Incognito complains about delayed Ted Wells report, takes shot at Martin’s agent

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Over the weekend, NFL Network reported that the Ted Wells investigation would be released on Thursday.  Thereafter, Ted Wells said the report’s not coming until late next week, or early the following week.

That’s apparently not good enough for Dolphins guard Richie Incognito.  He has taken to Twitter to complain about the delayed resolution of the case.

“Paul, Weiss, Rifkind — Really taking your time on this one,” Incognito said, in reference to the firm for which Wells works.  “Not like my career and life have been in the balance for 3 months.”

It’s probably not wise for Incognito to complain before the report has been finalized.  If Wells is on the fence about any of the key issues, why risk saying anything that would potentially nudge him in the wrong direction?

Wells isn’t the only guy who has had a Twitter bomb hurled his way by Incognito.  Per a league source, Incognito tweeted — then deleted — a direct shot at agent Kenny Zuckerman, who represents Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin.

“Jon martin’s agent is Kenny Zuckerman at priority sports,” Incognito tweeted, per the source.  “Let’s just say he’s not very ‘trustworthy.’ He screwed [Martin].”

That could be (emphasis on the “could”) a reference to the theory/hypothesis that Martin wanted out of Miami and the whole “bullying” angle was developed to allow him to keep the balance of his signing bonus, given the team’s reputation for being very aggressive about financial issues.  As the theory/hypothesis goes, what started as leverage to keep more than $1 million in paid but unearned bonus money unexpectedly spiraled out of everyone’s control.

Incognito’s timeline contains other interesting nuggets, including the revelation that he met with coach Joe Philbin and executive V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte the day after G.M. Jeff Ireland was fired.  Incognito also expresses embarrassment for the manner in which he talks about women in the text messages exchanged with Martin.

While entertaining, Incognito’s best move at this point would be to stay silent and wait for the report.  Even after the report comes out, he needs to think carefully about the potential connection between the things he says (on Twitter and elsewhere) and the willingness of another team to welcome what could be an unwanted distraction to the organization.

45 responses to “Incognito complains about delayed Ted Wells report, takes shot at Martin’s agent

  1. All these cast of characters who are out to vilify Incognito are scum bags. Either show your cards and evidence that implicates guilt on behalf of Incog or pay the man for his lost wages/payment opportunity. The NFL has really screwed this one up big time.

    The NFL (Martin, his cohorts, investigative oversight committees, etc.) have ruined the “message” against bullying by painting an ugly portrait of a player who wasn’t guilty of anything except for bad judgment.

  2. Incognito has a point; stop delaying this nonsense already. No one had ever heard of Ted Wells until this “abuse” happened and probably never will again after this is over next week. BTW I don’t know if anyone else played high school or college ball but this is nothing compared to the things I saw and heard when I was there. The locker room in general is the most disturbed place on the planet, it is sickening to hear the things ball players say.

  3. Athletes hire agents. Agents are under their direction. Sure, they may screw up, but it is ultimately the athlete’s responsibility. If Martin’s agent wasn’t representing him truthfully or properly, Martin should have canned him or straightened the matter out publicly.

    Incognito can’t blame Martin’s agent and not Martin himself.

  4. I’d love to see Incognito and Kluwe on the next season of “Real World” under one roof I would.

  5. Incognito needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and to keep his fingers from pushing the send the button. He’s his own worst enemy at times. A little contrition on his part wouldn’t hurt either.

  6. According to league sources, the Wells report will uncover strongly-guarded secrets – that Incognito is a Class A jerk, that Martin has skin so thin you can see through it, and nearly all NFL fans are actually sick and tired of hearing about the whole thing.

    In a follow-up report, Wells will reveal that two plus two equals four and the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning.

  7. richie incognito is no saint but is a stand up guy. ultimately he will have more support than martin. incognito pretty much fell in his sword to preserve the nfl locker room code / brotherhood, and i strongly suspect it did not go unnoticed by others in the league.

  8. I hope the Raiders sign Incognito. The Oline lacked toughness and Richie brings that. He may not be a very nice guy, but I don’t want my linemen to be nice guys. I want them to be hard nosed earth movers.

  9. Not taking sides here but Martin’s agent allegedly took the reigns on this.

    Based on the texts between the two, it didn’t seem like martin would ever do this to Incognito.

    Then again who really knows?

  10. Didn’t this guy pay one of the best PR firms to take care of him? Shut your mouth and let them handle this. By the way you are now winning the war in public opinion. Speaking your mind will only hurt this.

  11. I would like Richie on my team. He works hard in the off season, he definitely plays hard off the field. He’s one of the guys… and not a snitch.

  12. If the investigation is supposed to be unbiased, why would him saying this sway wells in any direction? If he truly is an objective investigator, what incognito says about him should not matter.

  13. Free Richie! And Richie, sue the pants off the league, Martin, the Dolphins and anyone else who drug your name through the mud. I get it, Richies an easy target, based on his past, but this is awful and there should be hell to pay. Go Richie!

  14. Incognito is despicable, as is Martin, and Ireland. If Philbin actually used Incognito to toughen up Martin, then he joins the club too.

    Ross knows what is in the report. He needs to cut people loose and fine the rest.

  15. Why would Incognito stay silent? He has been trashed by the media since day one, suspended without pay, and essentially kicked off his team. And now they are dragging out this ridiculous “investigation”. This whole matter is just silly and everyone needs to move on. He’s already paid a huge price.

  16. If the report comes out in favor of Incognito and that the agent made a mountain out of a molehill for his client, RI would be wise to find a lawyer to take that agent down, if possible.

