Clowney sees himself as the No. 1 overall pick

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Former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney entered the 2013 college football season universally regarded as the top pro prospect in college football. And although his draft stock may have slipped slightly over the last few months, Clowney still sees himself as the No. 1 pick.

Clowney said today on ESPN Radio that “[i]t’s very important” to him to go first overall, and he believes his performance at the Scouting Combine will cement his status as the draft’s top prospect.  Clowney likewise said he should be the top pick during a visit to The Dan Patrick Show.

“Coming out of high school I told myself I wanted to go into the draft and to be the No. 1 pick,” Clowney said. “I worked hard to get to this point in my life where I gave myself a great chance to go No. 1 in the draft and hopefully I will get to be No. 1. I’m going to try to prove myself at the Combine and hopefully just go up from there.”

Clowney almost certainly would have been the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft if not for the NFL’s rule requiring players to be at least three years out of high school before they enter the draft. The 2014 draft, however, has a much better quarterback class than last year’s draft, and most people think the Houston Texans will select one of those quarterbacks — Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles — with the first pick. Clowney has a good chance of being the first non-quarterback drafted, but he probably won’t be the first overall pick.

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  1. Clowney and Manziel are the most interesting players to come into the league in years. Hopefully Rams take Greg Robinson with the second pick of the draft and leave Clowney for the Jags. Means Jax get the best player in the draft back to back seasons without finishing last.

  2. Texans will be dumb to draft him number one with Watt and the other guy at DE! They need a QB!!!!!! Period!!!!

  3. The fact he took most of the 2013 season off and is now needs to “prove himself at the combine” should care the Texans away.

  4. Clowney would have been without a doubt the number one draft choice last year. I mean, c’mon, the Chiefs selected an ineffective right tackle that wouldn’t even be a lock to go top ten in this upcoming draft, and this isn’t even a loaded draft class.

  5. I guess it’s good for young folks to still have dreams, because that’s the only chance he has of being the 1st pick. He took too many plays off this year IMO.

  6. Wanting to be the No. 1 pick seems like a dream out of date with today’s NFL.

    Why not “want” to be one of the greatest players of all time? Why not “want” to be a key contributor on a Super Bowl-winning team, or even a dynasty?

    His dream sounds like it involves getting paid, and the days of exorbitant rookie contracts are gone.

  7. Funny, Ryan Leaf saw himself as the #1 pick too. Along with a lot of other first round busts.

    Until he’s playing in live games and can prove himself, there’s no guarantee Clowney or any other rookie will excel at the NFL level.

  8. If that’s so important to him he should’ve put more effort into last season. I’m guessing the interviewer didn’t press him on that.

  9. As a Seahawk fan, I hope he IS the #1 overall pick. I sure would hate to see him wind up with the Rams.

  10. This draft reminds me so much of the 1999 NFL Draft that had 5 QB’s go in the first 12 picks (Couch, McNabb, Akili Smith, Culpepper and McNown).

    Aside from McNabb, those teams would’ve been better off building their team around Champ Bailey, Edgerrin James or Torry Holt instead.

  11. I do find it entertaining the love given to this very average group of QB’s. There are no Andrew Luck’s or anything close to it in this class.

  12. The guys a physical freak sure but what’s he done since “the hit” that was a blown assignment to begin with, Lewan owned him during that game fyi.

    He’s letting the media and everyone market and build this image. Put on the tape, for the high marks they say he has physically, it’s not translating to college football.

    If college T’s and G’s can game plan against him, what do you think NFL lineman are going to do to this quitter? He’s going to be a bust for how high he’s drafted and no better than an average player, book it.

  13. Probably should have thought about that before you either:

    1) took the entire season off; aka quit on your team, or
    2) proven you are only good enough to register 3 sacks, if you were actually trying this year

    Clowney is the definition of a guy I would never even consider drafting. All of the natural talent in the world but no motivation or work ethic to be great. He could somehow be magically motivated by millions of dollars and playing in the NFL or having a coach and players around him to maximize his effort. If so, someone could get a steal and a heck of a player. But, I don’t know how likely that is. Definitely not a guy I would risk my job on if I were a GM.

