Art Rooney II thinks a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh would be great


Is Pittsburgh big enough to host a Super Bowl? Steelers President Art Rooney II thinks so.

After New Jersey managed an outdoor Super Bowl, other cold-weather cities with open-air stadiums say it’s their turn, too. And that includes Pittsburgh, where Rooney says the city would thrive as a host.

I think it would be great for our city,” Rooney told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “This, in some people’s mind, is the birthplace of professional football. We certainly have a great tradition of being a football kind of town. I think it would be a great thing for us to do at some point.”

The big question facing Pittsburgh is whether it has enough hotels for all the out-of-town visitors. The NFL says the Super Bowl host city needs to have at least 30,000 hotel rooms, and you can only fit 30,000 visitors in hotels in Pittsburgh if you’re putting some people up to 90 minutes away in Ohio and West Virginia. Another option would be bringing in cruise ships and housing some of the Super Bowl visitors on the Ohio, Monongahela and Allegheny rivers.

Those obstacles make Pittsburgh a long shot to host a Super Bowl, but the mayor says Pittsburgh will explore the idea of making a bid. As will, it seems, almost every NFL city, now that the NFL has hosted one outdoor Super Bowl in a cold climate.

103 responses to “Art Rooney II thinks a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh would be great

  1. I don’t know if Pittsburgh’s two Best Westerns could hold the influx of people coming in to town. Thanks for opening this door Goodell

  2. The need to rotate the draft & superbowls to NFL cities. I’d love to see the team picking 1st host the draft. As for cold weather stadiums, let them host why not? San Diego has an abysmal stadium as does Miami, so why should they be in the loop for rotation? Fans have proven they’ll come to games in any weather.

  3. Have you been to Pittsburgh? The baseball stadium is great. Next to the state of Ohio they are neck and neck with some of the least attractive people roaming the states. Don’t get too excited Baltimore, the Donnies and Dawn’s of dundalk don’t do you any favors.

  4. “This, in some people’s mind, is the birthplace of professional football”

    Welcome to another episode of revisionist history! Later in the program, Jerry Jones!

  5. Where are you going to fit all of these people when our 6 lombardi trophy’s take too much room up here in Pittsburgh?

  6. pittsburgh…not enough hotel rooms…non-starter.

    but it is a great football town. overall a great sports town despite not having a hoops team.

  7. I wonder if they could ever have the game at one of the huge college stadiums. Not sure how many of them would have enough hotels nearby to be able to handle it though.

  8. What a party in the ‘Burgh that would be! Ofcourse the birthplace of professional football could handle the Super Bowl.

  9. Maybe have the winning super bowl city host the year after? Why not – they earned it. I mean, the way Seattle embarrassed and annihilated the finessies in Denver. they should get two super bowls in Seattle for that.

  10. I am from Buffalo I feel like I must get into the act of having a Super Bowl with all these Dorthen NFL teams so here goes. Bring the Super Bowl Buffalo. It’s cold but we have a 75,000 seat stadium. There wouldn’t be anything to do for people coming here but we are cold so we should have the ball soup

  11. Great idea! However, a new field surface will be required first. The Steelers are a model NFL franchise. If the NFL is going to go to outdoor, cold weather sites in the years to come, Pittsburgh should have its chance too.

  12. Sir Goodell will have one in London before he does Pittsburgh.

    I like the idea of the winner of the SB gets to host the next one.

  13. Nfl can have it in any stadium except buffalo

    There is no fan experience With triple prices

    did u see 700,000 for a metlife stadium suite
    did that come with blow jobs as well

    Maybe nfl should pick 3 choices and let the previous year pro bowl winners pick the next location no back to back cities

  14. Pittsburgh as birthplace of professional football? As someone from Canton, this kind of pisses me off. Does their arrogance know no bounds?

    Also, think Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. But if you have ever driven in or around Pittsburgh, there’s no way it can handle that much traffic.

