ProFootballTalk: Should the rest of the NFL fear the Seahawks?

Jon Ritchie and Mike Florio discuss the three most feared teams in the NFL.

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Should the rest of the NFL fear the Seahawks?

  1. Q: Should the rest of the NFL fear the Seahawks?”

    A: Nope. Just make sure to show up to the game with your big boy pants on unlike the Broncos. Play that team physical and they are fairly beatable. Let’s not forget how uninspiring that team was leading up to the SB. Until Wilson becomes a legitimate FQB this is still just a very good power running team with a stellar defense. Not the recipe for success in the NFL anymore. But I’m happy they won it all despite Goodell’s trying to turn the game into pinball arena garbage. But until they stop tweaking all of the rules to favor offense and passing, ground and pound teams who wish to control the time of possession and win that way will be at a disadvantage. I am pulling for them though. Success of a smashmouth team will only breed more copycats and we can return to well balanced TEAMS being prioritized in the NFL.

  2. Fairly beatable? Way easier said than done only team that comes close are niners and even then we out muscle that matchup most of the time. Don’t see too many teams all of a sudden stepping up physically and beating us fairly easy

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