Howie Roseman: It’s a complicated situation at wide receiver

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The Eagles have two wide receivers heading toward free agency next month and General Manager Howie Roseman is sending the message that keeping both Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin in Philadelphia may not happen.

While the team would like to have both players back for another year and could probably afford it, Roseman said that the overall needs of the team and the ability to add more receiver help via the draft will get in the way of the status quo.

“Well, I think it is complicated, because you have guys that you want to have back and also, what resources are you going to devote to that position with the guys who are already on the roster? And then you look at it in the draft, obviously a very strong position, so I think … it’s a complicated situation but we’ve never ruled out bringing both of those guys back,” Roseman said, via

Maclin is coming off an ACL injury that could limit his chances of landing a multi-year deal, which may make staying in a familiar offense for the 2014 season before hitting free agency again an appealing prospect. Cooper was able to get more chances with Maclin out of the lineup and made good on them with eight touchdown catches, production that could lead to a fair amount of interest from teams looking for a new addition at receiver.

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  1. @Vikings….
    #84 will be a very good player for you guys, besides him and #15 there’s no one + you forget that your Qb’s noodle arm can’t get the ball to any WR on the team. That’s why your team played better with Cassel but I don’t understand why josh Freeman wasn’t given another shot seeing how the season was a wash anyway but as for the birds WR’s, I personally would like both back at least for 1 more year with all of them healthy&100% Maclin was an all around better WR than DJax a season ago and gives us another threat whenever he touches the ball while Cooper is finally using his big body to make plays over smaller-shorter DBS ESP in the redzone. If Maclin does leave, I’d like for Chip to go after D.Thomas the athlete from Oregon(Not sure if he’s def. coming out) but he’s an explosive player that Chip would use wisely as he did with the ducks.

  2. Cooper should know he’s more valuable to the Eagles than anyother wide out. He should also know that if Maclin was healthy his numbers wouldn’t be so grand.

    Maclin should take a one year deal to stay with the Eagles then sign for bigger money elsewhere. If the Eagles wanna gamble they could sign him to a 3-4 year deal for overall less money than Maclin would get in 2015, and hope he can return to form.

  3. “Maclin is coming off an ACL injury that could limit his chances of landing a multi-year deal, which may make staying in a familiar offense for the 2014 season before hitting free agency again an appealing prospect.”

    Familiar??? You do realize that Maclin has played a grand total of zero games in Chip Kelly’s offense.

  4. Not sure how this site filters comments but it’s ridiculous that these comments that are clearly off-topic and add no value always seem to get through while educated, well constructed comments are deleted.

    But, I’ll bite. I think the commenter that said Patterson and Jennings are the only good WRs on the Vikings is a bit off base. Jerome Simpson is a very good 3rd receiver and Wright is a very solid 4th option. Give them a halfway decent QB and this is a top 10 core.

    As for the Eagles, I think Maclin should come back on a one year deal and test free agency next year unless someone’s crazy enough to offer him a big contract coming off that injury, which is doubtful. I don’t see anyone breaking the bank for Cooper. He’s a solid 3rd-4th option but nothing special.

  5. Djax 82 rec 1332 yds G. Jennings 68 rec 804
    R Cooper 47 rec 835 yds J.Simpson 48 rec 726
    J. Avant 38 rec 447 yds C. Patterson 45 rec 469
    Z. Ertz 36 rec 469 yds J. Carlson 32 rec 344
    B. Celek 32 rec 502 yds K. Rudolph 30 rec 313

    Regular season stats. No Vikes pass catchers with 5 TDs…..Eagles had 3 players with at least 5 TDs.

    Math 101: > = GREATER THAN, < = LESS THAN


  6. I like what Roseman is doing. We have a small window to get our own under contract. Hopefully Cooper swallows the bait and takes a nice 2-3 year deal. Maclin on the other hand should be given time to see what he is worth on the free market and the Eagles can see if they want to match.

    Chip will target a slot guy from college. I like Thomas from Oregon. He has Harvin speed and Welker-like ability to get open. His hands are good. He can play anywhere.

    In Chip We Trust

  7. Let Maclin go, Cooper fits the system well. For the debate on Vikings vs Eagles WR’s, Vikings are fine they just need a QB or at last Cassel getting a fair shot cuz he looked promising last year.

  8. I’m indifferent. I don’t think either will ever be game changing superstars. I think it’s risky to invest in a guy coming off injury or a flash in the pan. Kelvin Benjamin would nice.

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