Washington governor tried to console Manning, gets predictable response


The sting of a 43-8 defeat at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks was still setting in for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos when Washington governor Jay Inslee noticed Manning walking the tunnels of MetLife Stadium late Sunday night.

Inslee saw Manning exiting the stadium with an understandably dejected look on his face after throwing two interceptions and losing a fumble on a sack.

Inslee – apparently feeling like he could cheer up Manning – decided to introduce himself and give Manning a pep talk.

“I just went up to him and introduced myself as the governor of the state of Washington and I shook his hand,” Inslee said, via Andrew Garber of the Seattle Times. “And I said ‘I know this is a really tough game for you, but there will be others and hang in there’ because I kind of wanted to console him.”

Manning wasn’t interested in Inslee’s olive branch.

“He looked down at me like he was going to break me in half,” Inslee said. “It was sort of like ‘whatever, dude’ and he walked away. My therapy didn’t work too well.”

56 responses to “Washington governor tried to console Manning, gets predictable response

  1. Doofus went to Peyton and said, “Hi, I’m the governor of the State of Washington”.

    Peyton put an arm around his shoulder and said, “I’m really sorry to hear that. I wish I could help.”.

  2. Being a Raiders fan and obviously a Bronco hater I can’t blame Manning. Of course Manning is going to be upset (and rightfully so) after the beating he took. The governor of the state of the team just beat me and made me feel that way comes up to me and tells me to hang in there? Are politicians that dejected from reality to actually think a, “hang in there,” will make the worlds problems go away?

  3. What a disrespectful jerk to a governor of a state! Talk about no class! Peyton Manning, you’re only a freakin’ football player having a big political figure shake your hand. Show some damn respect you moron! Get over yourself! How could anyone respect such a premadonna athlete? You’re an embarrassment and only add to most Americans belief that athletes are paid waaay too much money and are egotist, who think they’re more important the political figures, teachers, firemen, soldiers, law enforcement and other elected officials, who make our society tick.
    I used to have respect for you, now I think of you as no better than the poop on the streets. Grow up!!!

  4. Hell with Manning, he is just as arrogant as Elway.
    Their arrogance, and treatment of Tebow finally came back to haunt them. This was faith, so he can blow off whoever he wants, the Big Man upstairs blew them all off, and pay back was for the whole world to see. Easy to be a QB, when you are never rushed. Just a normal QB, when he was finally pressured, had to scramble and take a few hits. Retire before you get more Embarrassed. Elway just learned Manning wasn’t the savior.

  5. What? you think manning is all canned responses and cliches off the camera? You got the real manning there, governor. He doesn’t give a damn about you, and he shouldn’t have to.

  6. Ironically, if you had just lost the Governor race and Peyton Manning stopped to console you, you’d think that was pretty cool.

  7. Crazy fact: 10 of the last 11 Super Bowls have featured Brady, Manning, or Roethlisberger. 6 rings in total. But now 5 of the past 7 Super Bowls have been lost but 1 of those 3.

  8. Tell you what Jay, should you lose in a landslide and be called every name in the book by the Seattle media, I’ll come over and shake your hand, smile, and tell you, “better luck next time, little fella”.

    That’ll cheer you up, won’t it, Jay?

  9. I know alot of politicians are slimy but man what a cheap way to try to score some political points I would have been more shocked if Manning was nice to you

  10. Jay Inslee is an idiot and this is coming from a Washingtonian. You think any player wants to hear a motivational talk after coming off such a humiliating debacle?

  11. Timing is everything Governor. I watched the NFL Network FX with various players and both head coaches were mic up. When the game was over, Peyton made a point of shaking the hand of as many Seahawk players, telling them with grace and dignity what a fine game they played. Great example of sportsmanship. MY governor could have chosen better words. At that point, a pep talk was the last thing Manning needed. Manning is a class act.

  12. That line might have worked if Manning was a 11 year old in a Pop warner league. But he’s a grown man man who just lost probably the most embarrassing game of his life. Throwing in he was “the Governor of Washington” could have came off as being a smart ass.

  13. understandable, right after the game isn’t the best timing. Everyone knows that Peyton is usually a very classy guy but who would be up to a pep talk after the game he had? Good intentions from the Governor but just bad timing

  14. He’s almost a 40 yr old man. He can get over losing a game without a guy he doesnt know (who was obviously rootin against him) giving him a pep talk.

  15. While I applaud the govenor’s intent, being the govenor of the state of the team who just stomped on you on national TV definately should of known better that to pick that time to talk to Manning.

  16. What did he expect?

    “Gee whiz mister, you really think so? Other games? Golly, I never thought of it like that. You know what? I’m going to practice extra hard. Gee thanks! Thanks a lot mister!”

  17. Good find.

    A politician rooting for the other team who thought by introducing himself minutes after the game he could smooth the bitter disappointment of losing a SB.

    How rude of Peyton to not invite him over for drinks after the game.

    Very insightful reporting

  18. how about post a lineup of possibilities and see who can pick governor whats-his-name out?

    just another way to get his name in the paper. surprised he didn’t report his pre-game pep speech to russell wilson….

  19. Lets see we pat Manning on the back for seeing how Sherman is but the Governor wants to say something nice and it is wrong. Manning did not seem to be the best loser by all reports of things after the game.

  20. Peyton was too embarrassed by the beat down handed to him by the Seahawks to spout his usual phony humbleness BS.

    By the way, where is Manning? He hasn’t poked his head out since Sunday’s trashing. Shoot, I haven’t even seen him in a pizza commercial with that idiot Pappy John. Now, that duo is a true embarrassment. What a couple of phonies, making money hawking pies that would choke a maggot.

  21. I am a Hawks fan, and live in Washington. Jay, that was a stupid move! Really, where do you get off. Most Politicians these days don’t even know how to do their job, much less advise someone else about their future!! For what it’s worth, I didn’t vote for him!!!

  22. So, if Peyton and the Denver Mannings would have won and the Governor approached him to say good game, do you honestly think for one second he would have acted the same way? Highly doubtful. He would have probably shook the man’s hand and said thanks. Grow up and accept defeat Old Man. Surprised he didn’t pull a Crabtree and push him in the face.

  23. Manning didn’t shake hands with Brees or any other Saints player after losing to them in the Super Bowl. He’s not who he pretends to be…

  24. Long time Washington resident, Seahawk fan, and Manning fan here.

    I always refer to Jay Inslee as our Douche in Chief. I’ve met him several times, he’s so self-important its sick. If Manning had broken him in half, I would have contributed to his defense fund.

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