  15. Why do you people keep blaming Roger for this? I understand trying to type sense to some if you is a fruitless endeavor, but you do realize its a committee that selects where the Super Bowl is held right? Roger has nothing to do with it. There are very few things that Roger gets to decide on his own. For the most part all he does is enforce the rules various committes set forth. The blind hatred for the commissioner is as ignorant as it is foolish. He is merely the mouthpiece for the owners, he answers to them and them alone, not the fans. In his tenure football has grown by leaps and bounds in both profit and fans. When he took over football was solidly in second place to baseball, and now it doesn’t look like any sport could ever overtake football as Americas favorite sport. As long as that holds true the owners will never replace him. So keep crying about him see how far that gets you.

  16. My little home town would thrive hosting a Super Bowl. The high school field holds up to 2000 fans and what we lack in hotel rooms we can make up for by having people stay at our two campgrounds.

  17. Professional football was played long before the NFL, so claiming Pittsburgh as its “birthplace” is ridiculous.

    I’m not saying they don’t have a great football history there, just that that comment is way off base.

  18. They should rotate the Super Bowl between all 32 cities as well as the draft w/ preference for each cities season ticket holders to buy tickets.

  19. Hey if were looking to break new ground for Super Bowl hosts How about Boise? Maybe a rematch of the Giants and Bill and everything in blue. Then again we can keep the Super Bowl in fun places like Miami and New Orleans. Heck Hawaii should get a shot a Super Bowl too.

  20. roger dodger is pining for coventry birmingham bath liverpool or exeter
    and a dark horse if eyton stays around … nottingham
    so he could be the new sheriff of nottingham
    and richard sherman can play robin hood
    the good bad guy

  21. Great, without enough rooms you get to stay at Motel 6 in West Virginia, or travel to God knows where in Ohio. Or if your lucky a Ocean liner docked on a non scenic river. Sounds like a great week.

  22. Heinz Field is a natural grass stadium. By the end of the season, it is little more than painted dirt in spots. Do we really want to play the biggest game in sports on that? #BadIdea

  23. If you look on the Pro Football Hall of Fame website (and Wikipedia), it notes that what is considered the first professional football game was played between the Pittsburgh Athletic Club and the Allegheny Athletic Association in 1892. It was the first documented time that a football player was paid to play in a game. So, Art Rooney II was not being arrogant or anything when he made that statement; it is a part of pro football history. Full disclosure: I grow up in Pittsburgh and this is my first ever post to PFT.

  24. Heinz Field’s playing surface has been upgraded and well maintained since that debacle in the monsoon against Miami in 2007. I can assure you there are no “painted dirt in spots.”
    Secondly, Heinz Field, not unlike MetLife Stadium, has two tenants: The Steelers and the Pitt Panthers. Therefore, each Super Bowl team would have ample space and their own practice facility.
    However, Heinz Field barely holds 65,000, which I would think would be too small of a venue for a league that sells its tickets for $3,000 a pop.
    The Super Bowl in Pittsburgh is a pipedream.

  25. Pittsburgh should clearly be considered for hosting a Super Bowl. It is a friendly city with a fabulous stadium, much tradition, and easy to get around. You can walk to the stadium from downtown.

    Also, when I went to the Steelers/Seahawks SB in Tampa, I stayed in Orlando, a few hours away. Got a great hotel rate last minute, and the drive is not that bad considering this is the SB. Lot of hotels within hour or so of Pittsburgh. Lot of parking in downtown/Strip district. Can walk to the game. Give Pittsburgh a SB.

  26. Every time a new team say they want to host the Superbowl someone always brings up Buffalo as a mock answer but I actually think Buffalo could host a better Superbowl then most teams. Remember they are only a hop, skip and jump away from Niagara Falls (both U.S. and Canada) which can easily house more than 30’000 visitors, not to mention entertain them with the Casino’s, comedy clubs, theatres, etc, And the weather in New York was the same in Buffalo.

    I don’t see it happening, but it would be better then Pittsburgh.

  27. The SB is not really for the “fans” but the corp. bigwigs. They need a MAJOR MARKET CITY to host with plenty of rooms and entertainment.

    That fact rules out many would be markets such as Pittsburgh. Sorry but dem the facts.

    Warmer market are still the best fit.

