PETA calls Joe Namath’s fur coat an “embarrassment”


Peyton Manning was not the worst quarterback on the field in Sunday’s Super Bowl, at least according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA released a statement ripping Joe Namath, the Super Bowl III-winning quarterback who performed the coin toss on Sunday, for wearing a fur coat to the game.

“The real embarrassment on Sunday was Joe Namath’s caveperson coat,” PETA said in a statement. “No matter what he spent on that eyesore, the animals who were trapped, bludgeoned, electrocuted, or skinned alive for their fur paid a lot more—the ultimate price, in fact—and viewers across the country agree that it was too high a price, as demonstrated by the outpouring of anti-fur messages that hit Twitter the second that Namath’s coat hit the screen.”

Namath, who says he spent $3,000 on the coyote coat, also famously wore fur when he was a player. But according to PETA, Namath had vowed to stop wearing fur, and the organization is unhappy that he’s back to his fur-wearing ways.

“PETA is asking Joe, who swore off fur when his wolf-skin bedspread horrified his fans decades ago, to donate the coat so that we can give it a proper burial,” the statement said.

Actually, the proper way to dispose of a fur coat isn’t a burial. As Elaine Benes could explain to PETA, the proper way to dispose of a fur coat is to throw it out the window.

176 responses to “PETA calls Joe Namath’s fur coat an “embarrassment”

  1. This comments section will be loaded with people blasting PETA instead of addressing the real issue that both parties can be idiots. PETA can be idiots, but wearing clothing that came from torturing animals is horrible. Killing coyote’s to make a stupid looking coat… seriously?

  2. Namath creeps me out a little, but I loved the coat. Straight pimpin’. If the comments here allowed poster icons, that picture above would be probably 30% of the posts.

  3. I’m a vegetarian and am usually on the activist side of these issues. But I honestly don’t see the difference between a fur coat and a leather jacket. Or leather belts, wallets, and sneakers, especially ones assembled by children in third world nations.

    If we’re going to shame Joe for his coat, let’s all take a look in our own closets first.

  4. Once again proving it’s a free country unless a special interest group says it’s not.

  5. This is really relative….if you’ve ever lived in an area with coyotes, you would know that they are a pest at the very least. There’s a reason my state allows these animals to be shot without a license.

    Maybe PETA is the embarrassment?

  6. Understand PETA’s response. However, are we completely sure Namath isn’t convinced he’s a bear? He’s had a lot to drinks…oh yea…and the concussion thing. Pshhh.

  7. yep the game of pigskin is the wrong place for animal furs…….wait what? crawl back under your rock peta, not everyone has to agree with you. aren’t you the same group that was upset about killing fake whales in video games?

  8. I dont usually agree with PETA, but they are right, it was an embarrassment. not because he was wearing dead animals, but because its always sad watching aging former celebrities try to relive the old days.

  9. Coyotes are not skinned alive for their pelts. That is a typical PETA lie. Coyotes are over populated in many parts of the country and their populations need to be controlled. States have tried baiting them with food that makes them sterile, paying bounties etc….

  10. The 60’s called and want their coat back.

    I’m a member of PETA…..People Eating Tasty Animals.

    Actually if it’s coyote, I wish everyone in the country was issued one. They destroy the deer and turkey population on my mountain property.

    Shut up PETA (bet they’re all fat too….) and way to go Broadway Joe. Everyone at our party got a good laugh out it!!!

  11. How do we know that the coyotes weren’t some road kill? Better yet, where is PETA when hundreds of coyotes are mistreated because nobody is there to end their suffering after being hit by a car/truck/big rig?

  12. This comments section will be loaded with people blasting PETA instead of addressing the real issue that both parties can be idiots. PETA can be idiots, but wearing clothing that came from torturing animals is horrible. Killing coyote’s to make a stupid looking coat… seriously?
    How do you KNOW the animal was tortured or skinned alive? You are just making an assumption. And why don’t we hear criticism about NFL players wearing leather shoes. Only when it comes to fur.

  13. PETA is right. The coat is as much an embarrassment as Joe Nameth is. Joe Nameth is an old fool & is too dumb to be ashamed to know the torture involved in making a coat like that. Anyone here that trashes PITA obviously doesn’t understand what they do or is just as ignorant as Joe is.

