Norv Turner: Everyone’s in agreement that we’re trying to add a young quarterback


Norv Turner met the media on Thursday for the first time since becoming the Vikings’ offensive coordinator and there won’t be any prizes for guessing the main topic of conversation.

Turner talked a lot about quarterbacks, calling it a process that the team has to go through this offseason and see where it takes them before discussing who would be under center. That naturally led to a question about using their first-round pick on a quarterback. Turner pointed out that he’s outranked by General Manager Rick Spielman and coach Mike Zimmer before noting that the first round isn’t the only place to find a quarterback.

“The one thing’s that been proven is that quarterbacks come from a lot of different spots,” Turner said. “I think everyone is in agreement that we’re trying to add a young quarterback to the organization.”

Turner made a reference to Russell Wilson while discussing the various places one can find a quarterback and then referenced him again when saying that it’s “easier to play quarterback” when you have a great defense and strong teammates around you. Turner thinks that those pieces are in place — “this is a group that can be real good” — which means that it’s just that not so insignificant matter of getting the guy to play Wilson in this scenario.

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  1. Can you feel it?

    Every piece is falling into place.

    We are creating a dynasty in front of everyone’s eyes.

    We officially have the best coaching staff in the NFL.

    The most talented personnel and players on both sides of the ball.

    Once we draft our franchise QB, the Vikings dynasty will officially begin.

    We will win multiple superbowls and be the most decorated franchise in the NFL.

  2. Due to the surprising success of Russell Wilson and Nick Foles from the 2012 draft, no quarterback was picked in 2014 prior to the third round. But 19 of them were taken that round.

  3. If you don’t believe our roster is completely stacked and ready for a title run, look at these undeniable stats on the offense side of the ball.

    RB: Adrian Peterson – Former MVP, best running back in the NFL
    WR: Greg Jennings – Future all-pro wide reciever with a Super Bowl ring; Cordarelle Pattwrson – Pro Bowl his rookie year and had the most touchdowns in the NFL the last 8 games of the season – a physical freak.
    FB- Jerome Felton – future pro bowl, one of the best fullbacks in the NFL.
    TE – Kyle Rudulph – Former pro-bowl MVP, had 8 TDS with Christian Ponder at QB.
    OL – Matt Kalil, was a pro-bowler as a rookie, our franchise left-tackle.
    John Sullivan- former all-pro, one of the best centers in the NFL.

    No one has a better starting offense – talent wise and once we draft our franchise QB we will be virtually unstoppable.

  4. They have enough QBs or two teams now.
    Trade some of these folks, and get some draft picks, or another QB, there are plenty of backups sitting on the bench of other teams that could be their starter, if they simply go in with one starter at the on-set.

  5. If they do expand the playoffs, Viking fans better hope the expansion gives them a guaranteed spot each year…that’s the only way they’d ever sniff the playoffs.

    They still would never win a playoff game though.

  6. Having Russell Wilson sure would be nice. But we would have to wait until he has 2 or 3 years left in the tank before getting him…

  7. It’s easier to play QB when you’re smarter than everyone else on the field. Or can read a defense. Or look off safeties. Or feel pressure. All things Ponder never showed once ounce of ability to do. In fact, the Vikings used this excuse with Ponder. “If we surround him with a ton of talent he’ll be better”. Guess what? Harvin, Jennings, Rudolph, Patterson, Garhardt, Simpson, Wright, etc, etc, etc he is still horrible. Get me a QB who makes the players around him better, or at the very least – not look much worse than they are.

    Personally, I want Bridgewater bad. I’d be happy with Manziel. I’d puke if they take Bortles or Carr in the first out. I’d be alright with a mid range pick on Boyd or Murray. I’d be okay with trading a mid range pick for Mallet. But if they don’t get Bridgewater or Manziel they better get someone who can play in free agency. Peterson doesn’t have forever.

  8. Turner’s Air Coryell offense leads me to believe that they’ll draft either Bridgewater or Carr if they plan on using their first pick on a QB. I don’t know enough about Garappalo to make an assessment on him.

