After nixing Dolphins, Farmer wants to “redefine” Browns history


When viewed through the prism of the Browns or the Dolphins, the impression of stability is often as important as the stability itself.

So perhaps it says something about the directions of the franchises when Cleveland’s assistant general manager turned down a chance to the the G.M. in Miami.

“I think Cleveland is primed and I think we’re in a position to redefine the history books,” Farmer told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I think change is on the horizon and I didn’t want to miss what’s going to happen in Cleveland.”

The 39-year-old Farmer was offered a second interview, but passed on the chance.

“I didn’t finish the process,” said Farmer. “I assume they would’ve given me the job. That’s the way it was articulated to me. If I took the job, I would’ve reported directly to [Dolphins owner] Stephen Ross and it was a tremendous opportunity. It still is a dream of mine to become a general manager and run my own program and put together my own team, but it wasn’t the right time for me.

“I knew what I had here. I know what I think is going to happen here, and I know what we have in place. So to that degree, the known is better than the unknown.”

That kind of optimism might be a chance for the Browns to overcome their Brownishness, but it speaks more clearly to how dysfunctional things are perceived in Miami right now.

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  1. “That kind of optimism might be a chance for the Browns to overcome their Brownishness, but it speaks more clearly to how dysfunctional things are perceived in Miami right now.”

    Or he just really believes the Browns are poised to turn it around like he said. They have a good defense and one top 5 receiver. Obviously need help on offense but they have what, 10 draft picks?! I think they can turn it around in the next couple of years. Not a Browns fan but I personally would love to see them improve like my Panthers. Good luck Cleveland!

  2. “I think I know what is going to happen here”. Translation – Lombardi will be gone by the bye week and I will have my very own sinking ship to try to turn around.

  3. Well, if you’re planning on jumping on the Browns’ bandwagon, now’s the time to do it.

    Go Brownies!!!

  4. My goodness, Miami. From fans on this board running their mouth all offseason long while the Dolphins overpaid for mediocre free agents (Brent Grimes and his one year deal excluded) while dumping players who were better than those they signed (Karlos Dansby), and now we have a story of a Cleveland Browns employee turning down the chance to build a team near South Beach. Yikes. What the heck happened to this franchise? They used to be one of the best run organizations in pro sports, and now they are a clown show.

  5. Very few in the ‘know’ really know what the hell they are talking about, they, i.e. rag reporters write whatever looks good and what they think will get someone’s attention, that’s all, the truth is out there but in their dysfunctional minds the truth is whatever they write!
    So back to my feeble point, perhaps Farmer decided that instead of being under the bright lights and intense pressure to succeed right away he stayed in crappy Cleveland where expectations are so much lower than in crappy Miami where they are not, ( let me keep this job where 8-8 is considered a success whereas Miami 10 wins still sucks! )

    ps the Miami Herald sports reporters suck! alot

  6. I like it – very few times do personnel pass up on opportunities to move on from an organization for a promotion. And maybe Farmer sees he is next in line to take over if Lombardi stumbles

  7. He’s right, what’s the all time record for last place finishes, top 5 picks, losing record, basically all round futility. Got a great shot at that.

  8. You can’t “redefine the history books”.

    History doesn’t change. Even if the Browns became the most successful team in the NFL for the next 20 years, it wouldn’t change their “history”.

    Someone needs to buy this guy a dictionary.

  9. Ray Farmer turned down the position with the Fins because he would not have authority over Philbin. Any GM would want control over the Head Coach and Ross was not providing that. Him not going to Miami has more to do with control over the franchise. I for one applaud Ross for showing loyalty to his coach. That franchise needs balance not more turmoil that comes with changing head coaches. Farmer not taking the job is not an indictment on the Fins but the hierarchy of the role. I cannot blame Farmer for turning down the opportunity as I am sure he will get another chance next year or sometime later.

  10. I like his enthusiasm. Being a lifelong browns fan I hope he is right. No fans n the NFL deserve some success more than the loyal browns fans. However, been there, seen it before, and I know what the outcome usually is. But, maybe his enthusiasm will trickle down to the players, free agents, and draft picks. But, 15 years of getting your hopes up only to be brought back to reality will make a skeptic out of anyone. Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall not be disappointed. I hope they take off like a bat outta hell, but……..

  11. Wasn’t Miami’s GM job the one where basically you had the title but none of the authority? Also wasn’t it also the one where it was rumored that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross allegedly thought Ray Farmers name was “Roy” in the interview?

    Cleveland’s biggest issue was hiring their GM’s AFTER hiring their coach and paid for it. Now that the guy is actually in a position to build a team (which Cleveland is apparently doing this year after deferring all their cap space and 2013 draft picks to this off season) why go somewhere where he’d be handcuffed to the decisions of someone else. Especially someone as shady as Jeff Ireland was.

  12. Whatever his motives, whatever his reasons, I’m just glad he stayed. He provides the island of sanity in an ocean of lunacy and uncertainy.

    Will Jimmy go to jail? Will Knuckles blow a gasket? Will Dumbardi find his office and his dolls? Is Coach Putin the answer, and for how long?

    Ray Farmer is the single voice of talent, experience, reason and hope for the Browns players & fans.

  13. These are the faux Browns, the real Browns are in Baltimore, the faux Browns have had only 2 winning seasons in 14 years and have only been to the playoffs once in their existence and lost.

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