Wilson, Carroll plan to win multiple Super Bowls in Seattle


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and coach Pete Carroll don’t think Super Bowl XLVIII will be the last championship they win together.

At today’s victory parade and rally in Seattle, both Wilson and Carroll said they plan on winning more Super Bowls in the future.

“When I first got here, I know I mentioned possibly winning multiple Super Bowls,” Wilson said. “The thing that I said was, to win multiple Super Bowls, you’ve got to win the first one first. Our mindset right now, as we’ve been saying all year — us players have been saying, ‘What’s next?’ Our plan is to win another one for you next year.”

Carroll said the 2013 season is behind the Seahawks, and they don’t think it was their last championship season.

“It’s just not one year,” Carroll said. “We’re just getting warmed up. . . . We’ll be back again. We’re going to do something special again.”

The Seahawks have every right to be confident right now. Thirty-one other teams will try to prove them wrong.

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  1. And they will likely win more if somebody doesn’t bring some quality competition. Not many teams that are near Seattle’s level, everybody else is just banging their head against the wall. Seattle pretty much won this year by default. They were the only team that didn’t invent a way to implode on themselves.

  2. Any team that makes it through that meat grinder that is the NFC West plus other tough defensive teams like the Panthers, Saints, Bucs and even the Giants has got to be the favorite against any AFC team.

  3. Teams are starting to figure them out after playing them more than once. Just look at how Arizona and San Francisco performed against them in their second matchups this year. Yes, they squeezed out that playoff victory over SF in the playoffs, but if they’re not fortunate enough to get home-field advantage next year then they will not make the Super Bowl.

  4. Easier said than done however this Seahawk’s team and their mentality, all they want to do is win. I was pulling for them all season, knew the Broncos had no chance. They’re grounded and hungry and being the type of people they are, winning only makes you more hungry.

  5. Just my opinion that it is tougher to keep this kind of defensive identity because of the potential loss of personnel. Offensively, it is easier because these days, every thing starts with the QB.
    must also add that this was first time in a while that the best team in the NFL actually won the Super Bowl

  6. That’s a pretty tall order. They were by far better than the Broncos but only fingertips away from not even getting there. Now they have become the hunted, not the hunter as well. This is gonna be a great year of football. Can’t wait, but unless some serious makeovers happen I see the NFC winning the next 5 straight at least.

  7. The only thing tht could derail them is a ton of injuries. They will bring back the same team next year, and have more good players waiting in the wings. The cap will start going up in 2015 so they will be able to handle that better than most teams. They can pay Wilson and Sherman and Thomas and still keep the core together. 2 of the next 4 Super Bowls is a distinct possibility.

  8. Russell Wilson is a dynamic, young quarterback. However, he is not the MAIN reason the Seahawks are a dynamic, young Super Bowl-winning team.
    Defense. Defense. And defense.
    The Pittsburgh Steelers won two Super Bowls and went to another with a QB who threw just 17 TD passes in each of those championship seasons.
    The Steelers, from 2004 to 2011, compiled a 10-4 postseason record with a QB who’s threw 18 TD passes and 14 interceptions in those 14 playoff games.
    The point is: Wilson and Seahawks management need to keep things in proper perspective and not overpay “one guy” who isn’t the “main ingredient” to the organization’s remarkable success, now and beyond.
    If Seattle can avoid falling into “the QB be all, end all trap,” the Seahawks will be the NFL’s next dynasty… and Wilson be glad they did.

  9. If the new definition of game manager is Russell Wilson, then that’s what I want my favorite player to become. #jakelocker

  10. I dont see them getting home field advantage next year.. Split game with sfo or cardinals or evan rams. I dont see them winning in NO or NFC North in championship game. nfc east .its another funny story

  11. Of course they do. Everybody does, until the twin realities of salary cap and free agency wake them up.

  12. I agree – but it will play out over a few years, not a repeat next year. SF is just too good and had control of the NFC Championship in Seattle until the Hawks ballsy conversion on 4th and 1. If their QB can mature a bit and they get a couple breaks, they are probably the champs next year. My humble opinion – Hawks and SF battle over the Lombardi much like the Cowboys and SF did in the early 90’s, with the Hawks winning a couple more and SF grabbing one next year.

  13. By restructuring or flat our releasing Miller, Clemons, and rice, with expiring contracts they should have roughly 35-39 million in cap space this offseason. If they resign their free agents and give Sherman or thomas an extension they will still have plenty of money to get all the deals done. Longevity of this team and keeping the core guys should not be much of an issue until 2016

  14. A team doesn’t ~need~ to blow out every other team in order to win a game, they only ~need~ to have the higher score, the only stat that matters when the game ends. This years season proved that. How about y’all give Seattle credit for doing what they did and taking care of business.

    The SB was an exception with regard to the win by blow out, Seattle’s “D” dominated them from 12 seconds into the 1st qtr and never let up, that’s what kept the Bronco’s from offense doing squat.

  15. Not in this salary cap era. The talent they have now, mostly gone by next year. Only Cowboys, Patriots have gone back to back. No hater, but Russell is no Aikman nor Brady.

  16. Just enjoy this one boys, but I see no other reason why they could not repeat. I personally do not see another team better than them. They are stacked.

  17. Refs wont be helping them like they did against Niners.

    Without the fake home field noise they are average on the road

  18. HATERS!!!!! Ahahahaha. I remember so clearly all of you Troll experts saying they wouldn’t win this year!! And the broncos would win the Super Bowl by 10 plus points. And now I should believe all of you clowns when you say they won’t repeat??? They are the fourth youngest team in the league and they rely on stout defense and a great running game. For any of you who doubt they can’t repeat i say “THANK YOU BECAUSE THIS TEAM USES THAT AS MOTIVATION AND AGAIN YOU AND YOUR TEAMS WILL BE AT HOME WATCHIN RUSSELL AND THE BOYS HOIST ANOTHER!!!!!”

    GO HAWKS!!!!

    All the hate in the world isn’t gonna stop this train!!!!

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