Greg Roman believes “time will come” for head coaching job


Greg Roman has drawn interest for head coaching jobs, but perhaps because of his own success as much as timing, hasn’t landed one yet.

But the 49ers offensive coordinator said he’ll get his chance to move up a chair.

Roman told 97.3 ESPN in Atlantic City (via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle) that he didn’t regret his path.

“Some people want to be an assistant coach and that’s what they want to do,” Roman said. “And some people want to be a head coach and that’s what their goal is. I think we’re all very goal-driven. And I think the time will come [for me].”

Roman reportedly interviewed for the Penn State job, and had an interview with the Vikings while the 49ers were in Charlotte for a divisional round playoff game against the Panthers.

He has interviewed for several other college jobs, and turned down Tulane, but hasn’t been able to land an NFL spot, missing the Vikings job when they hired former Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

“It was a great experience for me,” Roman said. “The first time I’ve ever interviewed for an NFL head-coaching job. The people I met with were very impressive. The way it was set up and executed was very impressive. It was very exciting. At the same time, it was very humbling, … that they would take the time and consider you a head coach. That being said, it’ll come. It’ll come when it’s time. Just going through that process this year was a big step for me.”

As perverse as it sounds, the best thing for his coaching future might be for the 49ers to not be quite as successful, as their playoff schedule has kept him from being totally available. Other coaches have made the leap from coordinator a year removed going to a Super Bowl or winning playoff games, and a down year might be what it takes for Roman to get a chance.

28 responses to “Greg Roman believes “time will come” for head coaching job

  1. I wish Washington had hired him instead of Jay Gruden. I think his experience with Kaepernick would help RGIII more than Gruden’s experience with the QB’s that he’s worked with. I also think the running scheme that he used in San Fran would fit Morris pretty well. I can’t believe that they didn’t even interview him before deciding to go with Gruden. I bet he’s a head coach by this time next year.

  2. i hope he leaves sooner rather then later. dont like his playcalling, way too conservative. i understand we have an awesome Def, but your holding kaepernick back in his maturation process to become a great qb.

  3. As a 9ers fan I was hoping somebody, anybody would take him off our hands. gohomeweeden you hit the nail on the head. wha team would want an offensive head coach, with the 9ers talent, that ranked 24th in total offense? If Harbaugh doesn’t wake up an cut tie to Roman, he will be out a job sooner than he thinks. IMO Roman is clearly the reason why the 9ers keep falling short.

  4. Dude is an outstanding “run game coordinator” so to speak, but the passing game is lagging. Not sure if it’s Roman’s fault or the fact that they’re starting an immature punk version of Tarvaris Jackson who uses his legs first, arm second, and brain third.

  5. Dude is an outstanding “run game coordinator” so to speak, but the passing game is lagging. Not sure if it’s Roman’s fault or the fact that they’re starting an immature punk version of Tarvaris Jackson who uses his legs first, arm second, and brain third.

  6. He’s been trying to get the 9er’s to loose, so he get HC job, thats why his play calling has been so predictable.

  7. Greg, you have to do a better job of putting a very raw, young QB in a position to succeed with your choice of plays in crucial situations. The last three plays vs the Ravens in the SB had no chance for success, and pretty much cost us the game. That last play vs. Sherman a few weeks ago is in the same category (with two timeouts left and plenty of time for three better, and safer, play calls). Why challenge Sherman when you don’t have to? You’ve had Kap for three years now, and his footwork in the pocket is flawed, and he is still a one-read QB. Kap kept us in the Seattle game with his running and that wild pass to Q for a TD, not your play calls. You have been way too inconsistent to get a head coaching gig in the NFL at this point.

  8. As a 49er fan, I pray every year that Roman gets a head coaching job. The Niners need a new OC.

  9. If the 49ers had a consistent offense that could score TDs and apply pressure to the their opponents by distancing itself from them on the Scoreboad they would for sure have 3 Lombardis the past three years.

    You can’t Win Superbowls with a 20-20(good inside the two 20 yard lines) offense. Ask Schottenheimer. Unless you have a historic defense. To be a champion you have to be able score TDs in the RedZone at will.

    But you need personnel that’s good in the RedZone and outside of Boldin they don’t have one.

  10. After the way the last 2 seasons have ended, I think he should permanently destroy “The fade to Crabtree in the right corner of the end zone” play.

  11. I was looking forward to Cryst taking over. Some of their nicer gadget plays were by his design. It’s pretty obvious he holds back QB’s. For as much improvement Alex Smith immediately made under Harbaugh he still got even better after. That shows Roman is holdimg them back

  12. All this talent on offense? People must be brainwashed or not know football. There is one person on that offense defenses even worry about and that is Vernon Davis. The 49ers do a great job on offense keeping people off balance and playing to their strengths. The qb is a ways away, but they still win playing great team football and the offense overachieved the last three years, with Alex smith and now young Kaepernick. Anybody that doesn’t understand this just needs to look at the prior years and see how they did with pretty much same personnel and younger Gore. There were times this year with injuries that their offensive personnel was absolutely putrid. Roman is the best OC in the game today with what he does and doesn’t do to win and he shows up big in big games. Special teams let them down vs giants 3 yrs ago. The defense and special teams let them down in Super Bowl. Only great comeback made it a game. The fact is in NFC championship game they were leading 17-10 in Seattle and boneheaded moves by qb cost them

  13. gohomeweeden ..don’t know how much that ranking means…look at Denver’s total offense ranking (very high) and yet look what happened in the SB. At the end of the day I don’t think that stat is really worth much. SF may “only” be ranked 24th but they were still 12-4 and just missed a trip to the SB. And frankly I think SF would have given Seattle a better game than Denver did. Talking about this stat is sort of like talking about how fast a WR runs in the 40. Doesn’t mean much if the guy can’t run good routes and get open. Roman may not be a very good OC and people may not like him but as long as SF has good seasons he will be there until some team hires him away.

  14. He’s the main problem? Do any of you realize that Harbaugh’s got plenty to do with the lack of creativity in the offense?

    Have you forgotten that the Niners were paper thin at the QB position, limiting Kaepernick’s option to run? With regard to Kaepernick, he’s still got plenty to learn and he’s shown that lack of focus he had in college. He was easy pickings because he tended to look and throw … ignoring open receivers, ignore or missing the coverage, giving the defense and easy read.

    If it were not for Roman, the Niners wouldn’t have come as far as they have over the last three years. You may want him gone, but be careful about making that wish. You might just get it.

  15. Blame a coach for a team not rising to the challenge in big games. A choking QB, a RB that put up nothing in big games, two WRs who combine for less than one seahawk WR in the NFC championship in yardage and a TE who also disappear in big game, 2 catches 4 yrds. Get real whiners its not the play calling.

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