Report: Texans “initially leaning” toward Manziel or Bortles


With the Super Bowl in the books, the offseason speculation can officially begin.

So other than the Seahawks having a parade this week, that means all eyes will be on the Texans, the owners of the first pick in the draft.

Their need for a quarterback to replace Matt Schaub seems obvious, and according to Russ Lande of Sports on Earth, they’re “initially leaning” toward either Central Florida’s Blake Bortles or Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel.

The report cites some potential unease about new coach Bill O’Brien about all the off-field stuff that comes with Manziel, who would doubtless be a huge hit if he stayed in his home state.

Of course, it’s early February, which means there’s plenty of time to carve up this particular bird. It’s hard to imagine the Texans have ruled out Teddy Bridgewater (or any other quarterbacks), as it’s so early in the evaluation period.

Plus, the best way to drum up interest is to create the impression you’re looking at everyone, forcing someone who is desperate for a particular player to make a bold and costly move to get them.

Again, it’s early, so it’s hard to divine much of a team’s intentions.

But hey, what else are we going to talk about now that football season’s over? Legacies?

73 responses to “Report: Texans “initially leaning” toward Manziel or Bortles

  1. Ah yes, Time to start thinking about the draft –wonder how the Raiders will do their magic and screw up another top ten pick……I wonder if there’s a way to bet on it in Las Vegas

  2. God, I hope the Texans take Johnny Manziel so the Browns aren’t temped to do something stupid like pick him or at the very worst trade up to get him. If they trade up I will turn in my Browns fan for life card in favor for the farthest bandwagon from me which would be the Seahawks (I am from Cleveland so there is no way that I’d pick the Steelers).

  3. Personally, from what I’ve seen, Bridgewater looks to be the best QB prospect available and appears like he’d have the easiest time transitioning to the pro game. JMO

  4. This is a good development. Bridgewater wet weighs about as much as a Chinese gymnast. He is going to get ripped in half in the NFL.

  5. Laughable! Sure you can fill the stadium for a year or 2 by getting the local kid but get real, no way should you take Johnny Football #1. You’d still have that choice at #10. Trade back and at get a 3rd or something.

  6. It’s hard to believe it, but a lot of mock drafts have Clowney falling as far as #6 or #7. I understand the desire to fill team needs before selecting the best player available, but c’mon, let’s not over think this people.

  7. The Texas really want Bortles. They are just saying they may draft Manziel to get the ever bright Lombardi to give them their other 1st round pick to move up to get football boy.

  8. Translation … hey, is anyone as stupid as the Redskins were? We’ll let you move up for a price. Chumps.

  9. It’s not hard to believe. So many teams need a QB, and with Clowney’s attitude problems and non-presence for an entire year, his stock can only be overinflated so high by draft pundits and replaying his one good moment on SportsCenter.

  10. .
    Don’t discount the Mallet factor. He’s had two years of apprenticeship under Tom Brady and Bill Obrien was his OC his rookie season. He may be more NFL ready than the rookies.

    The Patriots would probably seek a #2 which would allow the Texans to choose a player they like, or trade back acquiring additional picks.


  11. not sure any 3 of these guys would give anything more that keenum.

    bortles is balanced

    bridgewater has a big arm but dissapeared in big games

    manziel has big play potential but his erractic play may not work in the nfl.

    i hope they dont pick one of the guys with the first pick.

  12. How did manziel become a potential number 1 pick in the past few mths. Oh I get it, everyone thinks he will duplicate what Russell Wilson or drew Brees do. Manziel has no arm and isn’t as smart as Russell.

  13. Since we are in pre-draft “disinformation” mode, we can now rule these two as off of their draft board. Likely in hopes of priming the pump on a bidding war for their #1 pick.

  14. Bortles will be the 1st overall pick. He has all the things you look for in a franchise QB:

    1. He can throw the Ball
    2. He can yell hike
    3. His girlfriend is an absolute bombshell
    4. His girlfriend is really, really hot

  15. O’Brien will NOT be taking Manziel, chill.

    O’Brien has and will continue to use “pocket quarterbacks,” which Manziel isn’t. There is an off chance they could take Bortles; however, Bridgewater’s studying and known habit of breaking down game-tape without end, will be what leads him to landing in Houston.

    The only chance one of the two doesn’t happen is if O’Brien can get “Big Ben” from Pittsburgh for a second and some low picks next year.

  16. There is no Andrew Luck in this draft, and to win the South the Texans will need to beat him. Seems like a no-brainer that their best plan is to try to to neutralize Luck. Keeping him on his back two times a year with a pass rush of Watt and Clowney seems like the obvious solution. Clowney had a slow year but even as a rookie he would play well opposite Watt.

  17. I like Clowney, Barr, Watkins the most. Bortles and Manziel, what the…? At least it’s not Bridgewater, or Jake Matthews #1 pick, those guys are getting way too much draft hype for not top 10 worthy.

