Mike Priefer might not be safe in Minnesota, after all


When the Vikings announced Mike Zimmer’s full coaching staff this morning, the list included special teams coach Mike Priefer.

But the Vikings might not be finished investigating, or deciding for sure that he’ll be back next year after he was accused of making homophobic comments by former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe.

According to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the announcement does not necessarily mean Priefer is secure.

Priefer was already under contract for 2014, and the team could reevaluate his situation when the investigation is complete.

While every coach would like to have a staff in place by this time of year, this is an instance where the Vikings are being prudent while waiting. If there are legal proceedings ongoing, and they’re already obligated to pay him, it’s worth waiting to see if he has given them a reason not to.

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  1. Sounds like Coach Priefer may not be getting the same level of support from Vikings management as he is from their highly evolved fanbase…. How’s your off-season going, Vike fans?

  2. Why would the Vikings announce Priefer as being on staff for their new head coach if there was any chance they were going to remove him after this investigation? All that does is undercut Mike Zimmer, a first time head coach in his first season.

    I’m sorry, but this comes across as wishful thinking for those who support Kluwe’s agenda and believe his accusations. Problem is, not one person has come out in support of Kluwe on this, while several have spoken out in support of Priefer.

  3. Its not even a week after the SB, and the Vikings can’t get on the same page as their head coach.

    He even had a couple weeks to get his staff set up.

    Shows you how much of a mess that franchise actually is.

  4. The investigation is far enough along for the Vikings to know if there’s any chance there will be a problem. It wouldn’t be unusual at all for a new head coach to hire a new special teams coordinator, so why keep him unless they felt comfortable with the situation? There is no way they’re going to find out something new at this point that causes them to fire Priefer later.

  5. If the man is guilty he should pay, currently the only person that has said something was Kluwe and we don’t hear him talking anymore.

    Typically, if he thinks he can get his way he will never shut-up. I did think it was soooo nice of him to even state he hopes that he is able to ruin the guy’s career. Nice moral high ground there.

    Either way the Vikings need to make a determination, it isn’t fair to hold him back from getting a potential job if they aren’t going to keep him.

  6. He’s going to keep his job. Why would he lose it? Even if it comes out he made inappropriate slurs at work, that’s not a crime. I don’t see where this is going. He won’t get fired for it. Riley Cooper made a poor choice in judgement as well. It’s not a crime to believe/say things with poor taste. Nothing he said was a hate crime, and none of his comments were directed specifically at any individual. If they want him on the coaching staff, it will be extremely easy to come out and apologize, the team will say he’ll go to some sensitivity training or something, and then everyone will forget about it. Especially since the vast majority of the public opinion is that no one cares. If the Vikings want him to stay, there’s nothing that could make them HAVE to fire Priefer.

  7. Sounds like Kluwe and is lawyer are all up in arms because this was announced before the investigation was concluded. I think the Vikings then let this reporter know that they could change their minds later just to convey the impression that they are taking the investigation seriously. If you don’t think they know exactly what happened by now, you’re crazy. There were three witnesses to the alleged behavior: Kluwe, Walsh, and Loeffler. How long does it take to ask Walsh and Loeffler if it happened?

  8. Right or wrong, Coach Priefer is entitled to his opinion. I’m quite sure in an NFL setting there are off color things said more than any of us know, and Kluwe is looking to throw him under the bus because he lost his job for running his mouth via social networking. I’m a combat veteran who has fought for every person’s right to their opinion. He’s a great special teams coach, let the man do his job.

  9. The investigation has gone on for several weeks at this point. If the organization thought that there was any credible evidence to substantiate Kluwe’s claims, even if that evidence didn’t arrive at the level of incontrovertible proof, one assumes that the Vikings would have dumped Priefer just to get rid of the potential headache that keeping him on staff would create.

    I’m not sure where the commenters who said that this shows that the Vikings are “not on the same page” as Mike Zimmer are getting that. All the report says is that they may reassess his status at the conclusion of the investigation. It doesn’t indicate anywhere that Zimmer doesn’t want him on staff right now, given what he and the rest of the organization know as of this moment.

    Base your views on facts and evidence, people, not biases.

  10. Mike Priefer flew helicopters in the Gulf War as a Naval officer and is now one of the best special teams coaches in the NFL. Chris Kluwe is a below-average punter whose performance got worse as his distracting political activism increased. The fact that Kluwe is trying to ruin Priefer’s career makes my blood boil.

  11. It is not like the man committed a crime.

    Some of the thought police want the mere mention of a possible accusation of a thought they don’t approve to be grounds for banishment from society never to be forgiven.