  17. Maybe Incognito just wants to remind Wells that if the report is not in his favor that he’s going to be very loud and outspoken about it and challenging the merits of the report. If he’s getting upset about a tiny time delay, imagine how mad he will be if Wells doesn’t get the report right as Incognito is expecting based on his perspective. With the partial leak of text messages, Incognito is just adding to the assumption that he’s vindicated now and everybody knows it. Wells really needs to match up to that or he can have his own war with Incognito and see how fun that is. There’s nothing Wells can do to manufacture evidence against Incognito if Richard makes him angry. He has position and leverage and he can apply pressure to Wells without much risk. And it could possibly set up an argument that Wells modified his report because of a bias against Incognito. Wells better also not accidentally imply to somebody that Richard’s comments didn’t sit well with him. Richard hopes he takes the bait and hangs himself if Richard does indeed need to challenge the quality and credibility of the Wells report.

    Richard shouldn’t stay quiet because he wants to maintain the perspective that HE is the victim. And what do victims do and what do they have the right to do? Complain until you get it right, and this commentary is reinforcing the message that I’m a victim and it’s about time for Wells to set me free. Surely he won’t dump on the victim even more? Gosh that would be so wrong for so many reasons, at least according to Incognito.

  18. Richie should sue the league, the dolphins and Jonathan Martin. It’s time for the NFL to go back to being THE NFL and stop allowing it’s every move to be viewed and judged through the eyes of some suburban soccer mom living in her mcmansion.

    Enough, let men be men and for those who can’t there’s always government jobs where you can be protected against anything under the sun.

  19. I look forward to the exoneration of Incognito, who was raked over the coals and slandered by some of the least likely “sports experts” on the planet. FNC, Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera were especially hard on Incognito.
    Can’t wait to start hearing some apologies.

  20. if Wells is the type of man to change a report based on a perceived slight then is it really worth the paper it’s printed on?

  21. Absolutley agree with Incognito 100%. Damn guy is nice enough to still pull for Martin after what Martin allowed happen to Incognito. What a shame if Incognito loses his job at Miami over this. If so, props to whatever team picks him up. I can imagine other NFL athletes taking to Twitter to rip Martin if they were in Incognito’s shoes. Class-act if you think about it.

    In all honesty, if anyone read the 40+ page document of their text correspondence you would probably come to the same conclusion I did… that their conversations were essentially normal for their relationship; one veteran player taking a younger player under his wing.

    So what if Incognito sounded like a pig? I honestly imagined much worse and am positive that there actually are much worse characters in the NFL. Shame on everyone who jumped on this so quickly. Not even sure why they did, nobody’s business in the first place anyway. Next time there’s bullying in the NFL let’s just send it to the Senate for resolution. They love getting involved in pro sports anyway.

  22. Richie Incognito may be whatever it is you think he is, but he is also a human being. He has had to sit back and watch his name being dragged through the mud for four months.

    How dare you sit back and tell him how he should or should not be reacting to this scrutiny?

  23. After reading the texts between Martin and Incognito, I can’t believe there is such an uproar. My high school locker room and college locker room and dorm were much, much worse.

    You should hear what all is being said in restaurant kitchens.

    Martin and his few sympathizers should just get a life and let girls be girls and men be men. And that goes for hypocrites like Ross and Philbin, and Goodell and his merry band of bumf–ks.

  24. Richie’s not the brightest bulb by talking now but he’s been screwed over long enough and is rightfully upset.These lawyers spend more time padding the bill then anything else.

  25. okay, I understand that Richie has gotten unrightfully blamed for this situation. But, seriously, this guy is a giant piece of crap, and has been for his whole career. Cheap shots, running his mouth, all on top of not really being very talented. Recognize his innocence here, but c’mon, don’t paint this guy to be a model dude.

  26. Right now all pundits should get on their knees and ask for forgiveness. Especially the tool bag Brad Jackson calling Incognito a racist bully not knowing anything. Wait fir the report then make statements. I hate everybody

  27. The Dolphins screwed Richie. Jonathan Martin will announce he’s gay once he he is snubbed by every other NFL team and write a book about how he was secretly in love with Pouncey.

  28. It should be plainly obvious what has occurred. Wells’ report was ready to be released today. But two things happened.

    One, Martin’ s interview with Dungy last week and a two, a new light shed on Incognito’s side of the story.

    Incognito behaved wrongly with the use of the N word and his interaction with a female at some event. But his interactions with Martin probably did not fit Wells’ conclusion and it would have been a complete fiasco for Wells to release a report that would have indicted him as incompetent and lacking discernment of the situation.

    So yes, Wells is most likely editing the report as fast as he can considering last week’s high wire acts. Next week we’ll see something reflecting the exoneration of Incognito to a certain extent and less of Martin as some helpless victim carefully balancing it all to avoid ruining the career of both men, and the Dolphins liability for a lawsuit being that Martin doesn’t have legs to stand on. And of course other eyes have to read the thing to before it’s approved / released.

  29. No surprise the report is delayed. The release of those messages the other day likely shredded all the reports conclusions. They’re probably desperately re-writing it as we speak.

  30. Will be interesting how the tide turns again once the report turns.

    Initial reports had fans saying, “Martin is a %^&%& and I would never want him on my team.”

    Next report and those same posters, “Incognito is a &^%&^% and I hope he gets banned for life!”

    Texts come out, “Poor Icognito he is being vilified. Martin is such a *(&%!”

    Next week, the report comes out and you’ll all flip again, “Man Incognito is such a reprehensible pig. Martin deserves another shot!”

    Maybe it is me, but I think it might be possible to have an opinion once the facts come out instead of immediately jumping the gun on each leak that pops up.

  31. Considering Incognito has been called a racist and a bully, by MF as well, I think he has every right to demand that the report be posted on time.

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