  18. For some reason I see O’Brien preferring a pro style QB/offense than the schoolyard style of Manziel.

  19. Why would you replace Case Keenum with Johnny Manziel? Aside from foot speed, what is the difference between them?

  20. The only trade-down option the Texans have is at #4 with CLE as this ensures they will get one of the QBs or Clowney. No way STL trades up to #1, no way the Texans trade with the Jags, and no way they go below pick #4 as they’d lose out on one their biggest needs (QB) or the best D player in the draft. Move any farther down than #4 is a huge risk, so IMO, if there’s a player you really have your eyes set on, you might as well take him at #1 and be done with it.

    For those who think Keenum is still the answer, put down the pipe, man!

  21. There should be a smoke detector equipped with every draft-related story posted on here for the next three months, considering every “Team X is leaning towards Player Y” story is one big smokescreen.

  22. Running the ball and shutting down luck will win their division, agree with above comment. Let’s remember thou, Mario Williams didn’t do much to stop manning and he was #1. Now that watt is there , add clowney and that should be slighter better.

  23. Ah the offseason, when Texans fans across the entire Houston metropolitan area (south of the north leg of the Sam Houston Tollway, not including the communities of Friendswood and League City but including Texas City) can put away their Saints gear and talk smack about the Cowboys and feel relevant again.

  24. Texans, Manziel is YOUR man! I only saw Bortles play in the bowl game and wasn’t sure what all the buzz was about. Dude looked okay~mediocre at best, but not like a franchise QB! Can you say Blaine Gabbert version 2?

    If it’s not Johnny Football, Bridgewater has to be the man, for he is a far superior QB over Bortles. And what an amazing game he had in their bowl game!

    But Manziel is the most exciting player in the draft. Period! If he can beat Alabama the way he did, he can handle the NFL because ‘Bama was like playing an NFL team, and many of those defenders are in the pros or headed there.

  25. “But hey, what else are we going to talk about now that football season’s over? Legacies?”


  26. The Texans are not concerned about drafting a player to sell seats. They’ve sold every ticket to every game since they started on 2002. This is Texas, where over 46,000 attended the high school state championship game. We know and love our football

  27. Teddy Bridgewater has proven to be the best NFL ready QB by playing in a pro offense, calling his own plays and having the highest completion and TD/int ratio around. He can make every throw, but suddenly that’s not good enough.

    Passing on Teddy will be a mistake, unless you already have specific plans at QB or if you want Clowney. I think Manzeil will cost some GM his job, because he is an “off the field incident” waiting to happen. Bortales reminds me a lot of Blaine Gabbert, big strong and very unpolished.

    There are QBs I’d look at before considering either guy.

  28. This makes more sense… Clowney had a bad year last year, with anticipation high and scrutiny higher. I was flabbergasted that he was ever projected first overall. I think he takes a Geno type fall in the draft.

  29. Blake Bortles needs to change his name to improve his draft stock. Some options:

    — Dirk Longstrike
    — Alan Thunder
    — Ja’Michael Vortex
    — Mason Rock
    — Wes Action

    Trust me, this is worth millions in the long run.

  30. Sometimes you get it right, other times you just get lucky! OR…is it always a crap shoot?

    6th Round – Tom Brady
    3rd Round – Russell Wilson
    3rd Round – Joe Montana

  31. I have a feeling that O’Brien’s relationship with UCF coach O’Leary and the trust he has with him will have him leaning towards Bortles… Bortles has all the physical attributes that O’Brien likes.

    If I were O’Brien and GM Rick Smith, and I see how Lombardi is drueling over Manziel, I would wait until a week before the draft and then contact Manziel’s agent and start working on a deal.

    Lombardi will offer the farm at that point….

    That said… I would LOVE to see the Texans draft Manziel. I think he perfectly fits the mold of the new prototypical QB in the NFL… Good arm, really accurate, elusive, fast on his feet, and makes plays off schedule.

  32. The Texans are working hard at becoming the laughing stock of the NFL…..”mistake by the Lake” becoming the “the goof by the gulf”

  33. Choke on the smoke, there will be at least 500 more “speculative opinions” like this story between now and draft day. Nobody except the bodies in the war room on draft day know how the draft will shake out. THey will all be fielding trade calls until the last minute, so don’t get your panties in a wad, and take the bait on these “insider” scoops.

  34. No way. Manziel has Browns written all over him. He can join the grand tradition of Brown’s 1st round QBs like Tim Couch and Brady Quinn. Maybe Weeden too.

  35. Thank God!!!!

    I’m tired of people rating Clowney #1 when his effort was crap and is not worthy of being #1.

    He’s a 4-3 end. How can he play in Romeo Crennel’s 3-4 defense?

    Crappy teams that went defense first in the draft went nowhere.

    Look at the Rams in 2011 and 2008, the Texans in 2006, and the Dolphins and Browns in 2013.

    Wanna win? Score. Offense does it.

    Your offense will stink if you focus too much on the defense first because you will dig yourself a huge hole before you can score.

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