Michael Bennett wants to get paid, in Seattle or elsewhere


Yes, defensive lineman Michael Bennett wants to stay in Seattle.  No, he’s not going to take a pay cut to do it.

In Bennett’s mind, he took the pay cut in 2013, signing a one-year, $5 million, bet-on-yourself contract in Seattle after the big money he wanted wasn’t available on the open market.

So if the Seahawks simply offer to give Bennett the same $5 million salary for each of the next three years, Bennett wouldn’t be thrilled with that.

“That would be taking a pay cut, to me,” Bennett told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday.  “I had to prove myself as a player back-to-back years.  Basically, I took a one year deal the year before, did a first-round tender in Tampa [as a restricted free agent], so I definitely just want to be paid.  You know, I’m not trying to be the highest paid guy but I want to be compensated with the top guys.”

That precedent already has been set, by a member of his immediate family.  In 2012, tight end Martellus Bennett signed a one-year deal with the Giants.  And things went well (albeit without a Super Bowl ring).  And then Martellus signed a long-term deal with the Bears.

So look for Michael Bennett to try to do the same thing.  And if the Seahawks, who clearly want to keep him, don’t want to compensate him at the same level other teams do, Bennett’s stay in Seattle could end up being a short one.

In the end, who knows?  It could end up being a Bennett brothers reunion with the Bears.

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  1. Wonder if the money is out there now. Seems to me that since the draft had so many underclassmen coming out it is creating a short term “glut” in available talent.
    supply and demand….
    I think he will end up staying in Seattle, probably for more money but maybe not as much money as he thinks.

  2. 5 years 6.5 per plus 15% COLA with heavy signing bonus. This guy is equal to two guys. Hawks will keep him. They will have to cut/restructure/resign at less RICE.TATE.CLEM.MILLER.

  3. Good Negotiating: First say you want to stay 100%………Then say, you already gave at the office and while not wanting to break the bank, do want to be fairly compensated.

    If not re-signed by start of FA with a friendly cap space contract; he will get paid well by some team……. Looks likely to end up being a compensatory pick coming for Seattle next year.

  4. Wow. I wonder if some of you even watch this team play. I am talking to the Hawks fans with the horribly inaccurate comments. Whomever said Red Bryant is worthless needs to give up and focus on soccer or something.

  5. And so begins the breakup. Isn’t free agency great? Actually, Seattle is filled with such punkish, unlikeable players that watching them go back to being insignificant like they were for their first forty years of existence is worth it.

  6. key re-signing for Seattle. he had a great year. Without those two late signings of Bennett and Avril, Seattle’s D is very different.

    hope the Hawks figure out the cap space to keep him around.

  7. See ya, thanks for your efforts.

    Like most vets who get their first ring, with that career hurdle out of the way, time to get paid by the highest bidder for his last contract. A guy like Bennett has played on some crap teams but now I am sure he could care less.

    It’s the younger guys like Tate who haven’t played elsewhere and thus don’t know any better and think the grass can’t be much less greener on the other side, and that the bigger cheque will make up for it.

  8. The Raiders have more cap space than the Cowboys, Saints, Steelers, Lions, Chargers, Chiefs, Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks, Texans, 49ers, Patriots, Titans, Bears, Giants, Bucs and Ravens…COMBINED!

  9. Doesn’t matter, another Michael Bennett will take his place. Free agents are pestering their agents to take less money to join the Seahawks so they can win a championship and be under the best coach in the NFC.

  10. Wow mickey, you must be a 49rs fan. Your guys couldn’t win it last year and then get beat 2 out of 3 by the Seahawks this year must really stick in your craw. lol Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Champions. SF 49 er’s, also rans.

  11. It’s interesting that Michael Robinson says he already gave at the office, but Golden Tate’s willing to take the “hometown discount”. He’s been very up-front about that fact in the past two days.

    Here’s a question for Mr. Robinson: Would he rather take more money and play for a team that doesn’t compete in the playoffs, or would he like to stay in Seattle and enjoy more days like yesterday here?

    I really like you, Michael Robinson, but again, the team’s not cutting four guys to keep you.

