Titans fire longtime trainer Brad Brown, one of last links to Oilers

The Tennessee Titans have fired one of their longest-tenured employees, and cut ties with one of their last links to the franchise’s previous incarnation as the Houston Oilers.

Brad Brown, who had just begun his 28th year as the team’s head athletic trainer, has been fired. Terry McCormick of Titan Insider reports that the team plans to bring in an outside candidate to replace Brown.

The Titans have gone through a great deal of change since the death of owner Bud Adams, most notably with the firing of former head coach Mike Munchak and the hiring of new head coach Ken Whisenhunt. The departure of Brown is another reminder that things are changing in Tennessee.

Brown was hired by the Oilers in 1987 after previously spending two seasons on the training staff of the Broncos.

13 responses to “Titans fire longtime trainer Brad Brown, one of last links to Oilers

  1. Thank you for your faithful service to our team. All those years they were so physical under Jeff Fisher’s leadership … Titans fans know we have you to thank for so much of that. Props.

  2. What’d they give him, an imitation 10-kt gold, Omega knockoff watch from Hindustan and their “sincerest gratitude”? What’s the new trainer going to do that this one couldn’t? Empty Whisenhunt’s trash basket twice a week?

  3. I don’t understand firing a guy like this. Was he not getting the job done? I mean, he’s a trainer, not a coach. Were the players out of shape? If so, is that his fault? I mean, whatever, it’s just odd to fire a trainer after 28 years.

  4. This is becoming too common in the NFL. It’s now about who you know, not what you know. The Seahawks did the same to Jim Whitesel, who was one of the best, and a Hall of Famer. After 23 loyal years from the beginning of the franchise, Mike Holmgren came in and fired him, for no reason at all. Dave Kendall of the Chiefs was also fired by a head coach, as was Jim Anderson, the long-time head trainer at the Rams. John Kasik, head trainer for the Panthers was another innovative trainer, who was fired when another head coach came in. There is no loyalty to the loyal, and the good ones. Kevin O’Neil, a great trainer was also let go by the Dolphins, and now, Brad Brown. Maybe coaches and administrators should take a better look at what they have, before pulling the trigger. Trainers don’t throw interceptions or lose games. Front office should protect their loyal people, ie. the family franchises like the Giants, Bears and Steelers.

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