Welker told Broncos: We’re the best offense ever, start showing it


Broncos receiver Wes Welker got fired up during the Super Bowl, and he tried to get his teammates fired up with him by reminding them that Denver’s offense had been all but unstoppable during the season.

NFL Films microphones caught Welker gathering his teammates together to try to give them a pep talk on the sideline after the Broncos struggled early. As shown on NFL Network, a frustrated Welker implored his teammates to play the way they had in the regular season.

“Hey! We’re the best damn offense to ever play this game,” Welker said. “We’ve got to start showing it.”

Welker knows what it is to play on a great offense: He played on the 2007 Patriots team that set the records for points and touchdowns in a season, records that the 2013 Broncos broke. Unfortunately, Welker also knows what it is to play on a great offense that disappoints in the Super Bowl. If the 2013 Broncos had the best offense ever, then perhaps we need to start labeling the 2013 Seahawks the best defense ever.

96 responses to “Welker told Broncos: We’re the best offense ever, start showing it

  1. The best ever statistically but not sure if they were really the best ever. The changes that substantially softened what defenders could do the last couple years made it easy to run up the numbers they way the Donks did.

    Defenders were hitting a lot harder in 2007 and even in 2011 while the soften defenses movement had begun within the league office, it hadn’t gone full force yet.

  2. “There are kids in hospital beds right now, waiting to watch me drop a crucial, game-changing pass in the Super Bowl, but thanks to you guys, that’s not gonna happen!”

    –Wes Welker

  3. 1 part the Broncos (Manning) overpreparing and being too high strung

    1 part “any given Sunday” for both teams

    I would guess if these teams played 10 games, they would be close to.500

  4. Welker, once again proves he is a fantastic playmaker unless the game is on the line. He should be happy that they got blown out, it prevented him from a key drop…

  5. Am I the only one who sees Rick Moranis from Spaceballs when I see Welker wearing that ridiculous helmet? Was he also seen on the sideline imploring his team mates to comb the desert?

  6. Im going sound like a biased jerk saying this but the best offense ever was probably the 07 Patriots. They played a much harder schedule. Yet still they only managed 14 points in the SB. Being the best offense is only part of the team. 8 Points by this record setting bunch was pathetic.

  7. Imagine if the Favre-led Packers in the mid 90s had played in today’s league.

    Chumura & Keith Jackson not having to worry about linebackers/safeties taking their heads off.

    Freeman and Brooks not having to worry about press coverage or John Lynch.

    Then there’s the Joe & Steve Niners – Jim Kelly & Dan Marino… these guys would clown Brees and Manning’s records…easily!

  8. This game was over when after the AFCCG Welker had to show selected highlight tape of his team to convince themselves they were tough enough for the Seahawks.

  9. megahead mannings face should be the new international symbol for choking. the heimanning maneuver. COUGH COUGH GAGGGGG

  10. Best offense ever? after what? beating during the regular season the Texans, Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins, Titans, Giants, who were a total of 27-69 and that’s nearly 50% of their schedule, not counting other teams that struggled like the Ravens and Cowboys.
    This team , like the whole of the AFC sucked. And it won’t get any better next year, Denver fans, forget any chance of a SB with Manning, it will NEVER happen. Only in a dream.

  11. I really kind of feel for Welker ; there can be little doubt that he’s played on some of the best offenses in NFL history , yet still no ring.
    He’s sort of like a non QB version of Marino.

  12. The Denver Broncos deserve a lot of credit for their great season, including “the best offense ever.” However, either the players or scheme weren’t prepared for a great defense that was determined to win. That’s something Denver’s coaching staff should consider if they want to overcome what happened in the Super Bowl.

  13. This, and the Vikings still gave up nearly 500 pts to opposing offenses for the 2013 season. While the Broncos had the best offense, the Vikings had the absolute worst defense.

  14. Just imagine Richard Sherman proclaiming “we’re the best damn defense ever”. Even though they may be in the conversation, you clowns would NEVER let him live it down

  15. As good as the Seahawks’ defense is, if Denver’s offense was really the best of all time they would have been able to score more than 8 points. The reality is that today’s NFL inflates points scored compared to historically great offenses of other eras.

  16. that game proved denvers offense was nowhere close to the best ever. it took a backseat to the the 2007 patriots and 1998 vikings, and the 1999 rams. i don’t know who the best offense ever is , but it certainly is not anything close to the broncos. they don’t even make the top 10. the john elway offenses in 97 and 98 were superior to this offense. seattle exposed denver as frauds who padded stats all season against terrible teams.