    Reminds me of Albert Haynesworth.

  14. I really wish they televised interviews at the combine. If love to see this guy try to explain to NFL scouts and GMs how his natural talent and his measurables from the combine equate to only 3 sacks? The only way to explain it is a lack of effort, but I doubt he’ll admit that.

  15. And he isn’t arrogant at all.

    The person that compared him to Fat Albert is right about the attitude. The dude also has the work ethic of JaMarcus Russell.

    Too many times we heard about him being a non-factor in games.

    He really should be paying attention to the league, everyone out there including the Texans are talking about how they need a new QB. Let’s also not forget that they just hired an Offensive minded coach. Yup , using the 1st pick on a position where they are relatively set AND on the other side of the football from the head coach, sounds like it will happen.

  16. He isn’t #1 – I am!!! I’m the best of the best of the best – sir!! With honors!!!

    More self inflated egos!

    What ever happened to the humble athlete – outside of P. Manning and D. Brees.

  17. I don’t see a team dumping a high draft pick on a player with questionable dedication and a low-revving motor.
    Similar production can be gotten with later picks. With less financial risk.
    He will probably be a good player, but not the game-changer you’d like with a high pick.

  18. Johnny Pigskin won’t last past Cleveland and that’ll be the last we hear of him. Clowney won’t fall to Jacksonville either.

  19. Client worked hard “not” to make himself the #1 pick. Lay low, play hard and there would be no discussion as to who is #1, but he managed to be a bum, and even now he still may go #1. Too bad for the team that takes him, but year 3 when it’s time to get paid, I bet he’s all pro.

  20. which guy you gonna get?? he appeared to take plays off, but if you were penalized solely for the fact you hadn’t been out of high school for 3 years. what would you do?? he would have been the number 1 pick in 2013 and did he play lazy or safe?? and in a bunch of instances the qbs on the team playing against so carolina would check out of plays to run plays to the opposite side of the field in an attempt to make him repeatedly go sideline to sideline in the nfl he wont be the only good player and won’t draw double and triple teams on every play bottom line if the rams are unable to trade out of the 2nd overall ick and hes still there at 2 id be happy to see my rams take clowney!!!

  21. Why should that be so important anyway? Get drafted in the early part of the first round, play hard and make tons of money, don’t play hard and make average money. I like players that let their play do the talking and not their mouth.

  22. If the Texans did not already have their own wrecker on the defensive line (JJ Watt), then I could make an argument Houston could shade this way.

    But let’s be frank here. Manziel is the only pick the Texans can make.

    If a hometown Texan goes to another franchise and gets them from mediocrity into the playoffs or, *gasp*, wins a Super Bowl, you might as well move the Texans to LA and chalk up that mistake to drafting Saw Bowie over Michael Jordan.

    Sorry Clowney, that’s a “clown” take.

    Be happy you will be in the top 5 and work hard, and you’ll be balling in the big payday you already think you deserve.

  23. Everyone talked about Dontari Poe being a bust or drafted to high etc…etc…when the Chiefs drafted him…but nobody is saying it now.

  24. There was almost no talk of him until that hit that has been replayed to death. He has ideal size and his skills are above average but he has serious issues that GMs cannot ignore. I get the impression that he is not a hard worker and will be out for himself (not a team guy). He might be pretty good on his rookie deal but as soon as he gets that big 2nd deal, I see him turning into Haynesworth Jr.

  25. Best player in the draft. For people who think he’s just that ESPN highlight video, you don’t watch college football. He’s going to be a special player in the NFL.

  26. Let’s imagine the Texans draft Clowney. Let’s imagine he and Watt rushing the QB together. Let’s put them both at the highest elite level for a pass rusher. Let’s say they both get 23 sacks. Now let’s say they both get 30 QB pressures. Now let’s say they get both get 30 passes knocked down.

    So that’s 83 plays each for an entire season where they would stop the QB.

    If every week the Texans played a QB who threw only 25 passes in a game they’d end up rushing the QB a maximum of 400 times a season each.

    So at maximum their play would affect 20% of the passing plays per season. And that is giving them the benefit of beating several NFL records for sacks, knockdowns, and pressures.