  14. People Eating Tasty Animals is right! That coat did look horrible. I’ll bet Joe was warm though and isn’t that the most important thing to get from this article?

  15. Coyotes are dangerous, and extremely overpopulated. The state of SC is practically begging us hunters to shoot them on site. I’ve heard some states are even putting a bounty on them. If Joey styles wants to wear a coyote coat that’s fine with me all they are good for is their fur anyway the mets is too tough to do anything with. Yes I’ve tried various ways if cooking them with not so tasty results.

  16. No need to call out Joe for embarrassment PETA. Joe embarrasses himself with great vigor daily.

  17. A great tweet by Albert Brooks was that at half time, Ted Nugent was going to shoot Namath’s coat. Coyote’s typically aren’t tortured for their fur via pen-raising or trapping; rather, they’re usually hunted and shot — by guys like Ted Nugent. I can live with that.

  18. PETA is full of nut jobs. They tried to get the Packers to change their name years ago because packer refers to meat packers. They wanted them to change to Six Packers. Sure, promote drinking but not eating meat.

    This group does not have much power, yet they are treated like they do. It’s because the media dutifully reports their ramblings and pretends America is behind PETA.

  19. Until it becomes illegal to wear fur, PETA needs to butt out.

    Yeah, the fur coat looked ridiculous, but remember this is the same guy who put on panty hose for a commercial back when he was still QBing the Jets. Namath does things to put his name in the headlines, and he sure scored with that one.

    Maybe Namath could take PETA out to dinner to make up for his misdeed… Ruth’s Chris Steak House!

  20. I just think the coat looks stupid. No real man’s man would be caught dead wearing a fur coat. Killing animals for their fur, tusks, sport, or anything other than food is probably wrong but the real travesty is this man’s pathetic attention seeking behavior. It’s kinda sad actually. Broadway Joe is just a washed up old dude who craves attention. For some reason the NFL keeps giving it to him & I don’t understand why. I mean, he wasn’t even that great of a QB anyway.

  21. Old Joe has still got a lot of style. He’s never been afraid to be himself and hey, it was cold out there – the coat was perfect for the outdoors game.
    Joe is now 70 but if you’ve got it, flaunt it. He’s still got the swag only now it’s at the retirement village (and he can still guarantee it).
    Joe Namath a JETS legend!

  22. The over populated argument always cracks me up. Bro, humans are over populated just about everywhere. We just happen to be top of the food chain.

  23. If PETA can provethe coyote was skinned alive then they have a point, if they cant then they should just stop.

    Many coyotes are threats in some rural and montain communities. They kill pets and livestock. But PETA doesn’t care about that. They have their own agenda and theyare willing to spread misleading propaganda

  24. PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals. I do appreciate their reminder for me to have a nice thick venison steak tonight for dinner.

    I didn’t know that was a coyote coat, but I like it a lot more now that I know some varmints like that are dead.

  25. as tasteless and tacky a garment as just about anyone can imagine. And how absurd this buffoon looked prancing around in it in fifty degree weather. A real low quality jerk, this guy.

  26. Isn’t it nice that these PETA people have such a monopology on virtue that they feel empowered to dictate to total strangers how to live their lives?

    The coat was classic Namath and was, thus, entirely appropriate for the occasion, a Super Bowl in NY/NJ.

    These saps should save their tears for when a plane crashes into their houses.

  27. Coyotes are not an endangered species and are not raised for fur. They are nearly impossible to eradicate, ranchers and farmers have been trying for 200 years.
    They are pests and a danger to domestic pets and also prey on sheep and other livestock. Shooting them and taking their pelts is not animal cruelty.

  28. We should all feel great to live in a country with enough security and freedom to not only allow ridiculous, spoiled groups like PETA to chastise good-natured traditions (like Namath returning to the fur), but then allows us to rip them on sites like these. Namath in the fur is iconic and it made a nice moment before the SuperBowl. Bug off, PETA.

  29. Let me digest this article over a double bacon cheeseburger and a side of steak tartare. Don’t forget the egg yolks!

  30. We all wish we were as cool as Broadway Joe at age 70. He looked great and so did his daughter, also in a fur coat. Agree with the poster about what’s the difference vs wearing a leather coat? Get a life, PETA. Lay off Joe!!