    Sadly, while Jennings is a great West Coast receiver he’s probably not well suited to Turner’s offense. Turner likes receivers like Vincent Jackson: tall, strong, able to win jump balls and one-on-one’s because Air Coryell schemes are focused on deep passing. Jennings runs great routes and he’s crafty. While that makes him great for West Coast offenses, he doesn’t seem like a fit for Turner’s scheme.

  9. I’m a huge Viking fan and even I don’t think thepftpoet is funny, clever, interesting, or adds anything to this website when he posts. Just stop already! You are, honestly, embarrassing our fan base with your ridiculous posts! Meat Sauce is that you?

  10. If Bridgewater, Bortles, or Manziel drop to them in the first round, they’ll pick him. Otherwise, they’ll wait until Round 2 or even Round 3 to take someone like Garoppolo, Mettenberger, or McCarron. Carr might even drop to Round 2. There will be no reaches this time.

  11. The Vikings have a couple of guys that are goi0ing to be on the downslope of their career shortly like Jennings and Peterson.

    They better hope Patterson can learn to run routes, and that the next QB they draft isn’t as awful of a bust as thier recent selection.

  12. Norv Turner the would be offensive genuis who had the 29th ranked O last yr, 20th the yr before.

    Good luck AP. You’ll see the ball 35% of the time if you are lucky. Get ready for a lot of 7 step drops and a lot of the QB getting sacked.

  13. Norv is right. He can see the new trends.

    Now, for instance cheesebay. You want to build a team by overpaying a questionable qb on offense & another knuckleless Fathead® on defense millions upon millions of dollars and expect to win a SB w/out the rest of the 53 as great players, then you’ve mismanaged expectations due to variables (i.e. Injuries).

  14. As a long long suffering Minnesota Vikings fan we are still at best to do three years away from any chance of winning a Super Bowl providing the draft picks all fall into place and we manage our salary cap properly… Now that being said that also sounds like the other 31 teams…

  15. Charlie Batch, Seneca Wallace, Vince Young, etc.

    Lot’s of potential QB’s are out there. There will be many available at the final cuts from other teams.

    There are always QB’s on the NFL scrap heap to chose from and the vikings have done it for years.

    There is no need to draft one like they did with Ponder, Joe Webb, Tarvaris Jackson, John David Booty, Tyler Thigpen, or Fumblepepper.

    Look how well they have done with Gus Ferotte, Sage Rosenfels, McNabb, Brad Johnson, Todd Bouman, Josh Freeman, and Spergon Wynn!!

    Look what they did in trades for Kelly Holcomb Donovan McNabb, and Brooks Bollinger.

    The vikings will work out their quarterback situation the mysterious way they always have.

    Nobody can even venture a guess who will start opening day or who will finish their season as a starter.
    That’s when you get to laugh, at the punchline.
    Don’t laugh now before you have even heard the joke.

  16. The Vikings are putting together an intricate plan to stink up the NFC North once again.

    2014 NFC North Standings:
    Green Bay 12-4
    Detroit 9-7
    Chicago 9-7
    Minnesota 3-13

    So it is written.

  17. I think the Vikings are moving in the right direction but to think of them as a dynasty? I think it’s way too soon to think that. The offense might be better with Norv Turner but the defense needs a lot of work. My friend is a die-hard Vikings fan and he would complain about how bad the Vikings defense was last season. Can’t be a dynasty team with a bad defense. And response to “thepftpoet”, no offense but I really doubt that’s the best starting offense. On paper they sound good but I can make an argument that the Broncos, Patriots, Saints, hell even the Seahawks offense is better than the Vikings.

  18. “The one thing’s that been proven is that quarterbacks come from a lot of different spots”

    Unfortunately, none of those spots include the Viking’s roster and with Spielman in charge of making the pick, it wouldn’t come out of this draft either. So in other words, the last place finish for the third year in the last 4 is virtually insured.

  19. Defense first round, then Mettenberger or McCarron,
    prefferably Mettenberger late first early second. Manziel off-field issues, Boyd doesn’t show up enough in big games.

