Michael Bennett “100 percent” wants to stay in Seattle

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Last year, the Seahawks signed defensive lineman Michael Bennett to a bargain-basement, one-year, $5 million deal.

This year, it won’t be as cheap to keep Bennett around. But he wants to stay.

Per our own Curtis Crabtree, who covers the team for KJR radio, Bennett said Wednesday negotiations on a new deal haven’t begun, but that he “100 percent” wants to stay.

“We can go back and win a Super Bowl again with all these guys,” Bennett said. “It’s a business but I definitely want to be back.”

Coach Pete Carroll agrees, as to Bennett and the rest of the free agents.

“There’s some very difficult decisions and things that we’ll have to make, as you always do at this time of year, but we just need to get better,” Carroll said, via Crabtree.

“We want this team together. We want to see if we can keep this team together. Every decision is difficult that we have to face. Guys at the end of their contracts, those are big issues for us. We love the guys. We love what they do and what they bring and we’d like to keep it together as best we can.”

It’ll be impossible to keep everyone.  Players will want to be paid, and other teams could be inclined to pay a premium if it means slowing down a budding dynasty.

At some point, the Seahawks need to trust their ability to reload, via the draft and through veterans who’ll take less for a chance to win a ring.

In other words, if they lose last year’s Michael Bennett, they’ll simply have to find this year’s Michael Bennett.

31 responses to “Michael Bennett “100 percent” wants to stay in Seattle

  1. Every time I hear the name Michael Bennett, I swear I want to punch Schiano and Mark Dominick in their throats for letting him walk in free agency..

  2. No worries, free agents are champing at the bit to sign with Seattle at a lesser price in order to compete and have fun under an elite head coach, unlike a tyrant like Jim Harbaugh.

  3. I still want to punch Mark Dominick and Greg Schiano right in their faces over the Bucs letting him go. Good for him though, and good for the Seahawks fans.

  4. What should frighten the rest of the NFL is the Hawks came through the season healthy. Only Sherman has an injury and his high ankle sprain will be fine in a few weeks. So, they can pick from their own guys or the free agents out there to create next years Super Bowl contender. It should be fun.

  5. I’m sure every one of those players wants to stay but they can’t all stay. They all want to make money too.

  6. I suspect Seattle will find sufficient money somewhere to sign him. The fact he WANTS to be there indicates he might be willing to strike a bargain with them again. Maybe Cliff Avril size paycheck? 7 mil?

    Money can’t buy happiness, and he seems to be happy playing in Seattle.

    Why not us?

  7. Will be too costly……looks like he will command over 10 million per year, as several teams will boost that price up.

    He has his ring, so if Seattle offers 7mil per year, and he gets 10mil per year…..he is gone…..they always go for the cash!

  8. Michael Bennett bet on himself and he won. I love our defensive line players but think Bennett is the best of the bunch because of his versatility. He can beat tackles from LE, RE and watching him destroy double teams in 2nd and 3rd downs from inside is special.

    I love me some Red Bryant but between him and Clem that’s about 16 million a year that can either be restructured our cut to get Bennett to the 8-10 range.

  9. He wants to 100% stay, so long as the contract is better than what he gets offered elsewhere. That is what he meant to say.

    The Seahawks are going to lose some players this year and a bunch of players the following year. that is just how it works out with the cap in the NFL. There is no way a guy would play for less money to stay somewhere. Rarely ever happens and when it does, it is usually a guy who has been with a team for a number of years.

    There are several players on the Seattle roster that are about to break the bank and kill their cap. It happens to every team and Seattle is not going to be immune.

  10. One little nagging detail seems to escape so many “experts”. That “more money” you keep talking about is illusory at best. Look at al of the elite players that face restructuring, salary cuts, and outright cuts from a team each pre-season. All because they wanted more than a team could afford to pay under their cap restraints. Players always want “more” when they see no or little chance for personal advancement with teams that are going nowhere. Players aren’t always as greedy, when they can sniff the air and it smells like “Super Bowl”.

    Players are already earning far more than most of their college grad contemporaries, on their rookie contracts. A rook in the NFL will make several hundred thousand a year, while a lib arts major with no sports skills, might spend that same time, bringing in under a hundred K, per annum. When the player (if he’s really good) goes on to sign for 7-8 figures a year, he knows, he’s not going to have many years in which to command that kind of compensation.

    On the other hand, players that have shown a willingness to be realistic and reasonable in their contract demands, very often go on to have long careers (i.e.: more paydays). So, would Bennett prefer a few more over-taxed bucks and play for a long-shot team, or hang around with a culture intent on a yearly threat to “do it all”?

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