  31. fatcamper says:Feb 5, 2014 10:24 AM

    Instead of burying it, the coat should be donated to provide warmth for the homeless.

    Along with pirate shirts!

  32. You go Joe! Who cares what PETA thinks? Not me and not Broadway Joe. We citizens are taking our country back from the politically correct goobers. Man has dominion over animals. So get over it whiners. Ha Ha! Geaux Saints!

  33. It was just a matter of time. I agree with the Boston guy. What is this world coming to or gone to. I thought this was a free nation. PETA worry about your own beliefs and not everyone else’s

  34. uglydingo says:Feb 5, 2014 10:47 AM

    Old Joe has still got a lot of style. He’s never been afraid to be himself and hey, it was cold out there – the coat was perfect for the outdoors game.
    Joe is now 70 but if you’ve got it, flaunt it. He’s still got the swag only now it’s at the retirement village (and he can still guarantee it).
    Joe Namath a JETS legend!


    It was 50 degrees! Style? There’s no way he could get a kiss from Suzy Kolber in that ugly coat.

  35. Seeing Joe Willie in that fur coat made me go back and watch Outkast’s video “So Fresh, So Clean”….straight pimpin’

  36. We were watching him on the NFL honors show the night before, and my wife said to me. “Isn’t the guy who used to dress is fur coats and stuff? And now he’s wearing a boring brown suit? Too bad for him”. He redeemed himself on Sunday. Good for you, Joe Namath.

  37. Joe used that coat to smuggle Peyton past some reporters that dared to think his performance was an embarrassment.

  38. If Peta ever gets a boost like the words “bully”, “bullied”, “bullying”, etc. did in the media a while back, well, I think we all know what that will be like. Those of us who are fine with continuing to eat meat or wear animal hides will be bombarded with guilt messages and scorned by all the news media, Congress, and the whole world will get caught up in a push to drive everyone away from eating meat, wearing fur, leather or anything made from an animal.

    I am an animal lover, but I love meat, I don’t mind wearing leather or fur (though I don’t have a fur coat) and frankly am put off by people who think themselves and their agenda superior to my own way of life. I hope Joe makes a statement that essentially tells Peta to F off, if not directly.

    After all it was God himself who made the first clothing from an animal he killed for Adam and Eve.

  39. The hazards of having a Super Bowl in New York? Well I don’t think Joe will be doing alot of NFL functions for a while.

    After the coin toss debacle, the coat was secondary. Although when I first saw him I thought it was Pat Bolen

  40. Peta has it backwards.

    When you shoot a coyote, it is important to use a small caliber round to minimize fur loss and maximize value.

    However, when you kill Bill Maher and the PETA folks, it’s best to trap, bludgeon, electrocute and skin alive for maximum effectiveness.

  41. The fact is that the very coat Namath was wearing sold like crazy from the moment it was shown on TV.

    Peta, and people who support them, make up a very small percentage of the population, they just squawk really loud, like the losers they are.

  42. Reached for comment, Road Runner said; ” I love that coat. That coyote is really a crazy clown. When will he learn that he never can mow me down?MEEP MEEP!”

  43. Coyotes are a pest, deer are pests, I’m all for the use of their furs. And as long as there’s a market for either, so be it! If PETA has a problem, take it up with the states that allow the hunting of said animals. If you don’t shoot the deer of coyotes, they become overpopulated and become a huge issue for farmers and vehicles. It’s not like it was some Siberian tiger or leather rhino shoes, get over it losers!

  44. Please shut the hell up. I remember how People put a harsh tag on pit bulls say they should be band and alot of HOA dont allow them someone kills one its omg save the pit bulls. Im not for crazy killings of anamils but not everyone eats leafs and nuts you are allowed to hunt shut up get over it im sure joe did not strangle and drown the big ass anaimal he wearing

  45. “The real embarrassment on Sunday was Joe Namath’s caveperson coat,” PETA said in a statement.
    Notice they said “caveperson” instead of caveman…lol

  46. micknangold says:Feb 5, 2014 12:05 PM

    If you added up the style of everyone commenting, myself included, Namath’s morning piss is more stylish.


    Namath was stylish in the Burt Reynolds era… Now that is just creepy.

