Kyle Shanahan on tough 2013: It will make me and RGIII better in long run

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Kyle Shanahan is the new offensive coordinator of the Browns, which means that he is no longer one of the coaches guiding the development of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The first year of their partnership was a smashing success as Griffin shone on the field while leading the Redskins to an NFC East title. Then he smashed his knee in a playoff loss to the Seahawks, missed the offseason and never recaptured the heights of his rookie season during a 3-13 2013 season that also featured plenty of reports of animosity between Griffin and former head coach Mike Shanahan.

The younger Shanahan said Thursday that the season was a challenge, but that he and Griffin were able to keep their relationship intact throughout the season. He also believes that both of them will be better for the experience.

“I’m not going to say it was easy. Nothing’s easy when you go through something like that. But I do believe going through it, Robert and I in the long run, it’ll make both of us better,” Shanahan said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It’s something that is a challenge, and I do believe going through that, as hard as it was, will help me. I think when it’s all said and done and Robert and I look back on it, I’m really appreciative of some of the stuff he did for me, and I really believe he’ll be appreciative of some of the stuff I did for him.”

One way Shanahan believes it will make him a better coach is that he learned how to work with a promising rookie quarterback. Shanahan said you have to “make sure you put them in a situation to be successful” and work on the other parts of the quarterback’s game while focusing on what he does best early in his career. The Browns may be adding such a quarterback to the roster this year, so Shanahan’s feelings could get put to a quick test in Cleveland.

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  1. This guy is going to be a great coach one day. Book it! And what he does in Cleveland with Bridgewater, Manziel, or Bortles will define a lot of it.

    RG 2 will be a great QB one day. Book it! I agree with Kyle that both helped each other. The real friction was between RG and Daddy Shanahan. Kyle & RG actually liked and respected one another. And the career reboot from a devastating injury with Gruden will be a godsend for him. I also think RG learned what was really important and what was really at stake by watching Russell Wilson & Andrew Luck excel. Watching Colin Kapaernick regress. And watching Cam Newton finally get it.

  2. For a new offensive coordinator, young Shannan sure is talking a lot.

    But then again, it is the Browns so why am I surprised that a coordinator is out-babbling the head coach and getting PFT ink several times a day?

    I wonder what his dad’s doing? He’s been as quiet as Peyton Manning.

  3. Maybe he will learn that when your franchise QB pulls up lame you should grow a pair and pull him.
    Instead the shananhans decided to not act like a coaches and leave him in there to set the skins up for a 3-13 season. Even the stupidity to buy into a rookie QB’s marketing all in for week one ploy to play and not stop him just made things worse. Cousins could have done no worse for 3-4 games at the start of the season. I am glad you got Shanahan. I only wish you had Haslett too.

  4. Kind of annoying to hear the redundant “Daddy” jokes when Kyle has been on record saying he disagreed with several things done by his father. I think Kyle was held back by his father and he’ll do well on his own. He has a lot of tools to work with in Cleveland with or without Hoyer as QB.

  5. I have my doubts that Griffin, will ever be a great QB. It goes back to the wild card game with the Hawks. His knee was already bummed going into that game, and if he were a truly humble, team-first kind of guy, he would have deferred to Cousins, if not to start, at least at the end of the first quarter. But he continued, basking in the glory of being in the playoffs, and then his knee was worse. But even then, he whined and wheedled with Shanny, to start the second half. It was all “me first” for RGII’s kid. Finally the inevitable happened, the ACL gave out.

    He and Shanny concocted those ridiculous stories about him being a superman, and his healing was declared a miracle. But the obvious truth of it this season, was that he had not healed completely, and those wonderful stories were all fabrications, that Griffin himself wasn’t denying. The truth of it was, he should not have been playing at all this year. Now, with all of the additional wear and tear on that knee, D.C. fans will have to wonder if their “superstar” will ever make it back to being even a moderately successful QB.

    Don’t expect big things from RG, going forward, because he’s already been his own worst enemy, and there are just some things that not even the most advanced medicine can restore.

    So, was this a feather in Kyle’s cap? To help a once promising young athlete get on the road to relative mediocrity and eventual obscurity, way before his time?

  6. Kyle did fine in Houston, where he had legitimate tools (Shaub and Andre J. in their primes). What’s he got to work with in Cleveland? We shall see who their QB is, but there is talent.

    Cousins proved one thing in those last 3 games: Washington’s problem wasn’t just the OL. He wasn’t getting sacked 10 times a game like RG3 – he made quick decisions (not always the right ones) and delivered the ball on time (not always accurately or with velocity). RG3 holds onto the ball waaay too long and still has major accuracy issues. His superior athleticism helped him compensate for deficiencies in other areas before; now that his knee is compromised and the league has a book on him and the zone read, those days are over.

    Now Jay Gruden has a problem. His owner will never let him start Cousins unless “Robert” is actually hurt, but Cousins proved he isn’t really a franchise QB, thus his trade value isn’t more than a 3d-rounder. Still, Cousins is closer to a Dalton WCO guy that Gruden had in Cincy.

  7. Robert’s knee was fully healed, however, the brace limited his movement. More than anything I think he hadn’t healed “mentally” and therefore couldn’t get up to speed once live bullets were flying. He had a Medicare season no doubt and that has to be corrected. I won’t be foolish enough to say his 2nd yr is what he truly is the same way I won’t say his rookie yr is the real Robert, that has yet to be seen. I do believe he and the offense will bounce back rather nicely. I’m more concerned about the D going forward. Did you look at Favre, McNair, Montana etc differently because they wanted to play through the pain/injury? I see nothing wrong with his willingness to go back out there. Final call should be HC/Owner. With all that being said, a hobbled, brace-wearing 2nd year QB with no offseason outperformed more than half of his contemporaries. HTTR!

  8. It may be possible for the Shanny brat to learn about his mistakes in Washington, but we know as a fact that the Halloween Griffin (every Sunday is halloween for him when he puts on his QB costume) is unwilling and incapable of learning and improving.

    Those who think that the problems that Halloween Griffin had were due to anything other than his numerous weakenesses are themselves clueless. This guy has so precious little upside that I’ve concluded his best game was his first and it has been downhill ever since.

    Just as in NASCAR you use up your QUICK early in the run because of tire wear, Halloween Griffin has used up his legs and no longer has any talent. To even think that he is a starting QB is laughable – he certainly never earned that title and he has demonstrated no clue as how to rise to the level of mediocrity of a “game manager”.

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