Patrick Peterson won’t rule out a holdout

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Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has become eligible for a new contract.  He presumably wants one.

During a Tuesday visit to Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Peterson declined to rule out the possibility of a holdout aimed at getting it.

“I can’t speak on that right now,” Peterson said when asked whether a holdout is out of the question.  “Me and my agent, we haven’t talked about some of those possibilities.  But hopefully we can get something done.  If something were to happen, we restructure my deal or anything like that, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

The Cardinals picked up plenty of cap space on Tuesday, via the renegotiation of receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s contract.  That gives the Cardinals the ability to reward Peterson, whose rookie deal was dramatically reduced thanks to a rookie wage scale aimed at protecting the NFL’s team from busts.

Still, a holdout would cost Peterson — via daily fines in the amount of $30,000 per day and the potential forfeiture of a chunk of his $11.9 million signing bonus.

Of course, that didn’t stop Peterson’s agent, Joel Segal, from holding out Titans running back Chris Johnson in 2011.  Absent a new contract that meets Peterson’s satisfaction, it may not stop Peterson from doing the same thing.

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  1. This dude really is the truth.. When the eagles traded kolb to the cardinals for DRC I wanted them to go after that draft pick so we coulda drafted him.. Gonna be a great player for a loooooong time

  2. Can anyone prove, especially when a new contract is negotiated, that these players actually do pay the fine for holding out? Is there some line item in their first check of their new contract with that fine taken out? I have a feeling all gets forgiven.

  3. OK – so the only team I have seen this kid play against are my Niners. And frankly speaking, if he did not fare any better, or basically the same with other wideouts as he did against the Niner receivers (especially Crabtree) then he should probably be pleased with whatever he gets paid. Every time I looked up, Crabtree had him either spinning in circles, taking false steps – or tripping over his own feet and hitting the ground. I’m sure he’s a really decent person, but I never, ever bought into the hype when he was coming up to be drafted. And I still don’t.

  4. Warran Sapp thinks his numbers don’t support it..Tiki Barber is flabbergasted at the mention of it.. Drew Brees doesn’t believe it and needs to see more evidence on it.. Marshon Lynch doesn’t want to talk anything about it…. Payton Manning is insulted by even calling it out… Richard Sherman is screaming don’t you ever talk about it. And Bill Belichick thinks Wes Welker intentionally caused.. The possibility of a PP hold out…….Oh and now I just received a completely unrelated txt pic from Brett Favre that’s a bit blurry. But it looks like maybe it could be an old crumpled up map of Florida??

  5. Peterson and Claiborne both came from LSU.
    Both where rated as the best corners coming
    out the draft, Claiborne rated as the best CB and
    defensive player in the draft that year. Some say
    Claibornes play made Peterson that much better
    coming out of collage.
    Claiborne has been in the league for only Two years
    and of those Two years he has been through Two
    different DC coordinators and Two different schemes. going from 3/4 to the 4/3. then dealing with injuries.
    MY POINT?? Watch Claiborne have a break out year!
    Health and Stability = performance and wins!
    Bust my asz, know the facts then talk to me.

  6. I don’t like the sound of this… Nip it in the bud Cards. Lock him up so there is no distraction that the clubhouse.

  7. This gives me motivation to go into my boss’ office TODAY and demand more money or I’m going to hold out! We’ll see how that goes…

  8. Keim will get it done… But my god in 2015 I am not sure they will be able to field a fill 53 man roster will payroll being what it is projected at.. Thank you Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt

  9. lasredchris says: Feb 4, 2014 10:01 PM

    Sherm is a team player who will take a pay cut for the team. This guy on the other hand will holdout like revis


    Yea I can really see “I’m-the-greatest” Sherman taking a pay cut, after currently making 5th round money. His yearly take is about what Revis gets per game. Keep dreaming dude.

  10. PFT stirring the pot. They left out the part of the interview where he said he plans to go out there and continue to play hard every day.

    The smart answer from ANY player to this direct question is exactly what Peterson gave.

    No one knows exactly what will happen.
    ALL of these players (including Seahawks players) realize this is a business, want to get paid and are taking their cues from their agents.

  11. Peterson is definitely a top corner, certainly better than Sherman. Sherman can yap all he wants about being the best corner but the reality is that he isn’t even the best corner in his own division. Revis, Peterson, Talib, and Verner are all better than Sherman.

    Sorry Sherman, but you cant be the top corner in the league when you only play the left side of the field, according to ESPN, 98% of the defensive snaps this past season. All you need to do to remove Sherman from the game is to shift your #1 WR to the other side of the field. Why would you then throw to your #2 receiver covered by Sherman and not your #1 receiver covered by a lesser corner? If Sherman wants to be the best, he has to be able to play both sides of the field and shadow the #1 receiver the entire game. No one does that better than Revis. Until then, Sherman is not better than any of the 4 corners listed above.

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