Tate sounds less likely to give a hometown discount


Earlier this week, Seahawks receiver Golden Tate suggested that he’d take less to stay in Seattle.

As he gains more distance from the euphoria of winning a Super Bowl, does Tate still feel the same way?

“To an extent,” Tate said Thursday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “I still have to take care of myself and my family.  I kind of have a number in mind, I haven’t talked to my agent yet I kind of been trying to enjoy the Super Bowl for now, and then take that next step hopefully within the next week or two once things settle down.”

And that’s when Tate will be able to understand what it specifically will mean to take less.  At the Scouting Combine, when tampering season officially begins, Tate’s agent will know how much the Seahawks are willing to pay — and how much someone else is willing to pay.  Then, Tate will have a few weeks to decide whether the gap is small enough to justify taking less.

“In my eyes I’d rather stay and play in a great organization, in a great city around great people, around great teammates for a little less than going to a crappy city and win a ball game every now and then and be miserable for six months and have a fan base that doesn’t care about the sport,” Tate said.  “You have to give a little or take a little.  We’ll see how it works out, hopefully it works out.  Like I said I think I’ve done everything in my power to earn the respect and the trust of this organization.  They know what they’re going to get from me; they know I’m going to work hard.  The last two seasons that I’ve started I think I’ve missed a total of one game so I think I’m reliable.  I know the system.  I know what Coach Carroll wants so we’ll see.  Hopefully things work out.”

With millions already invested in slot receiver Percy Harvin, the Seahawks may not have the money in the budget to keep Tate and Doug Baldwin, a restricted free agent.  At some point, the Seahawks have to draw the line — and if that means Tate will leave they need to trust the process of finding a replacement, via free agency or the draft.

If Tate leaves, don’t look for him to rush to another NFC West team.

“I definitely do not want to play against Seattle, I’ll tell you that,” Tate said.  “I don’t want to play against Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor for sure, but we’ll see.”

Still, Tate will be even more attractive to teams like the 49ers and Cardinals, who can make themselves stronger and the Seahawks weaker in one fell swoop by offering Tate significantly more than the Seahawks offer.

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  1. That’s how it goes, players want to things Championship and Money.

    He got his championship now he wants to get paid I don’t blame him. Look at how many FA left Baltimore after they got their ring.

    Fans better hope that his hometown discount is nicer than the one Flacco gave the Ravens.

  2. Golden Tate is a solid wr, but he’s not a #1 and really he’s a low end #2. I would bet that he’s not as coveted as he may think and is not going to command the type of money he is looking for.

  3. Respect for Tate and all he has done, but the grass isn’t always greener.

    Good player, stuck around for as long as he did through some lean times, and performed well, with the ring to prove it.

    Like most receivers in an unheraleded group of Baldwin and Kearse and himself, they didn’t get the respect around the league until now. However, I am not sure those guys are irreplaceable, given the way that Scheinder has brought seemingly no name guys in/drafted and Carroll has coached them up and had them fit in the system into the players they are.

    You gotta cash in when the iron is hot for those skilled guys, and now with a ring out of the way, it’s about getting paid. Seattle will be fine, though.

  4. I mean…don’t want to sound so negative here, but is he really good enough to be talking “home town discounts” one way or another??

    This isn’t a Calvin Johnson/Andre Johnson/AJ Green/ Larry Fitz caliber WR we’re talking here…

  5. We love ya here Tate, you’ve done great things. If you want to go for the money, go for the money. Seattle will be looking very attractive to free agent receivers with a super bowl winning QB behind center for years to come.

  6. Don’t pull a latrell spreewell, I can support my family on 5 million a year, but not on 4.5, no way. He needs to remember Washington also is a no sales tax state.

  7. Even if he is willing to take a discount(doubtful) how idiotic is it to tell your organization that right before negotiations “hey billionaire owner, pay me less money please”

  8. Good bye, Golden. Loved having you in Seattle. I expect the Jets and Rams will both make a hard run at your services and price Seattle out of the market. They should have given you that extension in August when you would have been affordable.

  9. You play against them in practice. THEY made you better.

    Worst hits I ever took in life were from teammates during a game or someone trying to make the team.

    I know I am not the only one that knows this…

  10. “Take care of myself and my family”. I really wish guys would just say they want more money, instead of junk like this. It’s insulting to imply x millions dollars can’t take care of you and your family, while there are people surviving on 20k a year.

  11. Why would the Cardinals, with Fitz and Floyd at WR, want to spend their precious cap on a player that for them would be an expensive #3 WR? Can he play LT or SS?

  12. He knows what it’s like playing for a crappy team with a terrible fan base. I understand winning changes everything but the Seattle bandwagon is like something we’ve never seen

  13. No way Tate chooses money over championships by trapping himself with that crybaby loser coach in San Francisco.

  14. No way they can keep that entire team in tact. Receiver seems like a decent place to save some cash and try to roll the dice. There are always affordable, serviceable receivers in the draft and free agency.

