Eagles adding seats, new video boards to Lincoln Financial Field

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The Eagles are making a bid to host a future Super Bowl and team president Don Smolenski said this week that the quality of the stadium is one of the things that the league uses to judge cities vying for such honors.

Whether it’s related to that effort or not, Lincoln Financial Field will look different next season. The Eagles announced Thursday that they will be adding approximately 1,600 seats to the stadium, the first addition to the seating capacity since the stadium opened in 2003. The seats are being added at all levels of the stadium and the ones in the lower bowl will require the purchase of seat licenses.

The new seats will lead to changes in pricing as the team will now have eight categories of seats rather than the five categories they’ve had in the past. A little more than half the seats will see a price increase.

“With seats being added and the structure of our seating bowl changing, we took a step back and reviewed how the building was priced,” Smolenski said in the team’s announcement. “We decided to adjust the prices in certain sections to more accurately reflect their value and popularity compared to other sections around the stadium.”

The team will also be adding new HD video boards and LED ribbon boards around the stadium, further upgrading the facility ahead of their attempt to land a Super Bowl in Philadelphia for the first time.

16 responses to “Eagles adding seats, new video boards to Lincoln Financial Field

  1. Considering the team received around $250M worth of public money, that stadium should hold more people. It’s the 4th largest football market in the country and holds less than 70k

  2. Being a lifelong Philly fan, I cannot think of anything greater than the prospect of my Eagles winning a Super Bowl in their own stadium. Chip Kelly proved he truly is an offensive evil genius of sorts, Lesean McCoy lead the league in rushing, and Nick Foles is the real deal by all means. I can think of so many promising adjectives to describe Foles…but poise, maturity, and professionalism come to mind immediately.

    Their defensive line has to be up to par, but the success of this team lies more significantly upon the shoulders of Chip Kelly and Nick Foles. If this duo took the Eagles to a 10-6 record on their first try together…who really knows how high this team can climb. I can’t wait to find out.

  3. After a 10% price increase last year my tickets are going up an additional 20% this year. For what this is costing (I have four tickets, so this is an additional $1000 this year), those video boards better be amazing.

  4. All the bells and whistles on the Earth couldn’t get me off of my couch w/ my HDTV watching all of these enhancements for free!

  5. This was one of the newer and nicer stadiums to begin with, not to mention it runs off of solar and wind power. I can’t imagine that being the difference of whether or not they get a superbowl bid.

    I could imagine that a lack of pass rush, no safties to speak of, lack of wide receiver depth and no place kicker being the difference in them playing in a superbowl any time soon.

  6. i doubt if the superbowl will be coming back to a cold weather site. both teams couldn’t practice outdoors because the fields were frozen. plus it was too cold for the fans to really enjoy superbowl week. roger got lucky with the weather on game day

  7. Traffic in and out is CRAZY, ride the bus = same crap, parking at $20.00. A couple of beers, some food, $$$$. The NFL experience ” ain’t worth it. no way, no how. I have a right to these claims, as we gave up our season tickets last year. It’s all sell sell, pink this pink that, political correctness up to here. Have a good time we ain’t common back. Wallet closed, case closed.

  8. I was afraid of the NYC superbowl leading to this can of worms – open air cold stadiums vying for future superbowls. This is why I was praying for treacherous storms of epic proportions this Superbowl – so we can nip this in the bud right away. NO! No one wants to go to Philly for a Superbowl – sorry! No one..

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