat us won the Supet Bowl. I wish all the best for Navarro in his recovery and hope to see him and Willis wrecking fools next season.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  2. I wish him a speedy recovery, and hope that the Niners won’t RG3 him back onto the field too quickly. Adrian Peterson is the exception, not the rule, and I fear that one day a player will end their career early attempting to recover according to arbitrary calendar dates as opposed to when their body is really ready to play again.

  3. Get better man. Rehab extra if you must. Seahawks have nothing but respect for Bowman. I wouldn’t want any other rivalry in sports. Some idiot poured popcorn on him as he was carted off. The actions of one fool, do not speak for our entire fanbase. Yet, we apologize for that.
    Get well soon

  4. Best of luck in surgery & rehab! Dont set a time line for getting back on the field…just get back when you’re ready!

  5. I hope they pup him for the first 6 weeks, I would rather him have more time to heal. I want him back as much as the next niner fan, but I want him back to stay, not a percy harven issue after issue. We have some great depth at ilb, so that some time and get as right as you can for our next playoff push.

  6. The play he was injured on has to be one of the most impressive plays in recent years. Completely shattered his knee in what had to be an incredible amount of pain, still kept the receiver out of the end zone, forced a fumble and recovered and held onto that fumble while being injured.

    Even Seahawks fans (well, outside that isolated idiot that thought it would be funny to throw food at him) have to admit that was an impressive display of strength by Bowman.

  7. Since the Seahawks joined the NFC West in 2002:

    Head to Head record: Seattle – 14 wins San Francisco – 11 wins

    Playoff Wins: Seattle – 9 wins San Francisco – 6 Wins

    Division Titles: Seattle – 6 San Francisco – 3

    Conference Titles: Seattle – 2 San Francisco – 1

    Super Bowl Champs Seattle – 1 San Francisco – 0

    Pretty easy to say that while San Francisco was a better team 20 years ago, the Seahawks are clearly the dominant franchise now.

  8. Any team in any division would give their two front teeth to have the ILB tandem the Niners have right now.

    Bow, please make sure you are fully healed before you come back. You have a long career ahead of you and you have invested in helping the rest of the LB corps get better. When you are straight, get back on the field and play with no reservations, but not until you are straight.

  9. In the play that he had his knee rolled on, Bowman obtained possession of the ball and held it until he got on the ground. Then somehow Marshawn Lynch and the rest of the Seahawks managed to pile on and rip the ball from a guy who tore the ligaments in his knee. NFL needs to fix the rule book. Luckily they got the ball on the next play.

    from a Browns fan.

  10. This Seahawks fan is wishing you a speedy and complete recovery Mr. Bowman. You play with heart and ferocity, the way football is meant to be played. Looking forward to seeing you twice (maybe thrice?) next year.

  11. braceyourselffor12 says:
    Feb 4, 2014 11:30 AM
    But in the end we lost, and for the 2nd time in 3 years the team that beat us won the Supet Bowl. I wish all the best for Navarro in his recovery and hope to see him and Willis wrecking fools next season.
    Actually the 3rd time…Giants, Ravens, Hawks all won. Time to get over that hump!

  12. No matter who you cheer for Navorro Bowman is an absolute beast on the field and plays the game like a throwback player.

    I hope you are healthy and ready for next year because the game of football is better with guys like you out there.

  13. Best of luck and speedy recovery. Only the upmost respect for bowman here in Seattle. one of the best linebackers in the league and can’t wait till you get back to the field for this rivalry.

  14. The real defensive player of the year. He’s a 49er so there’s no doubt that he’s going to rehab with an intensity unknown to mankind and He’s going to comeback stronger than ever.

  15. I really hate the 49ers but holding onto that ball as his leg was twisted like a pretzel…you gotta respect his toughness.

  16. “Some idiot poured popcorn on him as he was carted off. ”

    Didn’t happen. Watch the video. Someone was leaning over to see and popcorn spilled. The “poured popcorn” was media hype.

  17. As a Hawks fan I can’t say enough good things about Bowman. The guy is incredible and anyone would pay an arm and a leg to have the guy wearing their colors. I hope they give him the time needed to fully recover from this, he is to valuable to his team, the rivalry, and the NFL to lose him to impatience. Best of luck bowman and niners fans! We’ll see you next year!

  18. That was sad to see him slightly raise his head to look at the popcorn fans threw down on him as he was carted into the tunnel. But that kind of stuff sticks in your head as your going through rehab. Narrow is a classy, smart, courageous, determined athlete that will rise up from this set back. Prayers are with you my brother.

  19. the Hawks/Niners rivalry wouldn’t be the same without Bowman, Willis and the rest of the Niners D.

    I realized when looking back on this year, that at least two of the best moments of this entire year involved the Hawks games against SF. having a true rival is one the best parts of sports fandom.

    hope he has a 100% recovery and is ready for week 1.

  20. Cheathawks time has come. One SB and done. In salary cap hell next season. Will need to cut players and end up signing low draft picks or UFA’s. Cheat’n Pete will pump ’em up with PED’s, and skip out of town right before the NFL sanctions get handed down. Book it!

  21. As a football fan I can say there aren’t any better in the league currently. As a Seahawk fan I can say it blows to have to face that Niners linebacking crew twice a year with Bowman being the cream iof a very impressive crop. Heal up fast and lets keep the toughtest division crown in the NFC West again.

  22. “Cheathawks time has come. One SB and done.”

    First it was one and done in the playoffs, then it was you’ll get killed by the Niners, and then destroyed by the Broncos.

    I kind of love that the troll comments now have to resort to this – – like it’s some sort of insult . . . I guess when that’s all you have left, you use what you’ve got.

  23. ‘I kind of love that the troll comments now have to resort to this – – like it’s some sort of insult . . . I guess when that’s all you have left, you use what you’ve got.’

    Love the irony that a hawks fan’s handle is ‘p[e]dway…

  24. Respect and good wishes on a full and speedy recovery. NFC West isn’t going anywhere for the next few years folks so the rest of the NFL better get ready for an old fashion thumping. Bowman is an elite part of that thumping crew. Hope to see him back at full strength next season and beyond.

    Predict that the next two Super Bowl Champions come from the NFC West. I hope that it is the Seahawks, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it be SF, AZ or even St. Louis.

  25. Seahawk fan here – wishing you the best and a speedy recovery Mr Bowman. Hope to see you on the field next year.

  26. I am extremely surprised to see all these positive comments from Seahawks fans in here. It is nice to see that even the sickest of rivalries can still show respect and put personal injuries ahead of the game. I hope the trollers responding with anti-Seattle comments are not 49ers fans, as I would be ashamed to call myself of the same cloth. Thank you all for your words of respect. Congrats on your Super Bowl, well deserved.

    Get better Bowman!

  27. From all of us who watched you tear it up when you played for District Heights Boys and Girls Club, get well and have a speedy recovery Chief. The kids really look up to you!

  28. Bowman is incredible. The amount big time plays he’s made in the 3 championship games + playoffs+ big regular season games speaks volumes about what his value is to his team. hope he fully recovers.
    God Bless, Bo!

  29. As a Seahawks fan I completely respect this guys ability. He was flying all over the field before the injury in the NFCCG. He is truly talented, and has a nose for the ball. Plus the guy hits like a tank! I wish you the best, and can’t wait to see you out there competing next year. Good luck, and God bless.

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