Nantz, Simms will get some Sundays off


Jim Nantz and Phil Simms of CBS will be busier than ever this year, with 14 Thursday night games to handle on top of their regular duties.  Omitted from Wednesday’s announcement regarding the new package, however, is the fact that Nantz and Simms will catch a break on some Sundays.

According to CBS, Nantz and Simms won’t be doing a game every Sunday this year.  Their final schedule has not yet been determined.

There’s talk that they’ll call only the lead late-afternoon game on weekends when CBS televises a double-header.  If so, that would give them roughly eight NFL Sundays off.

That would still be a heavy load, with 14 Thursday games and up to nine Sunday games.  But they’ll at least get a chance to periodically catch their breath throughout the 23-game grind.

While CBS may have preferred to have its top team available every Sunday, the presence of the top CBS team on Thursday night in theory gives the broadcast a more special feel — especially when it moves exclusively to NFL Network late in the season.

And if that was one of the key considerations for the NFL, CBS was the only network in position to assign its No. 1 team to 14 Thursdays.  NBC (and the NFL) would have wanted Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth on every Sunday night, ABC/ESPN would have wanted Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden on all Monday nights, and FOX would have had a hard time making Joe Buck available to Thursday nights during the baseball playoffs.

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  1. what a joke that theyre trying to make TNF a premier game. TNF is the worst played football every single week. how many good TNF games were there last year? no matter if it’s a good matchup/bad matchup, theyre always BAD games!

  2. Less of Phil Simms is always going to be a good thing. Too bad we had to take more CBS to get it

  3. So they will have to put in 6 hours a week of on-air time on the weeks they have two games plus a few hours time to prepare for the games and travel time. Hmmm, I don’t even see a 40 hour work week there and how much are they getting paid?

    If they can’t handle this “heavy load” I’d be happy to take a couple of those games off their hands for half of what they get paid per game. I’m sure that I can get a couple of more people that would be willing to help me out!

  4. Thank God. Phil Simms is the most annoying, loud, droning “me” guy in broadcasting with the exception of Chris Berman.

  5. I don’t get all the Simms/Nantz hate. They’re miles better than anyone on Fox, Espn or NFLN. The only two that compare favorably are Michaels/Collinsworth. I say this because both of these teams have my favorite trait in common…they let the game BREATHE and know when to shut up!

    Mayock, Gruden, and the like always feel the need to educate every viewer like we’ve never watched football. We also don’t need to hear about foot placement, hip opening, and other mechanisms every second of every play. After awhile, these announcers just become “white noise”.

  6. Thursday night football would have been a great opportunity to bump up Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts but CBS is too lazy, stupid, or incompetent to do so.

  7. Phil Simms doesn’t even need to be there. I can’t tell the difference between the plug and play Simms on my teenage son’s Madden game and the guy doing games for CBS. He uses the same cliches and hyperbole on both. He really has nothing to say. Mike Mayock actually did his homework for the Thursday Night telecasts and actually had a point of view. Nantz is no bargain either.

  8. CBS may be worried about having their #1 team available, but apparently CBS isn’t aware that

    1. They are virtually un-listenable, and
    2. Nobody watching really cares who is calling the game. Either the viewer is an addict and will watch whatever is available or they care about one of the teams playing. The announcer only determines whether the viewer turns down the volume and cranks up the radio.

    Good for them, though, putting their #1 team on a night when a lot fewer people are going to be watching football.

    Seriously, [i][b]nobody[/b][/i] is going to stop bitching about CBS replacing Big Bang Theory with football because Nantz & Simms are yammering.

  9. Great picture of the an NFL conspiracy theorists’ Evil Axis: Nantz, Simms and Belichick. The Patriots only win because they cheat and CBS wants them to win, or so the delusion goes.

  10. Phil Simms should be given every day of the week off – he is an arrogant, stupid, foolish, obtuse, and egotistical buffoon. I am not quite sure how someone who played football is so obvious to football knowledge. His only skill is talking about himself.

    Over at FOX, that jerk, Troy Barkman, is another clueless schmuck. Between Simms and Barkman there are exactly .75 IQ points and enough self importance to spread to a city the size of NYC.

    The only joy listening to these two is when you turn the sound down and you can’t hear them anymore.

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