    Yet if the Texans draft a QB the team would get 100% of his passing plays. Not to mention his affect on the running game (which would vary depending on the pick).

    So where do I want to spend my draft pick and money? With one guy that will affect 20% of the passing game or one guy that will affect 100% of the passing game?

    Besides if I am a good GM with a good scouting staff I can go out and sign a Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett and add them to a three or 4 man rotation and get the same production with more depth and fresher legs at the end of the season. The QB position will ALWAYS be more important than the D-line.

  27. After he runs a 4.45 and does 30 presses at the combine, GMs will beg the Texans or Rams to get him. Even if he flops at the combine, he won’t make it past Oakland. I see Atlanta giving the Rams their firsts in 2014, 2015 and their second in 2014 for the second overall. Clowney, free agent Saffold and a tight end make a healthy Atlanta a contender.

  28. I’ve been thinking he won’t be taken very high, but I’ve realized that a run-around-in-circles QB with marginal actual QB skill managed to be the #2 pick in two consecutive drafts.

    That tells me that teams can get desperate and that anything can happen.

  29. So-called draft “experts”, the bad GMs, and lazy fans will get all dreamy-eyed about his combine numbers and that one hit in the bowl game. He’s not in college anymore and will actually have to study film/ work on technique rather than rely on his athleticism. So far, he’s shown himself to take plays/ seasons off. He’s boom or bust, just like Manziel.

    I don’t envy the GMs in this draft.

  30. I mean obviously the Texans desperately need a QB, but unless they are completely sold on one of the guys, which I doubt they are, no point in reaching for one and setting the franchise back another few years. Clowney could do some damage along with Watt and it looks like it’ll be a need since Antonio Smith probably will be gone.

  31. Clowney probably thinks he is a legend in his own mind. This guy probably likes the ancillary aspects that football will bring him and not a lover of the game.

  32. I don’t understand why these guys obsess over being the number one pick, besides money, obviously.

    It’s all based on team needs. If I’m Houston, I already got a pass rusher. Though it be nice to see clowney and watt, they need a quarterback much more.

  33. He didn’t play his 2013 schedule like he planned to be the number one pick. However he should no doubt be an impact player with his intangibles.

    Any team that takes a QB in the first round (especially the first overall pick) absolutely has to get it right. If you don’t it will take years to recoup.

    Not saying that Manziel won’t be a great player at the next level but its pretty much assumed that Clowney should be.

    Secondly, O’Brien is a quarterback guy and maybe, just maybe he could do something with the two guys he presently has.

  34. Retired College coach here.
    Who has retired in South Carolina.
    Clowney is a physical specimen no doubt.
    I am sure he will impress at the combine.
    his hands were on his hips early all season long.
    Only 3 sacks.
    Yes, he affected game plans and required double teams eary.
    after it was obvious he was taking the year off.
    The local media in Columbia continued to make excuses and justify his average play, So he got little to no criticism.
    A lot of his prima Dona behavior is a correct result of the butt kissing local media in Columbia give this underachieving athlete.
    I think somebody got in this kids ear.
    He needs a good coach and GM.
    He needs a Mike McCarthy/ Ted Thompson no nonsense type to get on the right path.
    If allowed to be lazy and to focus on money, he ll be out of the league in three years.

  35. I would stay away from this guy after his quitting attitude last year. I would love to see him fall in the draft. It would send a great message to all the talented young guys that think they’ve already made it.

  36. He takes plays off and as everyone saw this year, when he is paid attention to, he is not very effective. He made one huge play last year and had a nice season, but did not show me much this past season. He will impress everyone at the combine, but I would not take him with the 1st overall pick. Even Spurrier called him out earlier in the season, when he could have played, but didn’t.

  37. I can see the Rams taking him at #2 but, I think it’s more likely that the Rams trade down (Vikings?) and he falls to Oakland.

    He’ll be motivated the first year and after that, another Haynesworth. Yikes!

    I don’t think Jeff Fisher will want to go through that again!

  38. Sure, and I’m the King of England!! You must be delusional dude! After phoning in you last season? I guess people don’t go to South Carolina to learn critical thinking and analysis!

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