  15. The market for WR’s is going to be very soft this year. Tate is a solid No. 2 but there are too many No 2. WR’s to pick from. Then the WR draft pool is very deep. Seattle can save the money and use it on someone whose skills are not redundant with Balwin and Harvin. Kearse and Lockett are ready to step up. Tate will have difficulty getting more than $3M per year.

  16. No loyalty. ..and these players have the audacity to talk about being screwed! Thanks a lot Bennett and Tate…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! This and Peyton Manning’s disrespect toward governor Insert reminds me of how these guys aren’t people who can actually empathize with us pedestrian people. They can lie better than any politician!

  17. So this is two articles about Tate now, with neither mentioning that he’s probably just a guy to Seattle. They’ll have Harvin and Baldwin, and they’re currently paying Zachary miller and Sidney rice…why would they pay Tate much? Especially with a compensatory pick possible.

  18. In a way, I understand the players’ need to make as much money as they can, while they can. It’s a brutal sport and they all know that their career could end with the next snap of the ball. Having said that, I still think I’d favor job satisfaction over money. If they stay with a high profile team like the defending champions, there’s also a much bigger chance of endorsements and broadcasting jobs when they can no longer play football. Hope he figures that out!

  19. Hah….reality has set in at lightning speed with this kid. I think he got the memo, this is the NFL and you’re always one snap away from a career ending injury. Get as much money as you can and play in which ever crappy city that pays you, son. The family will appreciate it, trust me.

  20. He’s staying. One year, two year deal, who knows.
    Keep the core together. Let’s do it back to back

  21. Rice is gone. Bet ya he lands in NE. We’re Keeping Tate. Bennett is going to Oakland for big dough. Not worried. we’ll have another great draft
    The quest for #2hasbegone

  22. After Packers game:

    Tate: I know I had the ball.
    Reporter: Did you push off?
    Tate: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Go steal some donuts, Golden.

  23. Not one peep regarding Sidney Rice….What are you spinnin’ here? Seems someone is attempting to create a schism where none exists…Seattle will keep its productive core players at least for another season…nothin’ to see here……move along.

  24. Good receiver but not worth elite cap busting money. Some team will over pay and he will leave (Deion Branch).

  25. You don’t make your division opponent significantly weaker and yourself significantly stronger by paying more than market value to get a player. Ultimately, you harm yourself in terms of cap flexibility by doing that. Sorry, but considering that he was a 2nd round pick, Golden Tate is a borderline bust.

  26. Tate would be a good pick up for the patriots trying to replace Welker with amendola did’nt work to well, add Golden Tate, resign Julian Edelman and draft Mike Evans from Texas a&m give Brady a good receiving corp to get back to the Super Bowl.. Just Sayyin

  27. The Niners are trying to resign our own receivers. And after the comment of not wanting to compete against the Seahawks DB’s I don’t think he sounds attractive to any NFC West team. He was very reliable for the Seahawks, but I think they will be fine with or without him.

  28. “In my eyes I’d rather stay and play in a great organization, in a great city around great people, around great teammates for a little less than going to a crappy city and win a ball game every now and then and be miserable for six months and have a fan base that doesn’t care about the sport,” Tate said.


    So he doesn’t want to end up like Greg Jennings.

  29. It’s not personal, It’s business……..That goes both ways. Sometimes it is the team making the cuts, sometimes its the player getting paid their market value. I hope the team can keep him, but I understand he needs to get his market value or very close to it in order to remain.

    Same situation regarding the remainder of the FA’s they are dealing with the next two years. Front office challenges are daunting. Have faith that they will take care of business and keep the majority of the core team.

    Go Hawks!

  30. Welllllll I suppose “Golden” you could come play for the best QB in the NFL….he is in need of a few WR’s YOU MAN ENUFF?….BB can be harsh,,,but hell catching the ROCK from Brady,,,could really pump up your numbers

  31. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Baldwin is WAY more valuable to this team and we can add another outside guy to go with Kearse, Baldwin and Harvin.

  32. The Cards? I could see the Niners if they can’t get Boldin back in the mix because only Crabtree and Patton are under contract, but absolutely no way the cards…. Maybe Rams

  33. I wonder how many of the “no loyalty” people here would turn away a raise of significant money to do the EXACT same thing they do now but just at a different corporation that is, fundamentally, run the same way.

    Not a single one of you.

  34. I love how everyone is talking about Wilson like he is the greatest ever and he made these receivers good. Wilson is good but let’s be honest, the defense carried the team this year, it was a total domination(minus the run game)that won the SB. In the next 2-3 years after paying those key players on rookie contracts this team will go back to losing ways. Just like I told Raven nation last year at this time, there will be no SB repeat but the Hawks chances at the playoffs are better then I gave the Ravens, 9-10 wins given the tough division they are in.

