Pete Carroll sees few offseason needs for Seahawks


It stands to reason that since the Seahawks just won the Super Bowl, they’re feeling pretty good about the state of their team.

But coach Pete Carroll said he doesn’t see many changes this offseason, at least of last year’s variety.

I don’t see anything that we need to add. We just have to get better,” Carroll said, via the Associated Press. “These players know that they got better all the way to the last game of the season. That’s always out there for us and that will continue to be our focus. . . .

“They have come together to do something very special and it’s not just one year. We’re just getting warmed up if you know what I’m talking about.”

The fact they have a cheap, successful quarterback in Russell Wilson is the first step in keeping a young nucleus together, but the Seahawks went all-out last offseason, trading for Percy Harvin and giving him a giant contract, then buying free agent pass-rushers in bulk when they became inexpensive.

“The priority is for us to get back to work and work really hard again,” Carroll said. “That’s going to be more important. It’s not going to be something from the outside of us. We have what we need, we just need to get back to work when the time comes with the right attitude and the right focus. That’s all I’m concerned about.”

While taking care of their own will be a focus, the reality is teams will always try to pluck players from a winner. So while free agents such as wide receiver Golden Tate and defensive end Michael Bennett want to come back, there’s no guarantee they will be.

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  1. So if somebody plucks a player away then they can pluck another key player away just like they did when they scooped up guys like Lynch and Avril in the past. Those are bigtime money players and they went out and got those guys ahead of everybody else. As long as other teams don’t protect their key players, Seattle will be there to steal them and capitalize off of them.

  2. What else would you expect a man, who’s team will have the 32nd pick in the draft, to say? By doing so, he’s telling the other HC’s/GM’s, “don’t look for us to be doing any heavy trading, to move up.”

    Quite frankly, I rather expect that the biggest “need” for us this year will be a late round QB, who can be brought along as a potential back-up. They may also deem it a need, to get more OT’s, to shore up potential weaknesses there.

  3. 10 months ago, people kept saying “and the rich get richer” as the ‘hawks signed Bennett, Avril, etc, usually on the cheap. Quality players saw what the ‘hawks did the previous season, and felt they might be THE winning team to join (in recent hindsight, they were correct) and were willing to sign for less.

    Pete is making it known to impending free agents from other teams, players who would like to get a ring, that the ‘hawks may not need them.

    In other words: signing with Seattle is not going to be your big payday. You want to play for the ‘hawks? Your payday will be next February in Arizona.

  4. To hear it from Seahawks fans, you would think they are the experts on winning at least that’s what they think themselves to be. I guess never mind 38 years of utter suckdom serving as the door mat of the NFL for all but maybe two years. With their egos ballooning they make the Niners look classy.

  5. The fact is the Hawk have been irrelevant for the entire balance of their exhistance. Besides Largent name any famous Seahawk and Bosworth does not count.

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