Spygate cameraman’s Super Bowl ring up for auction

A Super Bowl ring the Patriots gave to Matt Estrella, who launched the Spygate scandal when he was caught filming the Jets’ defensive signals in 2007, is being sold in an online auction.

Goldin Auctions is listing a Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX ring for auction, and the company says it’s the ring given to Estrella as a reward for his work for New England during the 2004 season.

The ring has faux diamonds and is neither the same size nor the same style as the ring the players received. So when we’re talking about a second-tier ring given to a guy in the video department, it may be stretching things to call this a “Super Bowl ring” at all.

Still, Goldin Auctions says the ring “ring is of a special historic nature, as it was given to Matt Estrella, who was famously the scapegoat in the videotaping ‘spygate’ affair.” If that interests you, the current bid is $5,704.

18 responses to “Spygate cameraman’s Super Bowl ring up for auction

  1. I was ready to put a bid in if this was a real SB ring.

    I always thought employees get the same ring as players. Seems kinda cheap that they don’t…understandable I guess.

    Now cue the silly Pats haters….

  2. I knew that just as soon as I read the article about the ring and whose name was on it, I knew there would be all of these outlandish comments. I still do not understand just why some people (fans ?) have to keep on beating a dead horse to death,it has been over for a few years now and the price has been paid by both the team and the coach. Just remember no matter how many times you continue to beat that dead horse, it is not going to change any thing. So why can’t some people (FANS) just see that and just give the whole thing a rest and let the dead horse R.I.P. ? Be sides if if you were spent very much time checking your own team out I am very sure that you could find some faults there also. Just like some teams and coaches have said, every team and every coach has done some of these same things at some time during their carrier . So that just goes to show any one, that would they care to check it out, that no team or no coach is either innocent or an angel, no matter how hard the fans want their team and coaches to be. I know it must be very,very,very hard for some of these different people and fans to let go of some things, but this is one dead horse that has had its time and has been well beaten into the ground more than just once. If some of these people (fans) only knew just how tired ( 98+%) most people (fans) are of hearing the same thing over,and over and over it is getting to be like some broken record that most people (fans) would just as soon tthrow in the trash, never to be heard of again.

  3. Maybe Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk could team up to buy Matt Walsh’s 2001 ring. They could perform an exorcism, melt it down, then have a long cry together. Maybe that could get them to stop whining about getting their butts kicked in the SB.

  4. If it’s good enough for Bill Cowher it should be good enough for you “fans”:

    The Steelers were beaten by New England, 41-27, in the 2004 AFC Championship Game at Heinz field, a loss that came under suspicion a couple of years later when the Patriots were caught trying to steal signals and formations by illegally videotaping opposing teams.
    “We didn’t lose the game because of any ‘Spygate,’ because of them having any additional things,” Cowher told 93.7 The Fan. “If they’re guilty of anything they’re guilty of arrogance because they were told not to do something but it was something everybody does. They got caught doing it with a camera.”
    “Stealing someone’s signals was a part of the game and everybody attempted to do that. We had people that always tried to steal signals,” said Cowher, whose 2004 team won 16 consecutive games before losing to the Patriots in the AFC title game. “What happened when we lost that game is they outplayed us. It had nothing to do with stealing signals or cheating or anything else.”

  5. I wonder why coaches still cover their mouths when calling in plays over the radio now.. even when not playing the patriots.

    Lost a draft pick for trying to figure out the signals more efficiently then any other team tried to figure out the signals, what a joke.

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