ProFootballTalk: Seahawks have set unrealistic blueprint for success

Aaron Rodgers believes the Seahawks defense is so good that they have created an unrealistic blueprint for success, the ProFootballTalk crew discusses.

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  1. I disagree. Pretty much it was widely known throughout the NFC that the winner of the championship game would go forth to win the superbowl. This was talked about a lot prior to the 49er game. There is nothing really extraordinary about the Seahawks. The 49ers, the Panthers, the Saints, the Cardinals are very close. The Seahawks had some 12th Man luck in the NFC championship, or that would have gone to the niners. What most people do not understand is that Denver never really played any top team, much less any team that sported a defense like those teams above. A look at the above teams will show them running up big numbers against everyone but among themselves. Manning and the Broncos had an offensive power house only because the opposition was particularily vulnerable to their brand of football. Not so the NFC leaders. Historically, defense wins. Seattle won. It is as simple as that. No big news here. Nothing new. Just good hard hitting defense.

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