Kiper declares Manziel consensus top QB, which is silly

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With the Scouting Combine two weeks away, and free agency beyond that, it’s time for the NFL and its related industries to fill the news void.

So ESPN had a conference call with draft guru Mel Kiper, Jr. today, and he declared that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was the “consensus best quarterback in the draft.”

Manziel might in fact go first overall, and he might in fact be the best quarterback in this crop, when we look at it down the road.

But the idea there’s a consensus anything in February is silliness of the highest order.

Between the teams sending out deliberate false information, and the teams which don’t have a firm grip on their own draft boards yet, the idea that the majority of them have settled into one line of thinking is absurd.

Of course Manziel’s good for headlines, and for page views and ratings, so expect to read and see and hear a load about him over the next few months (including right here at PFT).

There might be a consensus that he’s the most interesting, but there can’t be one that he’s the best, at least not yet.

47 responses to “Kiper declares Manziel consensus top QB, which is silly

  1. More than half of the people Kiper talks to like Manziel than the other QB’s available in this years draft. Well, that sounds reasonable to me. I think I do too….

  2. Give Mel a break, he’s trying to figure out his speech for Mike Williams HOF ceremony. He did gaurantee Mike would be in the HOF on draft day after all.

  3. ESPN has a vested interest in Johnny Manziel. It doesn’t matter if its way too early but it causes debate and get’s more viewers on their shows and sites. Also, Manziel himself has become almost an icon, ESPN wants to solidify themselves as a supporter of him so he will help them gain revenue in the future, instead of a network like Fox Sports 1. It’s all about money, there’s no expertise at ESPN, its a clown show.

  4. I definitely prefer Mayok over Kiper and McShay, but that said, after watching Manziel move the ball at will against Alabama the last two years, I am sold that he is the best QB in the draft. I know there are questions about his size and durability, but time will tell. I think he will be the 1st pick in the draft, if not, the first QB taken and then we will see. I don’t like the guy and I hope he flops in the NFL, but you cannot deny that against the best opponent he has faced the last 2 years, he played his best.

  5. Al Davis listened to Kiper big: remember J Russel consensus number one, Kiper”10 yr LT Gallery”, Yes he said 10 yr for a short arm LT that really turned out to be a Guard

  6. Minnesota is the best place for any of these quarterbacks to wind up because of the talent they have on offense.

  7. Johnny Football is probably like Clowney from the standpoint that you will get the best out of them, as they actually get PAID to play football.

    Manziel is the classic boom or bust prospect. If he puts the work in, and decides he want hone his craft and get the most out of his ability, he can become a great QB. If he half-asses it, and tries to do it half-way, then his physical tools will not be enough. He has great instincts, and he has an “IT” Factor, but he has inherent limitations that he will need to over-come by hard-work and preparation.

    Bridgewater is a safer pick, and will probably be a good QB, But Manziel has a higher ceiling. He also has a much lower basement.

    Bridgwater has a great shot at starting for over a decade, Manziel is more of a risk.

    The other guy no one is putting a lot of talk into yet, but has the measurables of a franchise-type QB is Blake Bortles.

    The Combine and interview process will tell us a lot.

    I hope Florio can also get a hold of Johnny Football’s Wonderlic Test results for us as well.

    I personally hope Johnny does well in the NFL, he is a real exciting player.

  8. Bridgewater is more of a consensus “best” because he’s at the top of more boards.

    Carr will end up being the best QB in this class, but it will take a couple years before that is evident. Burtle will bust. Manziel will be decent but not capable of big numbers (more of a Russle Wilson type). Bridgewater will tank.

  9. buddysguys says: Feb 6, 2014 12:45 PM

    manziel isnt the 3rd best in the draft.

    1. Teddy B
    2. Murray
    3. Mettenberger
    4. Johnny

    Yet Blake Bortles could be drafted ahead of all of those guys.

    I am a UGA fan, and I really like Aaron Murray, but I think Johnny will be drafted before him.

    Mettenberger will be a 2nd or 3rd rounder (In my opinion) but I think he will keep getting better and better, and watch him go somewhere with a QB Friendly system like KC or Philly or some place like that, and he’ll become a good QB.

    Again – the combine will sort a lot of this out I think.

  10. Love him or hate him, Johnny Manziel is going to be a great pro. He is a playmaker, and spent two years producing in the best conference in college football.

    Any team with a need at QB who passes on Manziel for anyone other than Teddy Bridgewater is going to be making a colossal mistake.

  11. Kiper has to have a hidden agenda, most likely tied up with ESPN. As for Manziel , he is far from the best QB in this draft and the team taking him at the top of the draft will end up either waiting on him to mature or getting a bust. Yes, he was impressive at Texas A&M and in the SEC. That means ZILCH. The SEC, no matter how much better most people think it is over the rest of college football, is still a , at best, ( using a baseball term ) a class A league compared to the NFL. No QB prospers without being mature and with the offense tailored specifically to the QB’s game. In other words, my friends, an offense that is turned back, restricted . Manziel is not an original , the NFL has seen the running QB in the last few years, he has nothing new to offer. His game isn’t unique enough to stand out, like RGIII’s did in his rookie year, or Cam Newton’s did . He isn’t as “smart” ( offensively) , he isn’t the manager like a Russell Wilson is , nor will he be blessed with that defense. He isn’t anywhere near an Andrew Luck in terms of physically , or pro style offenses. He isn’t anything nor unique. He needs time to develop and he will NOT get that .

  12. Good luck to any team who drafts any of these QB’s. As far as Johnny, ask Robert Griffin about being a running QB in the NFL…and he’s built.

  13. Mel needs to ease-up on all that hair product; it’s obviously having side effect on his mental facilities.

  14. I personally see Manziel as the best QB prospect this year, but Kiper must have no idea what the term “consensus” means. If there ever was a more debated QB prospect in recent times, I can’t think of him.

  15. Caption on that photo should be……

    Rodgers! let me “discount double check that for you! insert here!”

  16. Mel Kiper is better suited to be TV Evangelist than he is a Pre-Draft Analyst. That guy can’t admit it when he lies to himself, how can we believe anything he says.

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