Derek Carr not sure if he’ll throw at combine

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Derek Carr followed in his brother’s footsteps as the starting quarterback for Fresno State, but he’s not sure he’ll handle the combine the same way that David did before going first overall to the Texans in 2002.

The Texans have the first overall pick of the draft again this year, but Derek Carr said Friday that he’s still undecided about what he’ll do at the combine in Indianapolis later this month. He said he’s been talking with his brother, agent and others to come up with a plan for Indy.

“As of now, I’m just going to continue to work and do everything they’re telling me to do,” Carr said on 95.7 The Game on Friday.

One thing that his brother has told him is to ignore the criticism and praise that comes with the predraft process in order to focus on the work because all you need is one team to fall in love with your skills. Carr isn’t likely to become the second member of the family picked first overall, but he’s a productive college prospect entering a league that has plenty of teams looking for quarterbacks. If one falls in love, he could go before the end of the first round in May.

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  1. Come on, Derek- grow up. Don’t be another Combine prima donna. You are going to be affected less by a marginal Combine performance than by sitting it out. Avoid AJ McCarron syndrome.

  2. Blaine Gabbert didn’t throw at the combine. If he had, the Jaguars might be a bit more relevant now.

  3. This is an honest question … has any good QB in the history of the league ever deliberately chosen to NOT throw at a combine when healthy?

    It just seems to me that the guys that do this are hiding from something and trying to fleece that “one team” into falling in love with them.

    It’s like an online girlfriend that refuses to meet in person and just sends pictures, wanting a marriage proposal.

  4. I wonder why Carr wouldn’t throw at the combine?
    He is a gifted QB.

    I also wonder if David Fales of San Jose State University out performing Carr at the Senior Bowl has anything to do with his struggle to make a decision. After all, Fales out performed Carr every time they were on the same field in college.

    Undoubtedly, Fales will perform well again. Nevertheless, Carr should throw at the combine.

  5. If your thinking about it, then it’s just about the money and where you want to spent it, football players want to throw the football, it’s huge red flag, it means you have to nail it on your Pro Day, for that a lot of teams will take him out of the first round and maybe the second, his brother is right it only takes one team, “with the 64th pick in the 2014 draft the Seattle Seahawks select the quarterback who didn’t throw in the combine”

  6. He just wants his draft stock to fall so that he can be drafted by the Steelers and then groomed to the the heir apparent to the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Ben Roethlisberger.

  7. This guy is not a franchise quarterback. He’s just as scared under pressure as his brother. Teddy Bridgewater and the guy from Eastern Illinois look like Franchise Qbs.

  8. Pretty sure Andrew Luck didn’t throw in the combine either, and he’s doing pretty well for himself so far. IMO, he should do everything else there, then throw at Fresno’s Pro Day.

  9. Shaping up nicely for Minnesota to take another giant stretch and draft him in the top 10.

  10. There’s a big difference between Derek Carr and Andrew Luck. Luck was considered the first pick in the draft when he was still in diapers. The only way Derek has a chance at being selected in the first round is to wow at every opportunity. As a Texans fan, I’m staying as far away from the Carr Family as possible.

  11. The Colts told luck not to throw at the combine. Why, I have no clue, but he agreed to their request.

  12. Teams that need a QB:

    “So this guy is not throwing?” “Aren’t we the teams drafting and have the need for a QB?”


    “I don’t want to”

    Teams that need a QB:

    “Good luck in the arena league”

    Hey Carr some advice for you – you are going to be given a shot to play in the NFL. Take a look around and see how many QB’s after the 1st round are given a real shot to start in the NFL. 2nd round and later QB’s are fighting a uphill battle to begin with and you are giving yourself a black mark. Unless you are already considered a top ten pick you better rethink your position.

  13. In general, throwing at the combine is a bad idea for quarterback prospects. You’ll hear pundits say ” it shows a competitive nature “….that’s bs. Very seldom do you see a projected top 10 qb prospect throw at the combine.

    You have very little to gain. The tape speaks louder than all other measures. Throwing to complete strangers while pro positional coaches are breathing down your neck isn’t exactly competition. Your value is all that you have as a prospect and Carr’s value will only increase with a great athletic performance in Indy. He will show off his arm talent in front of his coaches and his receivers at fresno st pro-day, like he should.

  14. And by “projected top 10 qb prospect”, I mean top 10 Overall, not top ten at his position. Yes people, Derek Carr is currently being considered as a top ten pick. I personally have him ranked behind Manziel, with Manziel ranked as my #1 overall qb prospect. If you enjoy scouting as much as I do, then let me know what you think. or follow me @MrBennyBobo via Twitter.

  15. Reading the comments, save for maybe two, I weep for reading comprehendsion. No where in the entire article does it state he won’t throw, just that he will continue to work and see what he does. You people are why we need education reform, borderline illiterate.

  16. Wow!.David Fakes didn’t even come close to Derek Carr at the senior was clearly stated over and over that Carr was by far the most impressive qb there.and that was the consensus of just about anyone who was asked.

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