  17. Ya, last year, when your QB was 37…

    Time’s a waste’n, and you little ponys put too much into Peypey to have a decent defense.

  18. All you Welker haters… if Brady throws that ball 12″ lower and and/or 12″ to the left, he would have caught it.

    Stop letting a bimbo wife influence your thinking.

  19. is it just me, or has there been a strange absence of megahead manning commercials for the last 48 hours. talk about refreshing. if that egomaniac wouldve won, there would be 800 new commercials of jughead manning over the offseason. i hope papa johns sales are free falling, i hope jughead manning actually has to eat papa johns for once in his life. how about a new papa johns pizza, for $8.43 , the new megahead manning pizza, the crust makes up 90% of the pizza to resemble mannings massive fivehead and its stuffed with whine and cheese for the manning apologists and guaranteed to make you choke within the first 4 bites.

  20. Hard to show it when you’re playing against a PED-infused defense that commits pass interference on every play

  21. Broncos injured reserve could beat the Vikings in Minnesota with the flu. The love boat is sinking

  22. Clearly Manning is a fine quarterback and had a great year. But, the passing records today deserve an asterisk by them. It was only a few years ago when it was the rare wide receiver that was willing to go over the middle because they knew they were going to get the hurt put on them. Now any pansy will go over the middle, because DBs will be called for a penalty and fined if they breath heavy in their direction.

  23. He must have short term memory loss from all those concussions because the 2007 Patriots offense was better then this Denver offense. Denver got lucky with a super easy schedule.

  24. Welker is the most vocal one on the team. What gives? Entire defense on the Seahawks is a talker. Some more then others

  25. Any team that relies on altitude to smother opposing defenses gets exposed at or below sea level. The Pats defense was severely undermanned and yet managed to keep it within reach in the 4th. I knew then the Broncos would be torched in the SB by whoever they played.

    Nice to see Welker lose even bigger with the Broncos than he did twice with the Pats.

  26. While both are outstanding representatives, they’re not the best of their respective phases in history.

    For what it’s worth, at least I hope anyway that Welker meant this season, and not ever.

    The 49ers scorched the Elway lead broncos even worse, 55-10 and shut the team down from scoring anymore.

  27. Numbers lie!

    I don’t think this is even the best offense (or team) Peyton has been on….

    Look at some of his Colts teams.

    Edge James, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Brandon Stokley, Marcus Pollard, VanDerJagt,
    Tamme, etc.

    Add to that a GOOD offensive line, and solid defense.
    I don’t really think it’s even that close.

  28. Welker played a game of chicken with Belichick, a coach who took him from relative obscurity to a potential hall of fame career. I am sure he believed after the AFCCG that he made the right decisions that led to him leaving the Patriots for the Broncos. Reality must be hitting him as he gets married with the loss to Seattle overshadowing the ceremony. Retiring as Patriot would have set him up for life as a Patriots hall of fame player if not an NFL one. Instead, he over estimated his value in dollars and on-field play. He reminds me of the guys that leave their first wife, the loving dutiful one who they shared a wonderful relationship, for one that gives their middle age ego a boost. The Broncos will discard him when it suits Elway and without a Lombardi trophy his post-retirement presence will just be a reminder of failure.

  29. dietrich43 says:
    Feb 4, 2014 7:11 PM
    At least his wife isnt asking if he needs to throw the ball to himself.

    Wouldn’t matter he’d drop it with game on the line any way

  30. Dude stop with the Seattle ped comments . They have 1 ped suspension in an entire year and he’s the only player on the team who was suspended for peds non of the rest are on the team .

    The broncos along with 8 other teams HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF PED SUSPENSIONS AS THE SEAHAWKS .. Piggy backing an idea qualifies you as a moron and hater .

    Also let’s look up some of the names of those so called suspensions over the past 4 seasons seeing how this is a new one and they count it from before . Those guys are practice squad inactive players .. Two were contributors in browner and Irvin . And two others were players who tested positive as they joined the team or before and served the suspension while on the team . The other John moffit had a prescription not sent in to the league but filed through the team .

    So much about this ped crap is bogus and embarrasses you for not knowing this.also the damn redskins have more players suspended than Hawks until the recent substance abuse aka weed suspension . Meaning the whole time you call the hawks cheaters their is literally another team with MORE SUSPENSIONS . Just sad bc Was Sucks so well act like every player in Seattle cheats . Despite only having one player on the team who was suspended .

    World champs my friends , sorry your team can’t compete so you call foul like sensitive females .

