Del Rio will be staying in Denver

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Jack Del Rio has served as Broncos defensive coordinator for the last two years.  He’s now under contract for two more.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Del Rio has signed a two-year deal to remain with the team.

Most didn’t realize that Del Rio’s deal was expiring, and it would be too late for him to take a job as a defensive coordinator elsewhere, since every other NFL team has one.  For the Broncos, it’s good that he’s staying; before Del Rio arrived, the Broncos had a different defensive coordinator every season from 2006 through 2011.

Jack did a nice job with our defense,” Broncos executive V.P. of football operations John Elway said.  “We had a lot of injuries on that defensive side and Jack did a good job holding that side together.  Even in the Super Bowl, our defense kept us in the game in the first half.”

Elway is right.  Of the first 29 points scored by the Seahawks, only six came via drives not set up by a miscue.  If the offense had found a way to do anything other than turn the ball over or send it whizzing past Peyton Manning’s head, the game wouldn’t have been a blowout.

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  1. So basically he’s going to stay around until Peyton retires and Brock Osweiler starts making his unit look bad.

  2. Not bad. Denver had a decent amount of defensive talent, but it was never on the field together because of injury.

    Draft decently and the Defense can probably be better than it was in 2012. Need a legit pass rusher to replace Dumervil though. Phillips is a good stop gap.

  3. LOL what a horrible mistake by Denver. Good luck sucking again next year on defense hahahaha! Go Seahawks Super Bowl Champs!!!

  4. Even if you take away the special teams and the pick 6, the Seattle offensive scored 27 which would have been more than enough to win. Enver benefitted from a weak schedule and got exposed. As long as Del Rio is there, there is no D in Enver.

  5. That’s good. this team is set for the next 2 years with Manning, Fox, and now Del Rio. now they can become the old Washington redskins and employ a bunch of retreads to get to Super bowl. hurray!!

  6. Whatever became of that stout Denver defense that won games for Tebow in 2011? Seriously, that was a good defense.

  7. Some day, after the 3 or 4th Super Bowl, the rest of the NFL will finally understand that it was all about the Seahawks D. I forgive Peyton. What could he do?

    They didn’t shut down future HOF’er Drew Breeze twice and take 2 out of three from the “second best team in the NFL” 49’s only because they played at the best stadium in the NFL. The 12th man is fun to dream about, but…

    They shut them down because the DEFENSE is/will be the best ever. Give it time. It’s only been a year. The truth will be absolute about the end of 2016 or 2017.


  8. The Seahawks LEGION OF BOOM Defense made the Broncos., the NFL’s #1 offense look like a Jr High team.

    The Bronco secondary was a laugh! Bring back Del Rio
    We”ll look forward to their visit in the fall.
    #Go Hawks

  9. I would feel the same if they had announced his departure. He hasn’t done anything that makes me jump for joy, & they are just horrible on 3rd downs…

  10. Defense was not the reason they lost superbowl, and did play well in playoffs. BUT, to get back to the big game it does need to improve, and improve a lot.

  11. Let me get this straight…the guy who only rushed 3 in the 2012 AFC Divisional playoff game with 1 minute to go and no time outs, ranked 19th this year (27th against the pass) and can’t tackle or CAUSE 1 TURNOVER IN THE PLAYOFFS get an extension?

    Seriously? Not one turnover in 3 games in the playoffs and he gets an extension?

    What a LLOOOWWW standard we have now in Denver.

  12. John, I understand your point about the defense being put in a tough position. However, that is exactly when you need your D to step up the most. Also, it’s not like the Broncos turned the ball over inside the Broncos 20 yard line. The Broncos D had a chance to stop the Seahawks from scoring on each of those possession, but they didn’t. Regardless, I hope the Broncos have learned from this loss. Because the AFC is wide-open, the Broncos still have a good chance of making it to the SB next year; if they do, they will almost undoubtedly be playing Seattle or another NFC team with a similar style.

  13. I’ve never liked Jack. But when he has the “players healthy” or “players in general” his defenses usually are in the top 5-10 in the league.

    This year, he just didn’t have the horses. His best player on defense turned out to be another PED fraud and I’m not totally sure Von Miller’s contract isn’t void, I’m sure Elway is looking into it. He wasn’t even close to the same player, was just another solid player, but not nearly the game changer he was. Now with a horrible injury?

    Add to the fact he lost Dumerville, Wolfe, Moore, Vickerson, both safeties, Champ Bailey’s injury inconsistancy the defense was just a mess.

    But, before the defense “gave up” in the Super Bowl it was indeed the offense melting down in the first half that made the game a blow out.

  14. Like I said…Broncos need to pick up some rough riders on defense. Add some intimidation. This goes unnoticed but Vasquez at gaurd had his way with everyone, every block, on Seattle. He cleared man. He was Denver’s best free agent pick up IMO.

    Broncos are gonna need their offensive line to be a true offensive line not just a bunch of good players at different positions. As you can see that gets exposed when your playing against good talent. What if Clady doesn’t come back better then Clark? Lol, he better.

    Broncos are gonna need Webster to step up next year. He showed flashes.

    Their gonna re sign DRC. But on the otherside they need to add one of these DeAngelo Hall, Antonio Cromartie, Vonte Davis, those players fit into Delrio’s system. I think DRC and either of those players are good. And those free agents aren’t looking to break the bank…

    Their gonna draft a DE, S, WR, C, CB, RB

    Ball will emerge as the teams best back in Preseason. His fumbling is behind him, I think Moreno goes to another team. I like Moreno, hate to see him go

    Eric Decker will go to a team desperate need of 1-2. Buffalo, Detroit, New England all come to mind

    Bailey’s gonna re structure his contract and stay to play on 3rd downs, he’ll cover the 3rd receiver

    Broncos are gonna gonna extend JThomas and DThomas. As long as Mannings around. Maybe a 3 year contracts to both.

    Finally, Broncos are gonna make a big splash via free agency on defense. They have had their eyes on Jared Allen. Jared Allen, Shaun Phillips and Von Miller (even off the PEDs) is damn good.

    These are things I believe Elway knows he HAS to do.

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