  47. Didn’t he also do an ad ,back in the day, wearing leotards? so hey, he likes to wear girly stuff.

  48. bigbwoy000 says:
    Feb 5, 2014 10:34 AM
    PETA is right. The coat is as much an embarrassment as Joe Nameth is. Joe Nameth is an old fool & is too dumb to be ashamed to know the torture involved in making a coat like that. Anyone here that trashes PITA obviously doesn’t understand what they do or is just as ignorant as Joe is.

    actually, bigboy, most folks indeed understand what peta does. nothing in the line of saving animals themselves, but a great deal in the way of fundraising and making ridiculous public pronouncements like this one. then they go eat cheeseburgers and loosen their leather belts and retie their leather shoes….. hypocrites

  49. Y’know what’s REALLY embarrassing? Being trusted to care for tens of thousands of animals with your 37 million dollar per year budget and instead killing nearly all of them so you can focus on running dumb adverts in the media, creating knock off Pokemon games trying to frame the games as abusive and yelling at an old mans coat on twitter.

    PETA has killed more animals than Michael Vick could even dream about, and they still think they should have a say in Animal Advocacy? PETA Headquarters could burn to the ground from a grease fire and nothing of value would be lost.

  50. “caveperson coat?”

    In what cave was a woman going to hunt down wild animals and make a coat for herself? I mean, I get the sewing part, but let’s be serious.

    Smells like feminist spirit to me….

  51. I realize PETA can go over the top on certain points, but seriously —– do we really need to butcher untold numbers of animals for the singular purpose of further boosting someone’s vanity, self-importance and narcissism?

  52. Broadway Joe! An icon and a living legend. Stayed up all night partying with two ladies the night before he beat the raiders in the afc champ game, two weeks before he beat the colts in the super bowl.

    he invented the modern athlete as a “player”, and the guys today are choir boys compared to him. he’s an all-time great, and he can wear any damn coat he wants to wear

  53. I know the article is not about this, but it’s close enough.

    Namath did NOT screw up the coin toss. Terry McAuly handed him the coin and then stepped back behind him and was standing there grinning like an idiot. HE was the one who forgot to ask the Captains whether they wanted heads or tails and didn’t realize it until he saw Namath flip the coin.

    There. Glad I could get that off my chest.

  54. PETA is a ridiculously radical group, and this is coming from an animal lover. With that said they nailed it on this one that was an embarrassing coat. I’m pretty sure Broadway Joe was too drunk to know though.

  55. Man — I really wish some people would get a life. PETA is another in the long line of organizations which has good intentions but far exceeds them by thinking they are entitled to order people to obey their commands.
    My advice for them is to shut up. I once saw a woman from Peta on tv and she was speaking to reporters about some animals that were not being protected. As she was speaking, a fly or mosquito flew around her, and she did what anyone else would do — she swatted at it and tried to kill it.
    My first reaction was, what’s the difference between that fly or mosquito and any animal on the planet?? If PETA differentiates between them, then they are just as hypocritcal as the people they criticize.
    Because like it or not — flys and mosquitos are living creatures, too, and if we take the stance that PETA takes — which is utterly ridiculous — then they deserve the same protection as baby seals.
    But I’ll stick with my original thought — PETA should shut up and go away. Maybe they ought to try worrying about senior citizens who can’t afford to buy medicine or even food. Now there’s a thought. PETA should provide those people with meat. Then I’d respect them.
    I think I’ll go eat my steak now.

  56. I loved the coat. Vintage Broadway Joe! This was a coyote coat…these animals are a real pain out here in Kansas. Around the farm, they kill livestock and poultry, and family dogs. They probably cause more problems than a PETA member at a BBQ festival.

  57. Is this not America? Can’t a dude wear whatever he wants? The animal is already dead, what do you think it will come back to life if he doesn’t wear it?

  58. I felt like I was looking at the Namath of old from Superbowl III. I have only seen the videos from his style back then. I liked it

  59. Blowhard Joe should be made to walk along rural backroads while wearing that abomination. Where every pickup has a gun rack. Walk a few miles in the creatures dead, severed, paws to find out what it’s like.