  31. Seattle was obviously great this year but that was pathetic by Denver. Collectively they have no excuse for 1 td

  32. As much as I didn’t like Welker, didn’t want him back, and will forever hold the drop against him… I’ve gained more respect for him after this game. It’s becoming pretty clear that he was the only Bronco (coaches AND players) who showed up prepared and ready to play. He was the only Bronco who played well and when the team was getting its ass kicked he stepped up and tried to lead because even he knows he can’t trust Peyton Manning in a big game. He didn’t dodge the Brady/Manning questions by accident; he knows which QB he wants in a Super Bowl and on some level I feel some form of compassion for him. One slot receiver isn’t beating that Seattle team on his own.

  33. I think personally this was the greatest season a quarterback has ever had on an offense. Best offense? There in the discussion but here are my top 10

    1. 1989 49ers
    2. 1994 49ers
    3. 1999 Rams
    4. 2013 Broncos
    5. 2007 Patriots
    6. 1996 Packers
    7. 2001 Rams
    8. 1990 Bills
    9. 1984 Dolphins
    10. 2004 Colts

  34. So Welker had to fire up the offense? Where was the “Greatest of all time” on the sidelines, pouting in the corner? You know FOX was desperate to show anything resembling PeyPey imploring his offense to keep their chins up. . The “greatest” got angrier with a reporter after the game than he did during it. “Coach on the field” “defacto offensive coordinator” “MVP”??? How about “fraud”?

  35. The Hawks commit PI on every play, look for it to be called next year early and often. They won’t even be the same team when the refs stop letting them cheat to keep the game flowing.

    It’s either that or all Ds will start doing the same thing, the league will stop it next year.

  36. Anyone talking about the Broncos’ coaching staff?!

    Not going for the FG in the first half kept them scoreless going into halftime and…

    Kicking that ridiculously stupid pooch kickoff to open the 2nd half was the bonehead call of the game.

    The Broncos weren’t prepared at all for the physical play of the Seahawks and they looked intimidated and were blown out.

    I’m blaming Fox and his coaching staff for this debacle (a lot more than Peyton Manning).

  37. Love my Seahawks but not ready to claim ‘best ever’, just way too many rule changes and despite the pressure on Manning, we don’t sack enough. That bears defense was incredible in 85. However, with all the pro offense rule changes and passing and the best offense ever, and with Beast Mode not controlling the clock, the Seahawks held the Broncos to 8 points. They should be in the discussion but you can’t compare eras.
    I still think Don Hutson is the GOAT for wrs not Rice.

  38. packerblitz says: Feb 4, 2014 6:53 PM

    Just another example of how today’s NFL makes offense records way overrated. Pathetic.

    Especially regular season, offensive, personal stats.

  39. They were the best in the league at yards after the catch while playing a very favorable schedule. Seattle was the best at allowing yards after the catch. There it is…

  40. Wes your 5″3′ and popping off after every Super Bowl loss you’ve had. At least you have those Super Bowl rings with tom brady in early 2k!!

    NOT!!! he’s the peyton manning of wide receivers. catches all underneath routes during the season but misses many clutch catches in the playoffs. Patriot fans know exactly what I’m talking about.

  41. If they played 10 times, Seattle would win 9 times only because of the any given Sunday factor. Otherwise I don’t know a scenario that Denver would win. Every matchup favors Seattle except for Den passing vs Sea Def. But considering the yards after catch that Denver had (50% of Manning’s yards were after catch on the season), and that is the strength of the Seattle defense, maybe that favors Seattle too…as we saw.

  42. Have to agree that if the rule changes have favored the offenses in recent years, then that makes Seattle’s defense that much more impressive.

    But how much did PED’s play a role in this performance? Same question regarding Alabama’s dominant win over Notre Dame.

  43. As a Ravens fan I always thought that the Ravens in SB XXXV and the ’85 Bears showed the best defense in the Super Bowl but no I have to tip my hat to Seattle this year because they destroyed Manning. I will however contend that Baltimore had the best defensive run in the playoffs of anyone with what they accomplished in 2000. They allowed 1 offensive touchdown in 4 playoff games. In fact they beat the Bears scoring defense record after 19 games!!!