  35. Am I the only one who hates when athletes use the “I need to take care of myself and my family” rationale?

    Youre making more money than 99% of Americans. Many of whom have no problem taking care of their families with a fraction of what you make. Please stop. It’s insulting to the hardworking people who work their tails off in demanding jobs only to make just barely enough for them and their family to get by.

  36. kerzondax, a football player saying, for example, 3 million a year is not enough I want 4 million a year so I can take care if my family is totally different then the average Joe taking $10,000 more to do the same job for a new employer to take care if their family. All athletes are overpaid, they get millions cause the make the owners billions.

  37. funny how they always say they want to come back…. until their agent tells them to shut up bc they’re hurting their market value…. typical yapping seahawk

  38. Golden Tate…Golden Gate…sounds about right. He would look good returning the opening kick in red and gold at Levi’s Stadium.

  39. Fans reactions to players either taking home town discounts or not are hilarious. Fans act like a player should be willing to throw millions of guaranteed dollars out the window like it ain’t no thang. Let’s quit the over reacting drama. All players want market deals.

  40. I agree that he’s not a #1 receiver. Great speed & phenomenal hands. Also a weapon as a punt returner. That being said, w/ Harvin on board & Kearse/Baldwin solid, Tate will be the odd man out. He should be a nice pickup in FA for some team.

  41. Got love for Tate, but I’d rather keep Baldwin if it came down to that choice. I think we keep Doug and Bennett and let Tate walk. We’ll see…

    We have the best GM in the game, so I have faith he knows what he wants and is gonna get it!

  42. As a fan, it’s natural to get sentimentally attached to players and lose a little perspective of their market value. I love Tate and his toughness and would love to have him back, but the reality is that he’s too slow to get separation. He’s shifty and great at going up and fighting for balls, but he is replaceable. I don’t think demand will be too high for him and I wouldn’t blame him for going to whatever team will pay him the most. He’s at the point of his career where he needs to make as much as he can now and in a few years, then he’ll be at the point where you take less to play on a great team. Regardless, the #1 position the Seahawks need to address this offseason is receiver. Tate, Baldwin, and Kearse are all solid #2 and 3 receivers, but the Seahawks need a true #1. The #1 we thought we were getting in Rice. Harvin is incredible, but he’s more of a specialty type player. Give Wilson a true #1 and a tight end that can run the 40 in under 7 seconds, with Harvin, and that offense will be insane!

  43. The man is 25 years old. He needs to cash in with this contract. When the Seahawks committed to a $13 million a year cap hit for Harvin, they basically signaled that we weren’t going to see other WRs get their payday there.

  44. It’s entertainment to us, but to these guys, it’s their livelihood and the protection they’re giving their families for many years to come.

    I used to have more of a “put the team first” attitude about these dealings, but over time I’ve become more sympathetic to the “want to get paid” approach.

    Unless you’re a truly elite superstar, you’re fairly disposable these days. Loyalty doesn’t really exist at the ownership level. And with rookies now much cheaper to bring in and take a chance on – and rookies having to navigate further into their careers just to have the chance for a big payday – this is the future. Guys are going to seize the chance when they have it. The days of multiple Super Bowl-winning cohesive teams may be over.

  45. Dougie Fresh was a better/more consistent receiver than Golden Tate all year.

    Who stepped up in Playoff games? Dougie Fresh

    Baldwin will be resigned because he is an overall better player and will be a cheaper signing than Taint.

  46. Home town discount is 10%. No income tax in Washington, so it’s a wash.

    Rice, Miller and Tate gone. Free agent TE and rookie WR on the way. Millions in cap space created.

  47. Tate is not going to be back. He is a good #2, but I really think he believes he is an elite #1 WR. He’s made comments in the past about being like CJohnson, Marshall, and DezB. He has not had a 1k yrd year yet.

    I could see someone like NE getting him, since he is good enough to have a QB like Brady make him look much better than he is.

  48. Bye Tate, I’d love him to stay buuuuuut let’s be honest he has been a ghost during some big games. Harvin Angry Doug Baldwin Kearse and a big body late pic we will be just fine!

  49. 3 yrs 14 mill max hes avg player
    He didnt do anything special that any1 else cant do with that chance

  50. I’ll take Baldwin and Kearse over Tate any day. He’s a juvenile mediocre receiver. Let him go break into a doughnut store in some other city.

  51. I believe Tate had the greatest amount of yardage after contact in the entire NFL this last year. There sure are a lot of trolls and poorly informed bandwagon idiots on this string.

    Tate wants more money, and he has a raise coming. I would like to see him remain a Seahawks, and I believe he will. It might come down to Sydney Rice restructuring his contract, but he has been overpaid already, considering his injury history with the team.

