We’ll have to wait for Martin-Incognito investigation report


We’re going to have to wait to see what NFL investigator Ted Wells has to say about the Dolphins-Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin case.

According to Mike Garofolo of FOX Sports, Wells sent out a statement today saying the report would be completed “either late next week or early the following week,” and that he was “in full control of timing of report.”

There had been reports that the report might drop as soon as Thursday, but that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

The Dolphins have technically lifted Incognito’s suspension from the team, but he’s an unrestricted free agent and isn’t expected back. Neither is Martin, though the eventual release of the report could mean further implications for other members of the organization.

18 responses to “We’ll have to wait for Martin-Incognito investigation report

  1. It would be nice if this was the last report about this until the report is released……….I know that itself is a pipe dream, but here’s to hoping.

  2. Martin should be sued and charged criminally. The evidence put forth thus far are embarrassing and disrespectful to those who are actually suffering from real bullying.

  3. This is going to be really disappointing if the report turns out to be:

    Yeah so I talked to a lot of people and couldn’t come up with any definitive or noteworthy conclusions other than I suspect some of these people might be lying to me. Sorry I tried!

  4. Who cares anymore really? (See picture of “beating dead horse”) Neither player will be on the Dolphins and the league can’t penalize the team for having a bunch of big mean guys on the roster. This is at the ridiculous point already and probably has been since it began.

  5. Should Mike Pouncey be involved in this, as he appears to be, it will be interesting to see what the Dolphins decide to do with an All-Pro player…

  6. There needs to be consequences if Martin did indeed cry wolf. People who make these types of false claims need to be punished in order to ensure that both law enforcement and the public take legitimate claims seriously.

  7. When is that slimeball shefter going to apologize for his insane and over the top chastisement of incognito. he got on his high horse at the beginning of all this and through his so called sources turned incognito into a total villain. i’m a patriot fan so turmoil with another team in the afc east is fine with me but incognito got a raw deal and it really started with that weasel shefter.

  8. this is a private human resources matter for the Miami Dolphins Football Club, not the NFL. The Dolphins should be handling this, not an attorney who promised a report in early December. He’s taken over twice as long as publicly promised. Poor project management.

  9. Martin will never be welcomed in to another locker room. Incognito, his skills on the field aside, will be welcomed with open arms (at least he better).

    Funny how the media stretches, reaches, and some times flat-out embellishes “stories” for the sake of page views/tv viewers/print copies bought. They have no shame.

  10. As Dolphin Fans… I think we should really put an end to this BS… and Sue Both as a collective (whole)… *insert any lawyer term* as to why I’m upset and want to sue them both for ruining our season over something they could have solved on their own.

  11. Yeah I would love for the same media who tried to make this into a race issue be called to the table.

    Surprised though the drug discussion is not more of an issue.

  12. Is he hand chiseling the report on to stone tablets? He hasn’t talked to anyone in well over a month. It shouldn’t take this long to generate a report. 1 week, max, to ensure the language is correct and cross check the data.

  13. After all this time and Wells still can’t come up with a conclusion? Just what other information is he expecting to come to light before releasing his report?

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