  44. WES…you are something,,,You and YOU ALONE could have won the last superbowl….you catch that little 8 yard dump off pass,,sit down,,,and the game is over,,the pats run out the clock and you have your ring…
    Worse yet is: BB you saved you from the rap that is MIAMI,,where they had you riding the PINE,,,,Tell me wes how many passes did you catch in MIA???????
    BB brings you to NE,,when everbody laughed…WES WELKER???? matched you up with TB,,,and the rest is history, right up to the point where you felt “DISRESPECTED” and bailed on Tom Brady…YOU BAILED,,,not BB YOU DID

  45. Why is there no analysis on Peyton throwing the ball beyond 20 yards. All year they need YAC for big plays. When you cannot throw down field, you cannot beat the Seahwaks. Peyton simply doesn’t have the arm strength to throw 20+ yards. Those small underneath routes are fodder for the Legion of Boom.

  46. Putting up the biggest numbers doesn’t automatically make you “the best offense ever.” Take Peyton Manning, he is putting up the biggest stats for a QB, however, he definitely isn’t the best QB ever.

  47. I wonder if Welker is missing Brady/Belichick now. The Pats still might have lost the game, but there’s no way Brady/Belichick would have let their team fold like that in the first quarter of the game the way Fox/Manning allowed the Broncos to do so. They would have rallied the team to give them to give them a fighting chance til the bitter end.

  48. I can’t figure out why all you haters keep blaming Welker for that “dropped pass” against the Giants in the Super Bowl.

    It was a lousy pass by Brady. As was his intentional grounding safety in that same game. Oh yeah, also the underthrown pass intercepted by Blackburn who has prob an 1/8th inch vertical.

  49. Welker to Patriots fans: How’s Danny Amendola working out for you?

    I’m a Pats fan and can’t understand the venom from Pats fans directed at him. He could have caught that ball in the SB against NY, but it wasn’t an easy catch. Let it go.

  50. No. I hate the Ravens but their first SB win against the Giants with Trent Dilfer was the best D ever. Wilson is wayyyy better than Dilfer. I think the Ravens offense that year was legally blind.

  51. patsfan112 says: Feb 4, 2014 8:02 PM

    He must have short term memory loss from all those concussions because the 2007 Patriots offense was better then this Denver offense. Denver got lucky with a super easy schedule.

    With all due respect to the Patriots, they have had 6 easy games every year for more than a decade. Their division is complete garbage minus a satisfactory year or two from the Jets and one from Miami. And during those years where those teams didn’t completely stink the Jets eliminated them in the playoffs and Miami won the division.

    The Patriots wouldn’t be who they are if they played in a division that wasn’t Junior Varsity. Probably why they are no longer competitive in the post season.

  52. Really furious76? You even watch any Donkey games and see Dicker and Duhmaryius push the defenders off to get open? It’s happened all season, but Seattle wouldn’t allow it…get a clue.

    And to thermanmerman99: frickin’ hilarious man, you nailed it. Papa Johns pizza just sucks…a MegaHead pie for $8.43. Just awesome. 🙂

  53. Wow Harveyredman, who is your team, the 1970s Steelers? The 80s 49ers? 3 straight AFCCs and the Pats are “no longer COMPETITIVE” in the postseason?” Pathetic and ignorant comment by you.

    Pastabelly, I don’t hate WW, but it’s pretty clear based on how things went down over the offseason last year that he wanted out. And Amendola hasn’t worked out to date, true. That’s why they hedged their bets and had him and Edelman. And Edelman was fantastic in 2013. That role was well filled.

  54. soulmancer says: Feb 4, 2014 7:16 PM

    The Denver Broncos deserve a lot of credit for their great season, including “the best offense ever.” However, either the players or scheme weren’t prepared for a great defense that was determined to win. That’s something Denver’s coaching staff should consider if they want to overcome what happened in the Super Bowl.
    Great analysis. So much more reasoned than the “Broncos lost because Manning is a choker” rationale that seems so pervasive.

  55. The complaints that Seattle holds receivers and “cheats” is absurd. You play to win the game. The most novice fan knew that Seattle would play an aggressive physical coverage and that Denver’s line would hold on virtually every play. It only gets called when it is egregious (e.g., the the take-down leg whip) or once one team is running away with the game (Seattle had 10 for over 100 yards when the refs tried unsuccessfully to keep the game close). The biggest non-call was when Thomas held Sherman from behind, keeping him from a sure interception in the end-zone. Only losers and people who are getting dumped you the word “cheat”.

  56. @taintedsaints2009
    At least john fox wasn’t put in a time out and banned from his own facility for a year for being a dumba$$… Saints fans need to shut it..

  57. Peyton Manning better layoff the PapaCrappa John’s pizza. He looked like a soft doughboy in the Super Bore.

  58. After that first play Manning yelled at the snapper and you could see the guy went and sat on the other side of the bench and was T’ed about it. That is why P.Manning is no Tom Brady and Welker should have been happy in NE.

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