  20. As a Bengals fan, I’ll be keeping an eye on the Vikings in 2014. Zimmer has finally gotten the
    chance he deserves. The opportunity to be a Head Coach in the NFL. I wouldn’t expect “miracles” in his first year, especially if they start a rookie QB. I’m sure you’ll see improvement all around though for sure. He’s the total opposite of Leslie Frazier! I know this for a fact because Frazier was the Bengals Defensive Coordinator before Zimmer. Those 2 are total opposites when it comes to coaching styles. If the Vikings let Jared Allen walk, don’t be surprised to see the Vikings snag Michael Johnson from the Bengals (last years franchise player) if the Bengals can’t work out a deal to re-sign him. Johnson is just now reaching his prime. He’ll be 27 next year and at 6′ 7″ 270 lbs. he’s a handful at DE. Can rush the passer, plays the run well and with his height can bat balls down at the line of scrimmage!

  21. Norv Turner is washed up so Minnesota is the perfect place for him. 10 losses every year, nobody cares about that franchise – he might as well be a bullpen coach for the Twins.

    Can’t wait til the vikings move to LA.

  22. Dear Vikings fans and ownership.. Keep this guy away from any and every QB decision possible. You know that QB that made your defense (and subsequently every defense he played against afterword) look really really bad during week 3 of the 2013 season against his Cleveland Browns?

    Well Norv thought he was the worst QB on the Cleveland roster which is why he was job searching in the first place. The guy knows his X’s and O’s but as far as talent judgement, he should be thankful Phillip Rivers was already there when he took over the San Diego job as I don’t think he would have been as successful with Charlie Whitehurst.

  23. Onbolt, know what you are talking about before you run your chaps. The offense last year was ranked 18th with no quarterback to speak of due to injury. Some of you are flat out clueless. I get trolling, but try to make a little sense when you get on here.

  24. Peterson will be lucky to get a thousand yards a year going forward with the rest of his career. he might just have one more left in him before he hits the “wall”.

  25. Vikes won’t draft, Spielman won’t gamble again, Spielman is sitting is the very same place he was when he took Ponder, there are 4 teams ahead of the Vikes who need a QB, after Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel it’s a crap shoot, anyway you look at it, besides Ponder, Spielman has done a pretty good job in the draft, if he trades for either Ryan Mallet or Kirk Cousins he knows what he has and Norv Turner can groom either one of those guys into a elite QB, look for New England to trade Mallet, he is in his last year of his deal, if Spielman pulls it off, LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. If the Vikings can’t land Bridgewater or Manziel in round one, they need to draft defense and pick up Mettenberger, Murray or Garopollo in round two.

    Don’t like the idea of drafting Carr or Bortles with the eighth overall pick; too much of a reach. If Spielman reaches for either of those two, it’ll be the last time he drafts a QB as a GM.

  27. Pick a position on defense….any position….and that will be the choice in the first round. Johnny Football and Bridgewater will be gone, so Zimmer will address that horrible mess in round one. They will think hard in the second round about Carr (if available) or Mettenberger from LSU. Then all defensive picks until a late round pick on a replacement for Gerhart.

  28. Back as far as Fran Tarkenton, the Vikes have had some good teams, but never good enough to win the SB. Really don’t see that trend changing anytime soon, despite what some folks dream.

  29. The Vikings should have a great draft, because they’ve been 100% focused on it since they were eliminated from contention once again in October.

    But they won’t.

  30. You guys already have your franchise QB. He just needs a franchise Offensive Coordinator and QB guru to coach him up and teach him the finer points. Like he did with Philip Rivers, Troy Aikman, Jason Campbell (the Redskins version), Rich Gannon and a few others.

    His name is Josh Freeman. He was a prolific young talent until the dreadful Gregg Schiano completely screwed him up & ruined him in Tampa. And the clueless Frazier tossed him into the Tiger pit like a sacrificial lamb upon arrival last year.

    If Norv can tap into that huge package of talent and find the rookie Josh Freeman from 2010. And rebuild him like he did with a slumping Phil Rivers. Look out for Minnesota in the NFC North. The youngster Freeman still has all of that talent, speed, size, arm strength and potential. Turner needs to rebuild his confidence and work on his mental approach to playing QB. The investment would be worth it. Because it would allow the Vikes to use that high draft choice against a more pressing team need. while creating impact at the QB position from within.

  31. Clearly they try to trade a#3 for Cousins and use their #1 on the DL. He is perfect for what Norv have done in the past.

    I’m a Vikings fan but thepftpoet is an embarrassment to Minnesota. Maybe mankind.

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