Report: Bobby Engram to join Ravens staff


Now that signing day has passed and college recruiters have locked the nation’s best high school players into binding contracts, those recruiters are free to cut a better deal for themselves.

And it appears for the second time in as many days, the Ravens have recruited one of the recruiters.

According to Pete Roussel of, Pitt assistant coach Bobby Engram will join the Ravens as wide receivers coach. The Ravens have previously tabbed Wisconsin running backs coach Thomas Hammock for the same position there.

Engram, 41, spent 14 years in the NFL with the Seahawks, Bears and Chiefs, catching 650 passes. He spent a year with the 49ers as an assistant before joining the Pitt staff in 2012.

21 responses to “Report: Bobby Engram to join Ravens staff

  1. 2x World Champions bout to become 3x World Champions

    #19yearsofexistence #beatmeifyoucan

  2. On the blackberry this read as “Bobby Engram to join Ravens” on the title line.

    I assumed it was as a WR after their performance last year.

    The addition of “staff” seems unnecessary.

  3. Finally (with their new RB coach), a hire who isn’t being recycled from another NFL team.

    I know everybody recycles, but it seems like it’s out of hand. The worst is when teams simply exchange coaches at the exact same position, for example, like RB coaches.

  4. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bobby, pure professional, and great person. Happy for him.

  5. What’s next, grabbing a coach from a Div II school. Or how about a HS coach? Better yet, make up some of that wasted Flacco money by having the players coach themselves. It sure couldn’t be any worse than last year’s coached team.

  6. You know your team is doing the right things when half the comments are from fans of the rest of the division.

    Must suck to be scared of your opponents every year.

  7. Must suck to be scared of your opponents every year.

    As a A raven fan you have personal experience so please enlighten the rest of us on how it feels.

  8. Great hire.

    Never the biggest, or the strongest, or the fastest…he never had the WOW factor…but he caught a ton of 3rd down passes, he caught a ton of passes in traffic, he took a beating over the middle of the field, and yet took care of his body well enough to play 14 years.

    As a coach, Pitt’s WRs have played extremely well under Engram. Street and Shanahan were close to becoming the first 1,000 yard duo in Pitt history, and Tyler Boyd, who barely played WR in High School, had 85 catches for almost 1200 yards as a true freshman.

    Baltimore has a laundry list of WRs selected over the last six years (while Hostler was the WRs coach) in all rounds of the draft…only Torrey Smith has developed, and some would say that he has not emerged as much as one might hope for a 2nd round pick with his kind of talent.

    Engram has always been great at the little things.

  9. Ravens aren’t afraid to be creative. That’s why they won SB XLVII and the Steelers still have nightmares about Tim Tebow.

  10. Great hire by a great, well run organization. You cant deny that from Top to bottom the Baltimore Ravens are built for sustainable success. And the city deserves it. Great place to grow-up, great friendly people (For the most part :P) DIE HARD fans. We dont need any catchy name for our fans. We just come to scream and make your qb’s life a living hell. I expect Bobby to contribute greatly in finding receivers in the draft, as a recruiter and former veteran NFL WR, he is more then capable to picking through the sleeze to find them diamonds. Not to mention Mr. Kubiak and his awareness for solid receiving talent. I think the Ravens are on a great path and expect to see a serious turn around by this team.

  11. Can’t blame the Steeler trolls for being here really. The only thing they have going on is a RB coach who got fired even with with Adrian Peterson and a loud mouth Clarke throwing his pot smoking team mates under the bus.

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