  28. Another problem is Heinz Field doesn’t have enough seats.The league wants stadiums to seat at least 70,000.

  29. You are all missing the point. What was rooney suppose to say? He was asked point blank about the city hosting a no-brainer event that any city would want. It doesnt say that the city is planning a bid or even remotely considering it. Its like asking a guy if his wife is good looking. 80% are going to say “ya, shes great” when they know they are lying.

  30. Having lived 25 of my years in this city, the thought of it hosting a Super Bowl is laughable. The infrastructure is atrocious and almost 0 mass transit and taxi service exist. The thought of moving from the airport to the golden triangle with ~100,000 extra people in town is the stuff of nightmares. With that said, I love this town and all that it embodies.

  31. I’ve never been to a Super Bowl; but I’m pretty sure if I ever decided to go to one, I’d be able to remember who played who where. The Steelers played the Seahawks in Detroit.

  32. I’ve been to Pittsburgh plenty of times, and I’ve been to Heinz Field. I see no good reason why Pittsburgh shouldn’t be considered. It is a fine city, if a gritty one. A lot of good things are happening in the Brgh. They hosted the Winter Classic recently. Why not the Super Bowl?

    And I’m no Steelers fan. Go Browns!

  33. If you’re serious about bringing in cruise ships to sit on the Ohio river, then you can’t eliminate Green Bay from eventual consideration. It’s located, you know, in the Green Bay section of Lake Michigan. Plenty of room if that’s suddenly a viable option.

  34. If you have to bring in cruise ships (norovirus anyone?) to supply enough rooms, then you’re clearly not a big enough/ important enough city to host a Super Bowl. Let’s not have another Sochi Winter Olympics problem where hotels are half built. Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Cleveland, etc are disqualified.

  35. i’m all for hosting the superbowl anywhere in the 32 stadiums of the country. Sure whether is a factor, but you can’t control it. And if you want to win, you’ll have to be able to overcome those factors.

  36. Whoa.No way. I like Coach Tomlin and the Rooney s but Pittsburgh is one of those ugliest cities in the North. Gosh that Turf looks beat up on TV. No they are ready to host the most important game

  37. I can’t wait to find out which veteran or FA signing the Ravens lose next because of the “Flacco Fleece.”

  38. You know why Pittsburg doesn’t have enough hotel rooms? Because it’s Pittsburgh. I can’t imagine many people planning a vacation around visiting Pittsburgh. I’m sure it’s a fine city filled with great people, but it’s not a major city. The NFL should stick to cities that are destination spots for tourists. That way there will be enough hotel rooms and other activities for the people attending the Super Bowl.

  39. Great location for Super Bowl . Dock two cruise ships right next to the new stadium and you have added all the extra room you néed. Many remarks above reveal people who have never been to the Lombardi Trophy city.

  40. Anchorage is starting a committee to see how they can bid for a Super Bowl. They’ve got a nice sheet of ice that they can carpet over for the game.

  41. I am not a Steelers fan, quite the contrary. But I do think Pittsburgh is a nice city.

    However, the NFL needs to shut up with all this nonsense. Neither Pittsburgh nor Baltimore nor Kansas City nor freaking New York should host a Super Bowl. There were big storms on either side of this year’s game– the league got MASSIVELY LUCKY. The discussion could just has easily have been about what a total disaster it was. Why roll the dice on something so unpredictable with so much money at stake?

  42. On the day of the Super Bowl, I chuckled listening to all the NFL network hacks acting like all the weather pessimists had been stilly to fret about cold weather when it was quite obvious that the league lucked out and got a nice February day. I believe there was a heavy snow in New York/NJ the next day–and then there was another snowstorm four days after that! Cold weather sites are not a good idea. And Jersey City isn’t Manhattan, either.

  43. New England, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Greenbay, will not host the Superbowl. Good football towns but smallish markets.

    And it’s a good thing I think. Hosting the superbowl takes away from the sacredness of the stadium it seems.

    Would you really want New England vs San Fran playing for the Superbowl in your stadium Steeler fans?

