Surgery completed on NaVorro Bowman’s ACL

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Early on Tuesday, 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman posted a picture of himself in a hospital cap and gown with a caption saying it was time for him to have surgery on his torn ACL.

A league source tells PFT that the surgery has been completed. As is usually the case in these circumstances, the source adds that the surgery went well.

Bowman suffered the injury in the NFC Championship Game a little more than two weeks ago but needed to let his injured MCL heal before having the ACL repaired on Tuesday. There’s a little more than seven months before the 49ers open up the 2014 season and Bowman will need to use almost all that time to rehab the knee if he’s going to be on the field that week.

The 49ers used Michael Wilhoite as a starter during the two games that Bowman’s partner at inside linebacker Patrick Willis missed during the regular season. The 49ers have plenty of time to contemplate replacements should Bowman not be able to make it back for the opener, though.

18 responses to “Surgery completed on NaVorro Bowman’s ACL

  1. Best player on a strong 49ers team this year. You whiners better hope he comes back strong because you’ll have NO chance of beating the Super Bowl Champs without him.

  2. Wilhoite is an exclusive rights free agent so he either accepts the offer from the 49ers or sits out the season. He’ll be back next season.

  3. The NFL does not want to have gambling become legal because it would have to be regulated and investigated! This is why the NFL spend millions a year to fight against betting because of morality issues??; yet, hundreds of people get DUIs each year(even killing someone in the case of Dallas’ Josh Brent) and yet the biggest NFL sponsors are BEER companies.

    This same controversy is going on in Europe right now with regards to Soccer. Fixing scandals are being uncovered because now rigged games are being investigated.

    The NFL does not wan’t their fixes, I mean games, investigated and regulated by an agency to ensure the safety to betting that LEGAL gambling would require.

  4. Spritual leader of the Niners hands down. Important to note that he KEPT POSSESSION of Kearse’s fumble on the fateful play. Most peeps would have just dropped the ball. Despite his excruciating pain he held onto the ball for his team. He is the ultimate gladiator.

    Singletary might have sucked bad as a coach but he sure scored when he brought Brooks, Willis and Bowman to San Francsico

  5. Hope he recovers every bit as well as Clemons did last year.

    With the season over and done with (and a certain trophy now residing in the Emerald City), I have no animosity towards any of our brethren in the NFCWest.

    Besides, full strength battles are the best way for us to roll.

  6. Singletary was against drafting Willis. It was documented long before PW’s E:60 special where Sing gushed over him…. And Bowmam was a backup player with very few snaps under Sing. Ijs

  7. I’m a die hard Niners fan but you have to give respect when it is due. The SeaHawks had an amazing season and deserved to win it all after beating my Niners. Congrats to those loyal fans.

    On the flipside, meatcarroll is an insult to all those that wear the Seahawk logo. He comes on after Bowman just completed a major surgery to add insult to injury by stating “Bow down to yours Masters, Whiner fans. Pete Carroll is Jim Harbaugh’s daddy.” You sir are an idiot. This is one of the greatest rivalries in football and you seemed to act with stupidity. Jim Harbaugh combined record is 6-4 vs Pete Carrrol (2-1 College and 4-3 NFL). The only advantage, which is a big one, is the SuperBowl win.
    Once again, Congrats to true SeaHawk fans and Niners 4 Life…….See you next season

  8. Niner Fanatic here since ’57 – and will be continuously going forward.

    Congratulations to Seahawk players, coaches and management. Job well done.

    Unfortunately for both our teams, we do have a few fans on the lunatic fringe who can’t be nice and gracious enough to accept both victory AND defeat with equal grace.

    To each of the “Clueless Clods” still running around loose out there, take a cue from Peyton Manning, why don’t you! See what dignity looks like.

  9. I don’t know having ever heard about a non successful knee surgery. It’s about a half step up from getting tonsils removed as far as doctor skills. The success is determined in the rehab. And you think Dr. Andrews would say if it was botched?

    Best of luck to Bowman. One of those warriors. When a guy like Lynch gets popped by him, then Lynch helps him up (as I recall earlier this year) you know the guys on both sides of the ball have great respect.

  10. I truly hope this Stud gets back to full health. It is having strong opponents and rivalries that make a team stronger. Seattle needed a team that could beat the 49ers, and that is what enabled my Seahawks to win a Championship this season. Make no mistake, the 49ers would have punched Denver in the nose and won the SB, if they were in the big game.
    See ya next year SF, hope Bowman is there with you!

  11. Penn State fan and a Green Bay fan so I don’t like the niners. But they have one hell of a player with this guy. Hope for a speedy recovery. This guy is a beast!! Go State!!

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