Ray Guy never gave up hope about the Hall of Fame

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Former Raiders punter Ray Guy was voted down every single time his name came up as a modern-era candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But Guy didn’t get discouraged about his chances of making it to Canton.

Guy, who was finally elected to the Hall of Fame as a seniors committee candidate on Saturday, says he always remained optimistic that he’d eventually be honored.

“I didn’t give up hope,” Guy said on Mike and Mike in the Morning. “I’m kind of a patient man. Sometimes you get frustrated when it doesn’t happen, but it’s over now.”

Guy, who played his entire NFL career for the Raiders, said Oakland fans and his former teammates always kept his spirits up about his eventual Hall of Fame induction. And Guy said he’s now glad to share his Hall of Fame induction with them.

“This is for the fans and all of my teammates throughout the years,” he said. “Now we can say it with pride: I’m a member of the Hall of Fame Class of 2014.”

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  1. If Guy wasn’t a Raider, he probably would have been in already.

    The HOF is full of Raiders and certain people don’t want anymore in, out of jealousy.

  2. When you have a NCAA award named after you (The Ray Guy award for best punter) and you are not in the Hall of Fame, it is shameful for the HoF. “Finally!” is my reaction. Yes he was only a punter, but he was and still is the benchmark that all other punters are judged against. And I am not a Raiders fan.

  3. Ray Guy was so good that he was considered an offensive weapon. Because of Ray Guy, the measurement of “hang time” was initiated. His punts seemed to hang in the air forever allowing coverage teams to get to the receiver. So John Madden started to time them. Then they timed other punters and suddenly, boom, “hang time” was established as another measurable punt statistic.

  4. I loved Ray Guy and I’m glad he’s in the Hall of Fame, but I think some people are getting carried away with how good he was. He led the league in punting just three times and had a far lower career average than his contemporary, Jerrel Wilson. Yes, Guy’s hang time was outstanding, doubtless the best of his era. As for coffin-corner kicks, my perception as a Raiders fan who watched at least 80 percent of Ray Guy’s games was that he struggled in that department. He seemed to always send those kicks out of bounds. Are there any stats on coffin-corner kicks from that era?

  5. Guy was the man when I was child. How many times did Guy come in a conversation playing football in the backyard or neighborhood tackle.
    After Guy, the one step Reggie Roby was next punter I always thought of. He always looked like he was going to physical beat the ball to death on a kick.

  6. he deserves it –

    i dont really care about individual honors in team sports…but while we’re at this, Joe Klecko deserves this too

  7. At the 1976 Pro Bowl, Guy became the first punter to hit the Louisiana Superdome video screen. Officials raised the screen from 90 feet to 200 feet. The NFC team pulled the ball and had it tested for helium but found out it was filled with regular air.

    Incredible punter!

  8. When I was a wee kid playing football with friends in the neighborhood, we’d always pretend to kick to each other like Ray Guy. I grew up a Niners fan, but am very happy Guy is in his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. Congrats!

  9. Ray Guy averaged an unremarkable 40 yards per punt. To justify spending a first-round pick on a punter, Madden invented his hocus-pocus “hang time,” which isn’t even relevant in today’s NFL.
    Glad he got in.
    Maybe now the Hall-of-Fame committee can get back to voting for real football players.

  10. That is great for Ray Guy. Congrats…

    But does this mean that we are going to be forced to hear from Chris Kluwe about how he helped by writing that friggin whiny letter he wrote last year?

  11. As a 50+ year Steeler fan, I just want to say they finally elected to the HOF the man who did his job better than any other player of my time. IMO

  12. If I were a head coach and/or GM of a team, I would want a player who can do both, punt and kick field goals. Merge the position, pay one player to do both and save that spot on the 53 man roster for a position of need. This has to happen sooner or later if there are discussions of nixing the extra point.

    Congrats to this Guy.

  13. Its about time. The guy was amazing how he could change field position. Simply the best con grats ray.

  14. ray guy was a good football player, not just a good punter. he’d run down and look to make the tackle after he’d punt the ball. he deserves this

  15. A better team? I think when Guy played, the Raiders sported THE BEST RECORD IN ALL OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS. Get a clue.

  16. Jerrel Wilson was a better punter in the same era, but didn’t have the same PR blitz that Guy did.

    The biggest hype job in sports history.

    Don’t get me wrong. If punters are going to be HOF eligible then he deserved to get in, after a more qualified punter.

    This was not performance based, obviously.

  17. His success was the reason the Saints drafted Russell Erxleben with the 11th pick in the first round. One of the all time worst first round picks in NFL history…

  18. Guy was a game changer and I support his election to the hall (I’m old enough to have seen his entire career). But you know what’s crazy? Look at his gross average for his career – that average would have ranked 31st in the league this year, one spot up from the bottom. It’s incredible how much stronger kickers have gotten over the past several decades, both punters and PKs. Insane.

  19. HOF is a joke.. Ray Guy should of been in it years ago but he don’t work on the NFL Network..
    Warren Sapp gets in right away..hmmmm wonder why?
    HOF voters obviously hate REAL Raiders.
    Tim Brown is the 2nd greatest WR of all time yet he gets the shaft almost every year..
    Jim Plunket won 2 superbowls!
    2!!!!!!!!!!!! No Hall of fame..
    Bill Romanowski is another guy that should be in there

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