Dolphins offering variable pricing, targeted benefits for season ticket holders

Getty Images

Another team has decided to make the move to variable ticket pricing.

The Dolphins have announced that they will institute a system of different prices for individual games based on perceived demand and value of the games. The Lions and Patriots have also gone that route, pricing preseason games at a far lower price point than games in prime time or against marquee opponents.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins will make those prices known when the schedule is released, but the team said that the cost of 26 percent of seats for season ticket holders will go down while 18 percent will go up. The rest of the seats will stay the same price.

Dolphins chief revenue officer Jeremy Walls also announced that the team will institute a program of benefits for season ticket holders. Those benefits will be targeted to specific groups — family or business, for example — and include things like invitation to draft parties and pregame field passes.

“The program we’ve created is designed to give them more benefits, events and discounts than they’ve ever experienced, and provide an even better value proposition, as it relates to being a member of the Dolphins,” Walls said.

The Dolphins averaged 64,319 fans per game in 2013, which ranked 21st in the league.