    Picture Brady hoisting the Lombardi on Heinz Field.

  44. According to this very long comment thread, 99% do not want to see a Super Bowl played in Pittsburgh.

    The people have spoken.

  45. Even though it would be cool to have a superbowl here in Colorado, it was -15 the last two days. Keep it warm or dome stadiums.

  46. Pittsburgh would not be a good choice.
    Inadequate hotel accommodations should be a deal breaker.
    Along with the smell, needless to say.

  47. anybody live in nj? i do. what the nfl wont tell you about is the thousands of people who waited hours to leave the game because of lack of public transportation.
    i dunno about pitt, but places like ne or wash where theres one road in/out will be logisitical nightmares.

    but i dunno if the nfl really cares about you anyway.

  48. The genie has been let out of the bottle. NY/NJ dodged a bullet with the weather, but ask the people what happened when they tried to leave town. Snow and bad weather cancelled airline flights. Next time the NFL may not be as lucky. It was a bad idea. That’s what happens when you set bad precedents. Now everybody wants a piece of the action and better warm weather cities like New Orleans and Miami may have to wait 32 years before it rotates back to them. A BS move.

  49. Well, I guess they can do it since they already had a Super Bowl played in the birthplace of FOOTBALL – New Jersey!

  50. I can understand having the Super Bowl in NYC, but to have it in a town (like Pittsburgh) known as much for it’s urban blight as it is it’s plethora of Yinzers, this idea makes little to no sense.

  51. They lucked out once….and only took the chance because NJ is a huge market. Bills fan here, but, while Ralph Wilson Stadium is nice, I’d never expect a Super Bowl to be played there. LOL, Maybe a playoff game someday, again :)!!

  52. Those who do not know talk a lot. New corporate growth, medical research leader, top ten place to live, and six Lombardi Triphies, reveal that the nay Sayers are simply ignorant.

  53. seabronco says:
    Feb 7, 2014 3:17 PM
    Good luck getting anyone in that ghetto.


    Such remarks illustrate another major reason why Pittsburgh shouldn’t have a SB — the average American has almost no clue about the city and/or holds perceptions that might have been accurate 30+ years ago. Not an easy sell.

    If you think Pittsburgh’s that much of a “ghetto,” I’d love to see how you react in neighborhoods in cities like NYC, Baltimore, Philly, Detroit, etc. where you find real hardship on a much larger scale. That’s not an attempt to defend Pittsburgh or knock on the listed cities — I’ve lived near or would live in any of NYC, Baltimore, or Philly — but rather to point out that most of Pittsburgh is pretty tame by comparison.

    As for the arguments about lack of public transportation … I’ve never been to Indianapolis, Jacksonville, or Santa Clara, but something tells me you won’t find busting subway systems in these cities.

  54. “What a lovely lovely voice.”

    Will Rooney/Goodell take a shockwave blast to the grill from Bane?

    Can Harvin outrun a nuclear blast?

    Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel!

  55. Those cruise ships definitely sound like the place to be for an after party, I’ll say that. However, I endorse the idea of the super bowl winner hosting the next super bowl. That coming from a Steelers fan second and a football fan first.

  56. There is a lot of talk about this out doors cold weather ….. THIS IS PART OF NFL …. Till all the crybabies and winnies got into the action and desided that they needed closed in stadiums for football so all could come grow up and BE A REAL Football fan …. go back out side and NFL Channel even suggested that it should rotate it throughout the entire NFL … one game ever 32 yrs that is like so FAIR … and there would be no problem cause it could go in rotation of cold warm or length of time in NFL or A to Z but regardless teams would have years to get ready and there would be no excuse for not being ready and to have it in every city that would be so great …. and SO FAIR TOO…..

  57. ljl2 says: Feb 7, 2014 9:34 AM

    Pittsburgh as birthplace of professional football? As someone from Canton, this kind of pisses me off. Does their arrogance know no bounds?

    —————————————————— I found this in several places. That is a part of history, that is not arrogance.

    “Pittsburgh has been heralded as the birthplace of professional football because that was the first place players were paid to play football. The first team was fielded in 1897”

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