    Sending in the KGB or Gestapo is not the American way. We care about truth and justice.

  12. My Vikes are off to a great start. Best case for QB, we end up paying close to $8M for two backup QBs, will find out the final cost of the Harvin trade, and now probably have a lawsuit hanging over our heads when we should be getting pumped for the draft. It’s like they’re cursed or something…

  13. Packers claim they are not our rivals. But, one look around at any Vikings story and their comments tell a different story. Its too bad the little brothers to the East like to pretend so much.

  14. Priefer wouldn’t fit in here in Green Bay. His comments would hit too close to home for our only good player.

  15. Let me get this straight – Kluwe claims he was fired from his job because of his beliefs. Now he wants someone else fired from his job for his beliefs because they differ from Kluwe’s. Is that correct?

  16. According to MN state statute regarding hostile work environment:

    “Rather, the focus should be on whether the conduct viewed objectively was sufficiently severe or pervasive to have interfered with the employees’ employment and whether subjectively the employees perceived their employment environment to be so affected.”

    So, if what Kluwe alleges actually occurred it is not the case that Priefer is only expressing his “beliefs” or “opinions” and therefore has done nothing wrong.

    If only there was a lawyer associated with this website who could provide an opinion here…

  17. My opinion on Kluwe has changed entirely. This is reverse harassment and totally unfounded. If Kluwe has an issue then take it up with the EEOC if not the who else will be subject to this kind of defamation without cause? Everyone and anyone. I consider myself an American not aligned with any political party but the liberal agenda is very close to communism. No matter what way this turns out everyone loses and Kluwe just wants someone on the couch next to him come football season… Kluwe should shut up and play video games. Manning had it right when he said our stupid kicker is mouthing off…guess it is contagious.

  18. Welcome to leftism– Thoughtcrime doesn’t pay.

    Think like us or be forced out of your job and your life will be ruined. Just remember we are the open-minded ones.

  19. Priefer isn’t going anywhere. The Vikings have obviously done enough investigating of this to be comfortable going forward with him in place, or they wouldn’t have made the announcement.

    What amazes me about this is the fact that Kluwe actually thinks he deserves to have veto power over the Vikings choice of a special teams coach. How arrogant is that?

    Kluwe’s problem is that he is failing to realize that no one else accepts or pays attention to his self-appointment as judge, jury and executioner of those who disagree with his take on gay marriage.

  20. AAAAAGAIN!!…had they NOT gotten rid of one of the best kickers in the NFL the year before and replaced him with a rookie leg….this might be a legit argument…..unfortunately, Kluwe is just a bitter girl about cut. Sad….just the way this country is moving….blame everyone else but yourself.

  21. Carl Gerbschmidt needs a life, I guess he has nothing better to do besides being a troll and exercising his last two remaining brain cells.

    Hey Carl, you might need some band-aids for those knuckles it must suck losing all of that skin when you drag those puppies along.

    In other words go away, grow up and after evolution cures you of your misanthropism come back and see if you can join a real adult human conversation. I am so sick of seeing your hating.

  22. Maybe Kluwe should call out my friend Carl, but I hope not. I envy Carl. While Wisconsin roads deteriorate, he’s using his phone to post on a Vikings thread, and getting paid with taxpayer’s money. I’d like to swing a shovel with Carl, I have more expertise at it than any Wiscovite in history. I have much to teach him.

  23. At least Kluwe blackballed himself from the game. That’s what happens when you stick your neck out for a losing cause. Priefer will be with Minnesota until he decides it time to leave.

  24. You can have an opinion as long as it agrees with Kluwe. Don’t you love how it only works one way.

    Keep Priefer, If you don’t like it then follow another team.

    When did we turn into such a bunch of soft skinned wimps? Our WW2 Grandfathers are passing away out of sheer embarrassment of what we have become.

  25. Kluwe- You did this to yourself and now you need someone to blame.

    1. dolls in the locker room
    2. obsession with guitar hero in the locker room
    3. not doing what your told when hester is standing on the other end of the field
    4. the letters you send with vulgar language to the commissioner and to heads of state when you are representing the vikings.
    5. You generally getting worse all of last year.
    6. Increased salary over a better younger cheaper player.
    7. Your lack of team concept
    8. You

    I guess I have not even gotten to gay rights yet. MMMMMM, why am I out of the league?

  26. I would guess that if they let him go as part of the general coaching changes, they still have to pay him. If they keep him around and find him guilty of whatever Kluwe accused him of, they can fire him with cause.

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