    If Syd doesn’t want to play ball, so to speak, he can hit the road, and we can split that money between Dougie and Tate.

  52. i wrote earlier about how their team would not be a dynasty. wait till sherman will command 15 mil a year. How about their safety? Hell want the highest paid money. Now tate makes comments about taking care of family. Of course hell say this. He just got a ring. Seattle is screwed. Good luck with wilson also and your 2 linebackers who will command big paydays. Avril 10 million? bennett is gone for a huge payday .He said he wont take a discount. LOL. DOnt think that the gm will get lucky every year with the draft and picking up 4th -7th rounders. Its not as easy as it looks.

  53. Dynasty’s are a thing of the past in the age of the salary cap. Owners can’t just shell out the bucks to keep a team intact and even if they could, there is no guarantee their winning team will be just as good next year. Seattle tossed the dice and won big time but I doubt they can do it again next season.

  54. Let’s be real people. Golden Tate is reliable and a good wide receiver who has nothing to prove. Percy Harvin may have had a great game in the Superbowl, but for the money Seattle paid him, he played a whopping total of 3 games. Come on, Percy Harvin is a fragile guy. Yes I said it. I would put my money on Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, and our local boy Jermaine Kearse. We had a great season with the LOB, # 3 AND our offensive team. Let’s not get crazy and trade Tate. Give him a fair contract and keep him on board. Haters are gonna hate.

  55. Sports is not like an ordinary business, so to attempt to correlate changing business companies with football teams, is like attempting to compare apples to carrots; both foods, but totally different.

    A better correlation would be comparing one changing football a football like Seattle (with the disproportionately best homefield advantage with fans that travel well ; an owner that allows the coach and general manager all control of football operations; such a loyal and close-protective fan base that fights back when the media attempts to assasinate the character of one of our players…you can only draw correlations with the brotherhood and going to battle with your military personnel brothers…or being a member of a musical group, or something along those lines.

    They have disclosed their betrayal to us, (the 12th man,) which is something that cannot be undone. This coach believed in them, when no one else did; do they honestly think those other coaches have changed in that respect? They will simply pump them for information about us, then sit them on the bench, because maybe that hungrier rookie out played you in training camp.
    So long as we keep, Doug Baldwin, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, k. J. Wright, Wagner, Smith, Clemmons, Hahaha, and the rest who are not mouthing off and truly reciprocate that love we have for them, by working together, to make it work for the team…that’s all I could wish for.

    It we and not me, so when one shows his or her true colors of greed, it’s like a relationship break-up. It’s like they’re sell-outs. Like when LeBron James left Cleveland.

    They have disclosed their betrayal to our hearts; and althou

  56. I don’t get it. If Russell Wilson wishes he were Matthew Stafford, he’d be wishing that he played for the aliens. Why would he or anyone else want that?

  57. I will admit that Tate is not tyhe monster that Calvin Johnson is, or even A.J. Green for that matter. But it seems many of you are just plain unaware of how good Tate is. The so called ‘fail mary’ against the Packers happened because Tate went up and took the ball away from Jennings in mid-air! Cowboys linebacker S. Lee won’t be forgetting Tate anytime soon. Tate regularly makes great catches and outstanding blocks (he is rightly called ‘The New Hines Ward’ for this reason) and he is a very good punt returner.

    Seattle has a multifaceted offense so the ball is spread around between MANY players. That is the reason why neither Tate, nor Baldwin nor Kearse have 1,000 yard seasons most of the time.

  58. Remember Dion Branch? He was Superbowl MVP for New England, then got traded….and sucked.

    Tate might want to keep that in mind.

  59. The real irony would be if Tate ended up in Green Bay….how would the Packer faithful feel about him?

  60. Hope Tate stays.

    Tough guy. Great blocker. Great punt returner. Big play guy. Great team guy.

    If he goes to a passing team people will be surprised by his production (assuming they don’t try to suffocate his personality).

    Hopefully other organizations will be as uninformed as the many ‘fans’ on this site who thought Denver would bury us despite me trying to educate them when I predicted a surprisingly easy, double digit Hawk win.

  61. Tate, as much as I admire his efforts on the field, is a #2 reciever. Max contact should not exceed 4 million or its adios amigos. If fans would remember, Tate was on the bubble since being here in Seattle as he was never a break-away reciever. Sorry Tate. Cutting Rice loose (no way he’s worth the money payed and no way he restructures), restructuring Miller and Bryant will free space for keeping Bennett and leave room for Thomas and Okung (unless we can manage to find another LT that doesn’t have the foot problems). Bennett is seeking a multi year deal and has said twice since the SB (once in the post game interview with Avril and again after the SB parade after grabbing Pete) that he is looking to get paid. There won’t be any home team discount.

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