Lest they be Dumerviled, UCLA lets recruits sign electronically

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Across this great land of ours, the youngest wave of college football hopefuls are dusting off one of our older forms of communication.

With national signing day upon us, high school students are faxing colleges their signed National Letters of Intent, at least in most places.

According to Bruce Feldman of CBSSports.com, UCLA is allowing recruits to sign their LOIs electronically by computers or handheld devices.

It seems like such a simple transition to make in the digital age, but obviously, some folks have struggled with it.

The Broncos had to cut Elvis Dumervil last offseason when his faxed in contract didn’t make it in time, leading him to fire his agent and ultimately sign with the Ravens. A month later, the NFLPA signed a deal with an electronic-signature company in hopes of preventing such fiascoes in the future.

It seems it might be catching on in the college ranks now, too.

5 responses to “Lest they be Dumerviled, UCLA lets recruits sign electronically

  1. The whole faxing debacle reminded me of a Dilbert strip where he was on a date, and she asked him for his fax number. He said, “I don’t remember it. Let me travel back in time to 1993, the last time anyone used that thing, and I’ll get the number.”

    Good to see at least one university is stepping into the 21st century.

  2. Hmm, something tells my Elvis isnt too bummed about coming to baltimore after the lowly broncos got EMBARRASSED in front of the world. Id rather be watching that game then be in it. Elvis wins again

  3. Right thebirdsareback, I’m sure if you ask any player in the NFL they’d prefer the great achievement of completely missing the playoffs instead of getting embarrassed in the Super Bowl…well maybe you’d call that achievement.

  4. Broncos probably wished they had Dumerville Sunday, snapshot into disorganization in that franchise, take away Manning -8-8 squad

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