Wade Phillips believes Texans should take Manziel

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Plenty of people have been expressing an opinion that the Texans should draft Johnny Manziel with the first overall selection.  Few who have that belief have actually, you know, worked for the team.

Former Texans defensive coordinator and interim head coach Wade Phillips, a finalist for the job that went to Bill O’Brien, said Thursday that the Texans should select Manziel.

“When I did the interview with the McNairs, I told them they ought to take Johnny Football,” Phillips told Nick Wright and John Lopez of 610 SportsRadio in Houston.  “That’s what I told them and I’m sitting here now.”

Wade likes Manziel for a couple of important reasons — first downs and star power.

“Those kinds of guys who can make first downs when you’re not supposed to, I think they give you something.” Phillips said. “I just think he makes plays that nobody else can make. . . .  I thought it would be the Earl Campbell of Houston, the reincarnation.  [Editor’s note:  Earl Campbell is still alive.]  Having the Heisman trophy winner come to Houston, from the state of Texas, I just thought it would be a neat deal.”

The Texans ultimately may come to that same conclusion regarding a guy who may present a high risk, but who also presents a potentially high reward.

And while every team wants the first pick, a team can’t have the first pick and use it, too.  Eventually, a name must be scrawled on the card, and if Manziel becomes a superstar with another team, the Texans will be hearing “I told you so” all over again, like they did in the early years of Vince Young’s once-promising career.

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  1. No doubt his thirst for the limelight and the party scene is major reason for concern. Modern NFL QB’s need their head in the books not the Bottle.

    However, enjoying a good party does not preclude one from being a top QB in and of itself. ( see Jim Kelly)

  2. Good job Wade.
    Promote a little, gutsy scrambler type going #1 so then maybe the curse of Flutie that you are responsponsible for might be lifted off the Bills.

  3. I don’t see why they wouldn’t take him. Just not first overall. Makes sense for them to trade down, pick up some extra picks and then get him later in the first round. Bill O’Brien said he wanted a guys who loves football. If Manziel fits the bill why not pick him? He’s won big games with lesser talent round him.

  4. Wade: “Having the Heisman trophy winner come to Houston, from the state of Texas, I just thought it would be a neat deal.”

    Houston Texans: “Well we appreciate you coming by for the interview, we’ll be in touch”

  5. My take on Manziel is that he has sufficient talent to be a starting QB in the NFL but not the work ethic or mental acuity to be a star player. He’s not a gym rat kind of guy. He’s a party boy. The gap between him and, say, Russell Wilson is huge.

  6. Gotta wonder what O’Brien thinks of Mallet. Saw enough of him at the Pats. He has been studying for 3 yrs. and has been a model citizen. Get him for a second or a third.

  7. I cannot wait to see this guy do his thing at the next level. He’s gonna be prime time and then some. Namath should just give that fur jacket to its next rightful owner.

    Johnny Football will unite the nation!

  8. Manziel seems to carry the Ryan Leaf/Jamarcus Russell risk in the sense they partied too much. But I think a stronger argument could be made that Manziel is a legit baller.

    His gifts are not by virtue of height, strength, stature or arm strength. Those come easy — nearly all of those “gifts” are simply by birthright. People get impressed seeing how far Jamarcus can throw, how “prototypical” Leaf is for the position, how much velocity Kyle Boller can generate while throwing on his knees (lol).

    In contrast, Manziel’s gifts are tied to grit, competitive fire and accuracy – he comes off as a gym rat who can really ball. He’s clutch. All of these traits are remarkably rare — and being a party boy won’t necessarily compromise them, as the gifts the Bollers, Jamarcus(es) and Leafs brought. They were not right between the ears when the whistle blew – Manziel is.

    From Bobby Layne to Sonny Jurgensen to Kenny Stabler to Jim Kelly, etc. — QBs can cut loose and have fun, but they need to make football their top priority between the whistles. Most of the QBs noted in this paragraph are either Hall of Famers or Hall of Fame maybes. Manziel will do well, he will put butts in seats and he will do it with style.

  9. What in the world is he talking about…earl Campbell?? Are we watching the same guy?? He’s a scrawny, less speedy version of Russell Wilson without the arm and all the off the field drama you could want. Wth is going on here.

  10. I will never forgive Phillips for his benching of Doug Flutie in favor of Rob “Waste of time” Johnson. Nothing, not even promoting a small scrambling type of Quarterback will ever lift the Wade Phillips made “Flutie Curse” of Buffalo, nothing.

    Personally, I was always a Doug Flutie fan. A QB that gives you every drop of what he has to win games. A Quarterback that has wheels and isn’t afraid to throw himself around to get that first down, to go deep on 4th & 1 or use trickery to get
    the score. So all and all, I would 100% be into drafting Johnny Manziel.

  11. I don’t know, but my money is on Manziel snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory between now and draft day…..just too long for him to stay out of trouble.

  12. wade phillips is the worst D coordinator in the history of football.

    ever hear of zone coverage, wade?

  13. Johnny Football =Matt Leinart 2.0
    And the Texans had Leinart one year. No wonder Wade flunked the interview.

  14. Wade stick to being a mediocre DC

    Texans should give up the 1st pick to the Browns take Bridgewater/Bortles w 4th pick and then WR later in the round. Foster is pretty good and if healthy can produce from the benefits of a better passing game

    Clowney may be good – but Crennel’s 3-4 relying more on OLB pressure and DL fill the gaps and containment – which may not work with JJ Watt never mind bringing in a talent like Clowney that might not succeed in that system.

    Will be interesting anyway to see how Texans manage this offseason

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