Chargers staying at Qualcomm Stadium for 2014

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As would be expected, the Chargers are staying put at Qualcomm Stadium for 2014.

The Chargers announced Wednesday they would not terminate their lease at their home stadium, which is one of the NFL’s oldest.

“The team is continuing to work, as we have for more than a decade, on stadium solutions in San Diego, and we will not be triggering the out clause in our lease in 2014,” Mark Fabiani, special counsel to the club president, told on Wednesday.

Formerly Jack Murphy Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium opened in 1967 and was renovated in 1997.

The Chargers have made it no secret that they would like a new stadium, but the matter of public funding for a project is a potential sticking point.

In the interim, they need a place to play, and while they have the right to terminate their lease early each offseason, they don’t really have anywhere else to go in the short term.

25 responses to “Chargers staying at Qualcomm Stadium for 2014

  1. Why don’t they build it on the same property Qualcomm sits now?That larking lot is huge and once the new stadium opens you demo,ish it and there’s your parking.

  2. For those who are nostalgic for Riverfront Stadium, The Vet, Three Rivers or any of the other cookie-cutter all-purpose stadiums, come to San Diego! 1980 amenities at 2014 prices!

  3. Cant build it on the Q parking lot. The soil underneath is contaminated. They would have done that already if they could’ve, but its not ideal conditions.

  4. What this really says is that 2014 is the last year for the San Diego Chargers.

    It’s the L.A. Chargers in 2015.

  5. Yeah, Joe. In that new fabulous stadium that they’re going to build in one year. Go read Raiders news or something.

  6. That stadium is so old that when you walk into it you expect to see Dan Fouts throwing passes to Kellen Winslow Sr.

  7. So many want new stadiums when they don’t really need them.

    Oakland’s stadium is far and away the worst and they need a new one.

    I’d put San Diego’s stadium as the 2nd worst one in the league. They need a new place too.

    Now, the Atlanta Falcons DON’T need a new stadium, but they’re getting one…

  8. No one in SD wants to admit it, but the owners don’t want to pay for it, most fans are transplants with other rooting interests and the city council doesn’t want it. They want a new convention center first. They approved a nice baseball stadium and it draws 30-50% capacity.

    The Q is a dump though! It’s embarrassing that a state like CA has 3 dump stadiums in SF, OAK and SD. Imagine the Superbowl possibilities in nice weather, great food/social cities. SF jumped on the new stadium bandwagon and guarantee they’ll get a SB soon.

  9. “Cant build it on the Q parking lot. The soil underneath is contaminated. They would have done that already if they could’ve, but its not ideal conditions.”

    Contaminated with what? What could possibly be worse than all the radiation from Fukushima and the industrial pollution from all our crap being made in China that floats to and rains down on Cali every single day. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that state. Time to shut ‘er down.

  10. Thank god it didn’t have a heavy downpour at one of the games this year. It floods the field seats when it does. The Bolts and the city need to figure something out quick. 10 years of going back and forth on a stadium is too long.

  11. As a Rams fan I do hope either the Raiders or Chargers get to LA before we do, but I can’t believe the Chargers play in a stadium that is that outdated in todays NFL.

  12. This is the same city (and I’m a true native, being born there in 1953 and lived for 40 years) that refuses to fund/build desalination plants to make the best use of the Pacific Ocean and complains of drought situations like they have now. 8th largest population with a branch-office mentality. I love my Chargers, but folks running things are continually self-absorbed and myopically stupid.

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