Ray Rice: I should have thought twice about playing through injury

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The struggles of the Ravens running game were well documented this season.

Both Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce, who recently had rotator cuff surgery, battled injuries while running behind a largely ineffective offensive line, leading to poor results for both men and a dismal showing for the Ravens offense overall. Rice doesn’t need to have surgery to repair his hip, but he said the injury was serious enough to limit him on the field and that he learned a lesson about when it is time to stop trying to push through an injury.

“I played through an injury and I probably should have thought twice about it, but I’m glad I was able to push through the season and not have any surgical procedures,” Rice said, via FOXSports.com. “One thing I know my body needed was rest, and we had a tough turnaround, and we didn’t do what we wanted to this year, but I’m positive that things are looking better for next year already. … I was good enough to go, but I was limited with the things that I could do. That’s never been me. That’s something as a pro you have to weigh the good and the bad. For me it didn’t work out in my favor this year, but I’ll be smarter.”

The Ravens have hired Gary Kubiak as their offensive coordinator and shaken up their offensive coaching staff in other ways since the end of the regular season. That’s one way they’ll attempt to generate better results next season, but it won’t do much good without better blocking and healthier backs to put things into motion. If they get them, Kubiak’s scheme should offer Rice a good chance at a bounceback season in 2014.

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  1. I see ray has been consistently blaming his poor year in injuries. I don’t buy it. He looked like a guy that finally hit the wall after so many carries in college and the pro’s. I mean schiano ran him to death at Rutgers. Time will tell but I think the Ravens will draft a RB this year.

  2. For his and the Ravens’ sake, I truly hope the injury was the sole cause of his poor play and not just a convenient excuse after the fact. Because otherwise, he looked like he was completely done.

  3. A true hero. Many who play through injuries make a giant deal of it for the attention. Not Ray Rice.

  4. Ravens need a thick RB to augment those two. Cuz one thing is true in Kubiak’s one-cut scheme, if the cut back lane isn’t there, you’re expected to duck your shoulder and charge into the fray to gain every inch possible. Just ask Arian Foster’s back.

  5. Why medical staffs get in zero trouble for allowing a player to play through pain & injury yet a defender that hits another player can get zapped in excess tens of thousands dollars is mind boggling.

    If Goodell really cared about player safety he would enforce that medical departments not allow injured players to play.

  6. Ray Rice still has at least 2 more serviceable years in him, if he can remain healthy. Kubiak’s scheme is so RB friendly, It would be a real surprise if the running game didn’t return to form in 2014. Here hoping for a WR or TE with the 16/17th pick in this years draft. Id love that big tight end to go with pitta for extra blocking and a big target in the middle of the field. The most glaring issue is the Center position. Gradkowski is what we in Baltimore refer to as “EZ PASS”.

  7. These guys are insane. Pain means something is wrong with you, yet people are always amazed when, somewhere down the road, they are crippled because they kept running on injured knees or smashing into people with injured shoulders. These teams do not know how to take care of an investment.

  8. Ray looked fat an out of shape all year. He looked that way during preseason. The post Super Bowl festivities weighed on him, literally.

    He needs to get his butt in shape, and we need an offensive line that can block!

  9. I was thinking the same thing as it was obvious he was injured all season. Should of just rested, would of been useful in the final games even though the Ravens play calling was also suspect.

  10. I’m surprised they didn’t fire their strength and conditioning coach after last off-season. The whole team looked fat and out of shape. And those were the ones who could make it onto the field.

  11. While what Ray is saying is most likely true, WHERE WERE THE COACHES?!! It’s not solely up to Rice to determine if he should or should not be playing. And that’s where the coaches really blew it. You’d have to be BLIND not to see that there was a problem. Yet Harbaugh and Co. stubbornly continued on as if it were business as usual, when it was clearly NOT business as usual. They are the decision makers, not the players. And they blew it. Big time..

  12. Ok so he’s taking the blame for bad performance. That’s being a man and team player. But why then did Pierce also not look very good?

  13. this will be the worst offense in the NFL next year

    Overrated QB the throws bombs with little accuracy and a washed up RB, below average WR’s and a bad line……

    Browns and Ravens will be fighting for bottom of the barrel…

  14. Rice is old for a RB, Pierce is inexperienced with a bad line. Flacco doesn’t scare anyone but the AFCN will still be a 3 team race, Bengals with young talent but bad coaching, Long in the tooth Steelers with plenty of fight left, and a Ravens team with a defense capable of carrying the team. The Browns will continue to be the factory if sadness.

  15. The offense is a wreck. Rice is over-rated. He will only look worse next year behind that awful ravens line. The team will end up with more losses next year then they had last season.

  16. Steelers will do just fine with “Leave ’em-on-the-bench Bell” who never even came close to matching any of Rice’s stats leading up to this latest injury. But that’s ok. Steelers seem content with 8-8 seasons and with Roethlisbooger winning garbage games against teams focusing on getting better draft picks. Heck, after Tebow smacked them down, Steelers have been perfectly happy in their role as the AFCN’s perennial post-season couch potatoes.

  17. Joemontanaflacco, steelers finished second in the AFCN, a spot ahead of the ravens. They will also pick 1-2 spots ahead if the ravens in the draft. Bell played 12 games and missed all if preseason and played behind a Lind that’s as bad or worse then the ravens. So tell me how you can be on the high horse about a crappy team(and I never said the bengals would do anything in the playoffs).

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