  12. 2nd ring with the niners? How bout you and your little fan base worry bout getting past Seattle prior to talking salary cap era Super Bowls. Something you all know nothing about.

  13. I like Bennett and there is enough money to sign him by dealing with dead money in Rice, Miller, Bryant, and Clem. For those saying the Hawks are going to lose everyone, a key piece to remember is that they got to this point with effective drafting, there is a draft every year FYI.

  14. Bennett will get paid and the Seahawks will pay him. It’s not like he’s being unreasonable and it’s not like the Seahawks have said “take this or walk”. At the end of the day he and Avril will both be resigned and (sadly) Clemons will be the odd man out and asked to restructure.

    As soon as a player crosses the 30 year mark you have to consider if the cap hit is worth it and usually it’s not. It’s really too bad that the NFL has such a low cap number. But it is what it is and every team and every player have to work with it.

  15. Bennett will obviously move on just to get away from all the annoying fans. I’ve never heard a more classless fan base, simply embarrassing. Then again if your players are jerks, fans tend to emulate.

  16. It’s funny cuz the hawks poach all the vikes who are worth anything, obviously you would love to take one from them, too bad players don’t look to downgrade

  17. Facts:

    Minnesota’s franchise winning %: .534
    Seattle’s franchise winning %: .492

    Seattle’s cap hit next year from Percy Harvin + Sidney Rice: $23 million. You can have them. With that kind of every, you can have a total of 10 players on your team.

  18. I’m happy as hell to have to worry about beating the Seahawks next year. It means my team is damn good. One dumb pass away from winning at the best home field advantage in the league. Not like the 49ers are far off. Trying to minimize super bowl wins is foolish. Doesn’t matter when they were. Just cause you’re the latest doesn’t mean you’re the greatest. Congrats Seattle. Now it’s a rivalry.

  19. I get the feeling he will be one of those guys that signs the big contract he wants then stops being productive. You got good pass rushers, let him go

  20. I guess it’s time to say thanks, hold back tears, jk, and move on.
    Bennett played brilliantly this past season. He certainly earned a pay raise.
    OR, let’s not say goodbye. Cut rice and/or miller and Clemons. Resign Bennett. Fill the remaining holes in the draft. Don’t let this guy go! Tampa regretted it and we will too!

  21. For those already salivating over the break up of the LOB, first of all, Bennett isn’t in the LOB (that’s our DB’s). Second, Bennett isn’t going anywhere. Clemons, Miller & Bryant will take pay cuts or be gone and Rice is just plain gone. There is a distinct possibility that Tate leaves, but we’ll see.

    There will be plenty of cap space to retain Bennett & Baldwin, and to offer cap-friendly extensions to Thomas, Sherman & possibly Avril. Remember that the Seahawks “redshirted” half their 2013 draft class, and having them back will be like having 5 extra draft picks this year. Seahawks are “the lead dog” (sorry Frank Gore), and will be contenders for the title for years to come.

  22. It’s funny cuz the hawks poach all the vikes who are worth anything, obviously you would love to take one from them, too bad players don’t look to downgrade


    This is really funny — all season, all we Hawks fans heard was chortling by the Vikes fans about how they screwed us by sending Harvin our way.

  23. this is just the beginning. Win a superbowl and players want to get paid. Bennett gone, avril pay raise, clemons paycut or released. Don think for 1 second that players will take less to play in seattle. Its not like your the niners of the 80s and 90s where the west was crap. Too many tough teams to say to yourself youll take less because a championship is in reach. Seattle in the next 2 years will be up against the cap thanks to sherman( 15 million a year) harvin(12 million a year) thomas and their remaining defensive backfield getting paid. Top that off with the midget wilson who will comand 8-10 mil a year at least, id say your screwed. 1 and done. Enjoy your glory year. Your just another flash in the pan team. Noone wants to see a second tier market team in the northwest become a dynasty. Thats like having carolina or the jaguars becoming elite and on top.

  24. We only needed him for a superbowl run and we go it so see you lata. The money we save from not signing him is going to sign Sherman.

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