Seahawks celebration spreads to Safeco Field


The 12th Man will invade Seattle’s baseball stadium on Wednesday.

The Seahawks have announced that Safeco Field will be made available to those who can’t get inside CenturyLink Field to watch the Super Bowl victory parade and attend the short presentation to be made at the team’s home stadium.

The two-hour parade commences at 11:00 a.m. PT, finishing at Century Link Field.  Tickets to Safeco Field for those who couldn’t get tickets to CenturyLink Field will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

While it’s unclear whether Safeco Field will also be full, it’s the first time we can recall a championship celebration spilling over from the team’s primary facility into another one.

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  1. The PEDhawks Superbowl victory rings as hollow and disingenuous as the feigned, artificial halftime performance of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.




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  2. Seahaawks are the best team ever!!!!! No one can beat them HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! GO SEAHAWKS! Get used to it, it’s gonna be back to back to back to back for a while!!!

  3. When the Phils won the World Series in 08, the Linc was used for the same thing and was full. If and when the Eagles win a Super Bowl I’m sure Citizens Bank will be packed also, they may even need the Wells Fargo center.

  4. Different sport, but the Phillies celebration filled up The Linc and Citizen’s Bank in ’08.

  5. Championships and Seattle are not synonyms. Great seafood, maybe. Terrific coffee, okay. Rain, definitely. World Champions? First time in my tenure upon the Blue Marble. Who can say for certain, when it will ever happen again?

    Seattle is Happy Land, for the present.

  6. I live in Denver and one of the local radio hosts had the audacity to say the Broncos would beat the Seahawks 7 out of 10 times if they met up!

    I hope they watch the parade on tv!

    Go Hawks!

  7. There is another sport called baseball where in 2008 in a city called Philadelphia the Phillies parade filled both Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field. So yes it has happened.

  8. To all the stupid 49er fans who wore tee shirts that said “Anybody but the Seahawks.”

    Choke on it!

    Seahawks superbowl champs. Hey Kaepernick, I guess Peyton didn’t get your memo about being able to pick us apart?

    Choke on it Colin!

  9. These parades and celebrations almost always spill over into other facilities. Being that your a sports writer I’m kind of amazed that it’s the first time you recall this happening

  10. OK genius. How about recalling the time that a championship celebration spilled over into a whole CITY. The regular Superdome crowd of 70,000-plus was nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands who lined the streets in New Orleans when the Saints won it all. Seattle fans will have absolutely nothing on that Lombardi-gras celebration. Truly weak in comparison.

  11. We love our Seahawks, and with the Sinics being taken away, we Clink (cling) to what we got. We have been championship hungry for far too long. Wonder what will happen if Detroit or Cleveland get a city championship soon.

  12. I guess if Safeco Field overflows, they could go to that tenant-less (for all intents and purposes) dinosaur cave, the Key Arena.

  13. Early forecasts called for 300k fans to line the parade route & fill the two stadiums, though the Seattle Police Dept reportedly increased that estimate to 500k.

  14. its really annoying how seahawk fans seem to be the only ”12th man”. i mean the ”12th man” is literally in the colts ring of honor… seattle does have some great passionate fans, but don’t most nfl teams?

  15. It’s crazy here. There will probably be more fans at Safeco tomorrow, than the Mariners will bring in for any game all season. Gotta love dem Hawks

  16. Tickets at Century Link were selling for over $100 online, for a free event. And they’re expecting 500,000 people for the parade, in a city whose official population is 635,000.

    It’s gonna be crazy, can’t wait to see it!

  17. WOW SO A MAXIMUM OF 120,000 PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SHOW UP FOR THE VICTORY CELEBRATION? 12th MAN BABY!!! What did Chicago have for the 4th most popular team in the city? 2 MILLION!!! The Blackhawks victory celebration in June would have filled every NHL arena four times over. How often do victory celebrations even take place inside stadiums where fans need tickets to attend? Doesn’t Seattle have a large public park or public square, where any fan could attend? Paul Allen just wants to get the fans inside the stadium so he can make more money off concessions and merchandise sales during the “celebration”.

  18. I know the Phillies parade was in both Citizens Bank Park as well as the Linc and surrounding areas so I doubt it’s the first time this has happened.

  19. Safeco field? Is that the same place that had all the fans when the mariners were winning 116 game? Where if you buy 1 ticket and get 3 free stafium!And the Seahawks couldn’t give away enough tickets to fill their stadium! I live locally and this is the biggest fair weather fan base in all of sports!!!

  20. meatcarroll says:
    Feb 4, 2014 9:59 PM
    Seahawks fans = best in the league. 12th Man stand up! No one cares about Texas A&M


    News Flash!!
    The term “12th man” has ben around for centuries.
    Stop acting like you invented something with that piped in crowd noise.
    The Colts had “12th Man” in their ring of honor long before you bandwagon geeks started showing up.
    Get over yourself. Have your parade and move on with your pathetic life.

  21. Priceless comment:

    Let’s see, the Seattle SuperSonics let town because the arena with empty and the owner couldn’t get public funding to construct a new arena in the Seattle.

    Seattle Mariners, most nights you’ll find more visiting team fans than Mariner fans in attendance. The other nights SAFECO field 3/4 empty.

    Hockey Team, nope
    Relevant College teams, not really

    Bangwagon Seahawk fans calming to be the “BEST fan base in the U.S.” MANY.. How about supporting the other teams in town.

    swaggyy says: Feb 4, 2014 8:57 PM

    Best fan base in all of sports all time. And it’s not even close

  22. You actually managed to put “Safeco Field” and “championship celebration” in the same sentence. Thus accomplishing in ten seconds what the Mariners have been unable to do in their entire existence.

  23. The 3 times Safeco Field will have over 25k attendance in 2014, in order…

    1. Seahawks Super Bowl celebration
    2. Mariners “Salute to the Seahawks” night
    3. Robinson Cano bobblehead night.

  24. monkeyhateclean says:
    Feb 4, 2014 9:04 PM
    The PEDhawks Superbowl victory rings as hollow and disingenuous as the feigned, artificial halftime performance of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.




    As always, downvote if you agree!!!

    ^^^^Knew it was going to be one TOOL or FOOL to bring up stuff that have nothing to do with this topic, its more of you FOOLS or TOOLS in this post but this hater says the SAMETHING! PLEASE get NEW MATERIAL!

  25. Hey, did the Phillies celebration spill into the Linc? I havent seen any comments about that on here…

  26. Swung by Manning’s house, there was just a single guy out front, playing Taps on a trumpet. When I asked him why he was doing that to Manning, the guy went, “Peyton Manning lives here?!”, spat on the ground, and ran off.

  27. Ravens fans set the standard for championship celebrations last year. Let’s see if the 12th man can match the hundreds of thousands of people who flooded Baltimore a year ago.

  28. I think it’s funny the same posters here put down Seahawks fans for their claims of “loudest in NFL” are now beating their chest to claim that their “celebratory parades” will be bigger than Seattle’s.

  29. Don’t count how many show up ,count how many get the bracelets for rioting ! After watching the news Seattle PD will have their hands full !

  30. No one is arguing the numbers in Seattle, against those in Philadelphia. BUT, what is the total population of the Philly metro area (including South Jersey)? In the millions is my guess. How many of those in NOLA, were out-of-state tourists who weren’t there specifically to celebrate the Saints’ victory?

    Yet I have no problems with all of you citing the numbers for your teams’ celebrations. But please consider that the population in metro Sea-Tac, is only around a million. We’re actually more like Green Bay, in population, than we are like Philly, or SF.

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