  60. The idiots from PETA are a REAL embarrassment to Animal lovers throughout the world! Even Vegans hate PETA and their so-called agenda which is pure hypocritical Eco-terrorism fakatka!! BTW What if “Broadway” Joe was wearing a “Faux Fur” coat ? FYI PETA you morons, Joe Namath’s VEGETARIAN!!!!!

  61. See if PETA want a mangy coyote run amok in their neighborhood and terrorize small pets and children. I’ve seen the in my neck of the “woods” and I live in the suburbs!

  62. Dopest fur coat ever!! PETA seemed to start out as a noble cause against animal cruelty, buy now it seems to be over reaching a bit much lately. Baseballs, footballs and i’m sure many other sports items contain some sort of animal skin or part. Where’s your outrage there? Keep pimpin’, Joe!!

  63. This is coming from the same nutjobs that believe animals should have rights, just like us humans. That reminds me of the South Park episode lol

  64. I a vegetarian and don’t approve of Joe’s pimp coat but I have a real problem with PETA; I heard they kill healthy dogs at their Virginia “shelter”. They’ve tried to justify this practice as reducing the number of homeless pets but they can hardly call themselves “ethical” while they kill otherwise healthy and adoptable dogs. My rescue Beagle finds a way to say “thanks for adopting me” every single day. Good thing PETA didn’t get their hands on him.

  65. It’s coyote fur! They are pests! Let’s see how peta feels when a coyote carries away one of their children.

  66. If Joe stops wearing the coat, does that bring the dear coyotes back? That coat and the man wearing it, was the greatest entertainment from this year’s Superbowl.

  67. P.E.T.A.
    People Eating Tasty Animals!!!!

    Hey PETA… As a hunter, I want you to know, that so far, since November, I’ve shot 42 coyotes here… I also shot 1 nice buck deer last fall, I’ve shot plenty of fox. I shot a couple of pheasants and some geese as well… All LEGALLY!

    Also, I love that freezer full of beef I have! It tastes so good!

    Nothing better than a nice steak. Farm raised. Corn fed! Juicy, tender, grilled to perfection STEAK! That happened to come from a Holstein steer!

    PETA, I don’t care if all of this red meat clogs every artery I have! I’m going to enjoy it!

    PETA is something that needs to go away. like NOW!

  68. Didn’t God give man domain over the animals? I mean, that is the rule, right? Just don’t abuse it. If you kill it, use it. Don’t kill for fun. Seems like a basic rule.

  69. Ask someone at PETA how much of donations actually goes to taking care of animals. They’re a joke.

  70. Its amazing how many nut jobs are out there these days.

    Its also rather pathetic that the media gives them so much free press.

  71. Somebody should put up an anti-peta billboard. It could be a naked person lying on the ground, with hundreds of plates of gourmet salads all over and around them with a big smile on their face, and a starving goat in the background.

  72. Coyotes are nothing but a nuisance animal. They kill livestock and pets, and serve zero purpose. Farmers shoot them on sight, and it is totally legal. Whether he looks dumb in the coat is his business. This is marginally still the US, and we have a wee bit of freedom left. PETA should tend their own business, they killed thousands of animals in their “no kill” shelters last year. That makes them liars, hypocrites, and idiots in my book. If Joe Namath and his coat offend you, I suggest you change the station and watch a nice animated Disney movie that portrays animals like humans.

  73. Peta is nothing more then a collection of ugly, feminist, dried up, cat lovers.
    Shut up and eat tree bark you stupid losers

  74. I can’t believe the NFL pulled out the man responsible for one of the most embarassing NFL TV moments of the past 20 years… That was a smart move…

    Remind me again how a guy with such bad numbers is in the hall of fame?

  75. People more concerned over the treatment of animals than humans completely blows my mind. How many poor, hungry, sick people are there in this world that few seem to care about? Maybe if people were treated more “ethically” the world would be a much better place.

  76. Coin toss was weird too but entertaining as ever. Good ole Joe “I wanna kiss you… I couldn’t care less about the Jets struggggggling, can I kiss you” CLASSIC

  77. Bumper sticker in my hometown:
    “PETA” –People Eating Tasty Animals

    Anyone with a small knowledge of wildlife management knows the coyote is far from endangered. While wolves get blamed for killing deer, coyotes are far more active killing Bambi across the population.

    I agree with their mission of not mistreating animals for research or cosmetics, but like many things lefty, they go overboard.

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