Seahawks bring back quarterback B.J. Daniels


Former 49ers quarterback B.J. Daniels insisted this offseason that the Seahawks interest in him was genuine, and not just a way to stick it to the team that hoped to sneak him through waivers and onto the practice squad.

Now he has proof.

Per the league’s transaction wire, the Seahawks signed Daniels Thursday.

He spent a month and a half with them after they claimed him off waivers from the 49ers, but was cut and added to the practice squad when they needed a roster spot to activate injured tackle Russell Okung in mid-November.

While he might not be much more than a project, the former seventh-rounder is at least familiar enough (with both team) to be of service in the offseason, to see if he develops into something more.

22 responses to “Seahawks bring back quarterback B.J. Daniels

  1. Super Bowls without B.J. Daniels: 0
    Super Bowls with B.J. Daniels: 1
    Gotta question this more.

  2. This race with Niners will never end. What about Tavarius? I like him as backup support, and does well even in clean up time.

  3. From all accounts, Daniels is similar in a lot of ways to Wilson, so it’s no surprise that they’d like to see how he can develop into a backup some day.

    In limited play, Tarvaris Jackson played very well with the Seahawks last season so I won’t be surprised to see him land somewhere like Jacksonville and win a starting job. With his shiney new ring. Hi Vikings!

  4. Daniels is like a BU “insurance” plan in the event he’s needed. I’m not surprised the pft-pud is incapable of understanding that. Too many trips on the short bus?

  5. Daniels finished off the year with the Seahawks on the practice squad after he was cut. He’s a good developmental QB because he has a lot of skill similar to Wilson. He’ll be a great guy to have in Training Camp and preseason.

  6. I wonder who will be first to sign the Seahawks sloppy seconds: Vikings or Redskins? Both are more desperate than the Jaguars…. at least the Jags have a plan…

  7. For Seattle, its just another chance to stick it again to the 49ers and the 49er’s on-going soap opera.

    For the 49ers, they will just have to keep looking for the next Wilson in the draft as the 49ers have begun to realize that Kap has reached his peak level of performance and has proven his ceiling will be as an excellent QB like Matt Ryan, but never to be an elite QB.

  8. Max Unger could play QB and beat the Vikings. The Hawks could bring out a Sea-gal and beat the Vikings.

    When was the last time the Vikings won a playoff game? God that franchise is pathetic and will be way better off in LA.

  9. I have no idea why my Niners released this young talent. Even though it was only pre season he played very solid. I felt like if Kaepernick keeps blowing it we had BJ Daniels to be the next potential starter. Just a very dumb move by my Niners last season releasing him. Kaepernick is not a sure star as many of my fellow Niner fans would like to believe.

    The scary thing is we had a chance to sign him back and we went for McLeod Bethel-Thompson. The 3rd stringer the shatty Vikings didn’t even want on their roster. Definitely a bonehead move.

  10. With Keith Price being snubbed by the Combine, I’d like to see the Seahawks pick him up as an undrafted free agent. An interesting project worth a look.

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