Vikings announce 2014 staff, including Mike Priefer

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The Vikings have been working on rounding out their 2014 coaching staff since hiring head coach Mike Zimmer last month and they’ve drawn the process to a close on Thursday.

Minnesota announced the 17 assistants that will be working under Zimmer. The group includes holdovers from the old staff, familiar faces from other teams and one position coach very familiar to Zimmer.

One of the holdovers is special teams coordinator Mike Priefer, who returns after allegations by former punter Chris Kluwe that Priefer made homophobic comments during team meetings and a January 24 interview with lawyers investigating those allegations for the team. Priefer has denied the allegations.

Norv Turner will be the offensive coordinator with his son Scott at quarterbacks coach and Kirby Wilson coaching the running backs. They will join offensive line coach Jeff Davidson, wide receivers coach George Stewart, tight ends coach Kevin Stefanski and assistant wide receivers coach Klint Kubiak, all of whom were on the staff in 2013.

Defensive coordinator George Edwards will be joined by former Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, who will work with the defensive backs in Minnesota. Assistant defensive backs coach Jonathan Gannon also joins the team from Tennessee. Andre Patterson returns for a second stint as the team’s defensive line coach and Adam Zimmer, the son of the head coach, will coach the linebackers. Assistant defensive line coach Robb Akey and coaching assistant Drew Petzing are also new additions to the staff.

Assistant special teams coach Ryan Ficken and defensive assistant Jeff Howard both return to the staff.

27 responses to “Vikings announce 2014 staff, including Mike Priefer

  1. Retaining five of Frazier’s assistants tells me that Zimmer obviously isn’t insecure and is able to make objective decisions. That’s a good sign.

  2. I like the staff Zimmer has put together. Norv Turner should be a vast improvment over Musgrave, but the key will be finding a QB he trusts with the ball in hands.

    Also like the fact that Priefer has been retained, and that the team is willing to stick its neck out for a guy they believe in.

  3. What was that?

    Playoffs?? Don’t talk to me about… PLAYOFFS?!?

    You kidding me? Playoffs??

    I just hope we can win a game.

    OK, Jim Mora memories aside, there are about 5 holes in the D that need to be fixed before we talk about playoffs. Hopefully one has been plugged with a new head designing and running it, but the best engine in the world doesn’t move a car without a transmission and some wheels.

  4. Seems like decent enough hires, other than the nepotism factor. Nonetheless, if we don’t find a QB, this process will repeat itself in 3 years.

  5. The Vikings don’t know who their starting QB is, yet people think they are going to make the Playoffs?

    I understand new start and high hopes, but the Vikings haven’t been able to develop talent at the QB position.

    The best one they had in my lifetime, had 2 HOF WRs playing with him, so I think that helped him more than coaching.

  6. I like going into the offseason with hope for next year, especially on Defense, Zimmer can make a big impact. It might take 2 years but the Vikings are building a solid, young team and the deep draft for defense is perfect for this year. If there is no top QB or Clowney and Sammy are gone the Vikings should look at Mack, or trade back for HaHa Clinton Dix and trade back into the 1st for Louis Nix. Maybe get a good LB in free agency.

  7. It sounds like Kluwe’s lawyer has already blown a gasket over this.

    Kluwe must actually think he has veto rights over the choices made by the Viking organization. It sounds like the Vikings are doing to Kluwe what Kluwe did to Spielman and Frazier a few weeks ago: throwing him under the bus.

    What goes around comes around.

  8. Kluwe throws his hands up in the air in disgust…….then picks up his phone and calls his lawyer “What do you think about going after the Packers then…..A-Rodge is OBVIOUSLY being kept quiet over there and thats wrong, lets, sue, sue, sue!”

  9. Minnesota is the gay mecca of the US. Are you trying to insinuate that Aaron Rodgers is gay so that you feel better about taking showers at the Y?


    Hey, at least you have a running back in decline that your GM won’t trade.

  10. I agree that this team needs to find and develop a qb….and needs solid weapons around that qb. But I think this last week has proven that defense wins championships. Wasn’t it Denver’s #1 offense that just got their as$#s handed to them by a pretty good defense.
    SKOL Vikings

  11. What did Seattle just prove? First: You don’t need a Manning, Brady, Luck, RG3, or Rodgers type of QB to get there. Yes…we need a QB that can inspire and run an offense when its needed. But Seattle just proved what we need to do. Defense…defense…defense!!! What good will a high caliber offense do you…if your opponent’s defense takes away all your weapons and strips away your ability to do anything. Seattle’s defense won the SB…and it wasn’t just the front line…it was everyone..right to the special teams unit. I say find a QB that can do what Wilson does but create a defense that will render offense’s incapable of scoring til its too late. We have the greatest RB in the NFL right now and he is hungry. We have the weapons on offense….but defense is the key. Watch the SB again…if you don’t think so.

  12. @aw93210: Been shouting from the hilltops for a LONG TIME. It’s been said by all the greats…Landry, Noll, Shula, Ditka, Lombardi…DEFENSE WINS BALL GAMES. Minnesota has come closest to winning a championship when The Purple People Eaters were around. At least, it was mainly defense that got ’em to The Super Bowl in the first place. The Vikings have offensive talent. It just needs to be all glued together by a chemistry among a consistently “better than good” offensive line, and a QB…(I don’t believe in a band-aid…a temporary solution to this problem, like a FA). Most of the FA QB’s are mediocre anyway. I STILL THINK that Spielman needs to trade up and get Bortles, Manziel…I think I read somewhere that Bridgewater JUST got hurt somehow. so that’s a real crap shoot. I don’t like the possibility of A.J. McCarron or Derek Carr. I think I just had a brain fart…I believe it was Mettenberger that was injured. In that case, I’d definitely consider Bridgewater. But I don’t know about this, I just have a gut feeling about the kid from Cornell, James Matthews. He has EVERYTHING. The only beef on him is that he hasn’t played any big time comp. I really hope to hear more about him from the combine. Hey, Ed Marinaro came from Cornell, and I’m sure that there have been more players than that from Cornell that have made it to the NFL. Besides, a QB with the tools that this kid has, with the pretty good looking coaching staff in Minnesota, I’m sure that someone like Matthews can be taken to the next level. Maybe picking up a GOOD, perhaps even sought after veteran FA QB for mentoring could always be a plus. But the fact remains that a REALLY TOUGH AND OPPORTUNISTIC DEFENSE will most likely be the cornerstone that Minnesota NEEDS to become a bona fide contender. If I were Spielman, and I’m glad I’m not, I’d really be in a quandry right now. “We need a potential franchise QB for the future…now is one of the best drafts in a while for QB’s, but we’ve got HOLES TO FILL on defense. That’s imperative. What to do? What to do? SKOL VIKINGS!!!

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